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Professional Female Voice Overs

How you communicate to your customers, employees or end users is important. You want your message to be clearly heard and in a way that relates to the audience it's intended for. Whatever the need: to increase productivity, knowledge or to provide basic to advanced job training, insure safety in the workplace, advertise a product or service, etc., these are the areas in which our narration expertise shines. Kerry is our studio female voice talent who creates narratives for business, education and entertainment with an attention-holding vocal touch that is both polished and personable. The audio samples on the right demonstrate different voice over styles for learning, training and more.


Female Voice Over Audio Samples

  e-Learning Tutorial Demo
  Industrial Narration
  Female Explainer Video Voice Over

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The Benefits of Using A Professional Voice Talent:

Why hire a professional narrator or voice actor? So that your project will have a polished, friendly, conversational narrative. At times the read style calls for a sense of authority or empathy or something in between. Or needs the inflection of raising a question. These variations and nuances in speaking are all natural to someone who does it everyday for a living. You'll save money doing it yourself or having an employee step up to the mic. But what you'll receive in a pro recording is good pacing and tempo, the know-how to emphasize in the right places, pause and inflect at the right times, all those little things that come more naturally to someone who does voice overs day in and day out. And pro voice overs are done in a dedicated studio envirnment to insure clean, clear sound with no background or extraneous noise.

In these ways, our voice actress, Kerry, speaks for a multitude of clients and industries. She keeps clients happy by delivering advertising or course material in interesting ways that insure the employee, end user or potential consumer stays engaged and focused on the storyline of the narration. By utilizing an interesting voice read without drawing attention away from the topic, she makes a script sound more compelling. There are unlimited choices to consider in voice styles from sincere to upbeat, friendly to conversational and knowledgeable - whatever appeals most to the audience who will ultimately listen to it. Click for more info about casting for a voice over.

Audio Wharf will work with your public relations, human resources, educational, marketing, tech support, advertising and other teams to produce effective instructional or marketing projects. Short scripts only take a day to record once approved. ISDN seesions available.

If you're looking for a female voice talent to record your educational, instructional, tutorial, marketing or advertising material, send your script in for a quote. If you like what you've heard and would like to get started... Email

best female voice to use for a voice over
Professional Female Voice Over Services including Narration for explainer videos.
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