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Can we record greetings for online VoIP-PBX Service Providers?
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We take into consideration a number of things when quoting. Projects vary in length and the services required to produce them. Providing a script with your quote request gives us ta good idea of the scope of the project, so please send yours in an email.

Timing and Delivery:

Lead time is great and appreciated, however, we're often able to complete shorter recordings within 1 business day or take care of a rush order. Lengthy projects will run longer than a day. Check with us for scheduling and we'll give you an estimate for our completion time. You can expect to receive completed audio files via email or a download link.

Female Voice Over and Narration:

We use Kerry, our staff female voice talent, to record client projects. Her skillful and flexible read styles are a client favorite for corporate presentations, explainer videos, eLearning and training, commercials, phone messages and multimedia or video communications. Check out voice over samples or phone voice prompt demos.

Can we make the audio files to upload and use with online VoIP and PBX service providers?

We sure can. We create the greetings that customers can upload to use with cloud calling services. If you have an account with Ring Central, Nextiva, OnSip, 8x8 or any of the other providers, we've got you covered. And we produce the recordings that can be used with Avaya, Vonage, AT&T, Mitel and more. Just let us know if you have an in-house phone system or the service provider you're with when you place your order.

About Scripts:

Be sure to notate pronunciations for foreign words or acronyms used in your script. Text that is abbreviated will be narrated as the abbreviation provided in the script, so it's best to spell things out clearly if that's your preference for how we say or pronounce it. Same goes with numbers, for example, 2764 - would you like it said as "twenty-seven, sixty-four" or each number spoken separately?

You'll want to consider information customers, end users or students need or want to know. Social media, your website, sales brochures and pamphlets usually provide a great deal of specifics about your products and services. Keep in mind, potential customers may need information such as a physical address, phone number, store location(s), email address, fax number and web site address.

Can we make an already recorded voice over sound better?

Certainly. We can remove breaths and tighten up the flow to smooth out the playback. Music or sounds effects or an audio logo if it will work with the recording is another service we provide. On our end, utilizing audio processing techniques that enhance voice recordings is something we do all the time.


Payment is required for production services at the time they are rendered and before the delivery of completed files. We'll always correct any errors on our part asap and at no charge. Any additions, revisions or script changes once a project has been recorded would be an additional charge commensurate with the amount of revising to be done. We'll check to insure that scripts are "approved" for recording prior to beginning the recording. We appreciate clarity in the instructions. Please feel free to provide information that is important to you regarding any aspect of the recording. We may ask a lot of questions. It just means we want to get it right from the get-go and create a finished product that is right on target.

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