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If this is your first time ordering business phone recordings or you could use a brush-up, here are some things to keep in mind:

Companies use professional pre-recorded messages to insure no missed calls and prompting callers to leave their contact information when an agent can't pick up the line. And while it's great for businesses, callers can get impatient or frustrated at times with the process. Common reasons for caller frustration are confusing keypress options, poor navigation within the system or a lack of viable options. The biggest complaint being recordings that are too long to sit through.

Map out the main navigation and sub-menus with the intent to create as smooth of a transition between initial contact and ultimate destination as possible.

Make use of expeditious phone menu directions

The more you can provide instant access to the extension or departments a caller needs, the more satisfying the experience. Reviewing your regular customer interactions will help to effectively map out phone menus that meet the needs of the majority of callers. Be selective in your menu options.

Above all - Make it easy and quick

Check the number of options that are offered and create subdirectories where needed instead of frontloading all of the choices into a main directory. Have your employees routinely give customers who call often the bypass options for the main menu if possible. "If you know your party's extension, please dial it now"... is a good option when writing the main menu script.

Speak plainly to your callers

Don't use insider jargon, abbreviations and acronyms. Make it a priority to know what your customers commonly call your products or services. Apply that knowledge to direct callers to their destination.

Make it easy for callers to reach the operator, a representative or agent

Add a 'press zero at any time' option or something similar to facilitate the fastest connection.

Treat callers with respect

It can make a positive difference to use a pleasant, professional voice and please and thank you in your greetings. Callers who feel they are being treated respectfully keep their cool longer as they are using an automated system.

Consider offering Spanish language prompts

This option includes more callers.

And finally, review greetings and phone menu prompts from time to time, for both during operating hours and after hours. This will help to insure that they coincide with current operations and make sense. And this process will let you know if it's time to update your phone recordings.

Audio Wharf will work with your company to create great sounding recordings for business phone systems. From auto-attendants, voicemail greetings, IVR - voice prompts, main menu, after hours, hours and location recordings...whatever you need for your system. If you regularly place callers on hold, how about updating or letting us record an on-hold message for you? To hear some samples of what we produce on a daily basis check out our business phone recording demos

Did you know that we can create the recordings that can be uploaded to an account with the on-line VoIP and virtual PBX providers? And the files that can be input into in-house office systems such as Avaya and Mitel? Ask us for more details. You may be surprised by how quickly we can get phone recordings done.

Professionally recorded voicemail greetings, auto-attendants and IVR voice prompts

We hope you lke our tips on how to make the most effective business phone greetings for your company.

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