60W (80W Peak) Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Double Subwoofer Heavy Bass, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless 100ft Outdoor Speaker,

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Brand SUPNIU Speaker Type Dual woofer and Dual tweeters Connectivity Technology Wireless/ bluetooth/ AUX/ Special Feature Built In Microphone, Bass Boost, USB Port, Recommended Uses For Product For Indoor Use, For Computers, For Televisions, For Outdoor Use, For Smartphones or Tablets, For PartyingFor Indoor Use, For Computers, For Televisions, For Outdoor Use, For Smartphones or…




– Portable Bluetooth Speaker,built-in bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission, working distance up to 100ft
– Compatible with all Bluetooth devices such as smart phones, tablet PCs
– Can match the personal computer, MP3,MP4, and is equipped with 3.5mm stereo audio output interface of the mobile phone and other audio equipment
– 4 speaker driver, big power 60W, heavy bass guide tube design
– Support TF/SD Card music playback
– Support USB Flash Drive music playback
– Support AUX line-in connect
– Support FM radio, FM channel automatic or manual control
– Support Digital Display+Intelligent Remote Control
– Support for microphone connection
– After shut down automatically memory track number

Product type: A21 bluetooth speaker
Speaker output power:20W*2+10W*2
Speaker driver size: 3″*4
Frequency Response: 80Hz-20KHz
Input voltage: DC 5V
Product size: 6*8.3*11.8inch
Playing Time: about 6-10hours (depends on playing volume)
Battery ​Capacity: 8000mAh
Function: Bluetooth, MP3 music player, FM radio, TF Card, AUX, USB music player, Remote control, EQ, Karaoke
Suit for: Computer/MP3/MP4/Smart Phone

Package list
1 x A21 Bluetooth speaker
1 x Remote control (needs2*AAA batteries, No included)
1 x AUX cable
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual

Additional information

Weight 2.7 kg
Compatible Devices

MP3 Player, Phones, Television, Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone

Subwoofer Diameter

3 Inches

Mounting Type


Unit Count

1 Count

Controller Type

Battery Powered



Included Components

A21 Bluetooth speaker, Remote Control, AUX cable, USB TYPE-C cable, User Manual

Product Dimensions

10.2"D x 7.3"W x 13.6"H

Audio Output Mode


Is Waterproof


Battery Capacity

8000 Milliamp Hours

Charging Time

4 Hours

Warranty Type


Maximum Range

5 Meters

Number of Items


Control Method


Speaker Size

3 Inches

Power Source

Battery Powered

Woofer Diameter

3 Inches

Tweeter Diameter

3 Inches

Number of Batteries

4 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Audio Driver Type

Dynamic Driver

Connectivity Protocol


Specific Uses For Product

For Outdoor Use, For Indoor Use, For Partying

Item Weight

2.7 Kilograms, 5.94 pounds




4 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

January 10, 2021

Input Voltage

5 Volts



13 reviews for 60W (80W Peak) Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Double Subwoofer Heavy Bass, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless 100ft Outdoor Speaker,

  1. Richard Diehm

    Here’s what I like about the speaker itself.. it has a good bass sound to it and it’s lightweight enough to care just about anywhere. It also could be used as a back up power bank in case of emergency outings within the home or anywhere else. If you was to download a music app or equalizer, it does boost it and make it louder. That said, without the app.. I’d guess around 95-105 db and with a equalizer.. maybe 110-120db??Has food battery life and does last a while.Double pressing the “M” button turns off the led ring around both casings on the front. Pressing the left circular button which adjusts the bass and treble, turns the max output to 16.Overall.. it’s good. I’m pleased with the purchase itself and I’m pretty big on sound and lights.

  2. Matt

    I wanted something to use while playing volleyball with my friends outdoors and didn’t want to spend much money but have it sound decent when the volume is turned up to hear on two courts. A little bit of bass and clear sound when turned up and I’d be happy. I’m pleasantly surprised with this little guy as it sounds pretty solid even at higher volumes. It’s about the size of a coffee maker and the multi colored lights are a fun extra. It sounds good through bluetooth or connecting an aux device (like an ipod for us old timers that have been collecting music since the 80s!). Just don’t make the same mistake I did by plugging the aux cable into the mic or it will sound terrible since they are the same type of plug.I like the little device stand that snaps on the top but it’s a poor design since then the handle gets in the way, so a little hard to have both which might mean that the stand doesn’t last very long after it’s snapped on and off a few times but I’m able to carry it short distances with the stand also in place so it’s not a big deal. The only negatives might be that I don’t see any change with the equalizer or “inside/outside” settings. I think they are a gimmick honestly. It also took several hours to charge initially so we’ll see how long the battery lasts and if that’s normal.On a full charge it lasted about 15 hrs.In summary, if you aren’t a sound snob and just want something that is small, easily portable, connects both bluetooth and aux and sounds pretty decent when turned up, this is a great choice for the value.

  3. Mike P.

    It works good. Sound quality is ok, was hoping for a little more bass though. Let me say though it is not as big as the pictures make it look, be sure to check the dimensions, I did not.

  4. Alexander Albert

    I bought this speaker fully expecting it not to work due to personal skepticism about the price in comparison to the size and specs. However, after trying it out for just a couple hours, I was extremely delighted. The battery has a long life, perfect for use when your house is out of power (the whole reason I bought this product.) At the same time, the volume on the outdoor EQ setting is WAY better than what I had expected from such an inexpensive option. I work in a medium sized fast food store, and on max volume on both my smartphone and the device itself, the speaker was able to fill the entire store with a very clear sound. Finally, the sound quality is no where near audiophile levels obviously; but instruments and voices seem to stay fairly clear within the mix, even at high volumes. The only thing you could possibly hate on this product for is build quality, but I feel that is to be expected out of a speaker with so many upsides at the price range. Overall, I think that this speaker is a perfect option for people looking for a semi cheap speaker that can be used in public spaces with ease.

  5. Robert Hughes

    Very impressed with this speaker. The subwoofer sounds great, overall sound quality is great.

  6. suziQ

    When adjusting volume it makes a sharp noise that is extremely irritating. Also the volume is quite weak.Most people like to occasionally blast a tune ,the volume control doesn’t go high enough. I’m kind of disappointed in it over all. Though it seems to be well built.I can’t seem to get the lights to turn off despite doing what others have said.

  7. Eric Rosenbaum

    I got the speaker it was not what I thought it’s battery operated not a plug in but it works great and I’m loving it

  8. Carol Cross

    Third day using this right out of the box. Its set up in my workshop and I have yet to charge it, so the battery is lasting as long as it needs to, plus some. The sound quality is impressive over a wide variety of genres, and it can get pretty loud–loud enough for a party? I’d say yes, but it won’t be as ‘boombastic’ as desired. You want to know about the bass, right? Well, I can certainly hear the bass very clearly and it is fairly satisfying. I can’t help but note that the bass isn’t as grand as expected from a bluetooth speaker so large.The lights are neat, but could be brighter and there is no changing them or an off/on function. You can however, skip songs and pause/stop with the remote, which is a huge plus in case my phone is elsewhere. All in all, I am pretty satisfied, noting that it was at a $56 price point when purchased.

  9. Ayham

    Beyond expectationsAs someone who owns a Bose sound dock III FOR THE iPhone and I myself own high end headphones from Sony WH-1000XM4 to Bose to dr Beats StudioI also own a Sony sound bar for tv Sony HT X8500The speakers sound is on the same level as my Bose sound dock that’s $399 back in the dayAnd it has so many features and the remote control comes in handyThe lights on the speaker can in fact be tunrned off using the remote or click the play/pause button twice quickly it toggles the lights off/onIt has built in EQ FORM POP TO ROCKYou can actually control base and triSee my Bose sound dock III comes with a remot but has no base control no EQ nothing like we have in the speakerAnd I’m Bose is a known brand and this speaker isn’t brand name however keep in mind my sound Bose dock is from 2012 technology have improved over the years from 3D PRINTING TO you name it and just like technology law says things will get better with time.The fact this is portable unlike my sound dock that has to be plugged in the wall I can use this anytime anywhere and move it around as I please.Price is definitely goodFM IS bonusAnd it has 2 mic and Karaoke features you can even play a song hold the button and it will take the vocals outYou can also insert micro sd cardAs you can see my Apple Watch is able to measure sound using that song wireless it hit about 90 dBFor the price and what it brings to the table you can’t go wrong it’s good and you won’t be disappointed i know im not.

  10. Fred Peppard

    Great soundThe speaker comes with a remote control. No need to be close to speaker to operate. Just connect to WiFi, or use radio ,or the patch cord ( provided )to connect to another source. The speaker is rechargeable, so no need to buy batteries.

  11. Andy McKibbon

    Super coolAmazing sound and love the lights, perfect for my deck looking forward for summer fun.

  12. Kimberley Vlasak

    Blue Tooth with multi colored lights!This blue tooth speaker with multi colored lights has the perfect sound. The lights add the perfect touch to your music listening pleasure.

  13. Jillene McDonald

    Crackly bassCrackly bass

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