Bluetooth Speaker, IP68 Waterproof Portable Speaker with LED Lights, 15W HD Stereo Wireless Speaker, BT5.3, MIC, TWS Pairing

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Brand LACEVIEW Model Name Portable Bluetooth Speaker Speaker Type Wireless portable Bluetooth speaker Connectivity Technology Bluetooth 5.3 (with AUX port) Special Feature Hi Res Audio, LED Light, Waterproof, Built In Microphone, Stereo Pairing BLUETOOTH SPEAKER TWS FUNCTION: Our speaker with TWS technology pairs two portable bluetooth speakers with your mobile phone, offering 360° stereo sound…


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Product Description

Enjoy Life!

bluetooth speaker speakers bluetooth wireless loud portable speaker wireless speaker

bluetooth speaker speakers bluetooth wireless loud portable speaker wireless speaker

Enables pairing of 2 portable speakers

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Our speakers feature TWS technology for 360° stereo sound and perfectly synchronized playback of the same music at double the volume, creating an immersive experience.

1、How do I Pair 2 (TWS) LACEVIEW Bluetooth Speakers?

1. Switch on both speakers

2. Press the “M” button on one of the speakers for 3 seconds to hear the tone

3. Switch on your device’s bluetooth,

Search for the bluetooth name LACEVIEW SP02 and connect.

2、What is the waterproof rating of the LACEVIEW bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speakers are rated IP68. to ensure the longevity of the speakers we do not recommend that the speakers are completely submerged in water.

3、How do I turn off the RGB lights?

Press and hold the on/off button for 2 seconds to turn off the light.

4、How to use FM mode?

1. Turn on the stereo and plug in the audio cable

2. Press the “M” button twice to enter the “FM” mode, search for channels first, and then use the FM radio function.

5、What’s inside the package?

1* Portable bluetooth stereo

1* Charging cable (without adapter)

1* Audio cable

1* Instruction manual

Additional information

Weight 355 kg


Compatible Devices

MP3 Player, Laptop, Home Theater, Smartphone, Karaoke Machine

Mounting Type

No installation required

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Controller Type

Battery Powered


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Battery Life

3 years

Included Components

Charging cable, Instruction manual, Audio cable, Portable bluetooth stereo

Product Dimensions

3.54"D x 3.58"W x 5.07"H

Audio Output Mode


Frequency Response

200 KHz

Is Waterproof


Battery Capacity

1500 Milliamp Hours

Charging Time

4 Hours

Maximum Range

10 Meters

Number of Items


Power Source

Battery Powered

Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Bluetooth Range

10 Meters

Connectivity Protocol

Bluetooth 5.3 (with AUX port)

Includes MP3 player?


Is Electric


Specific Uses For Product

Travel, Party, Gaming

Item Weight

12.5 ounces, 355 Grams



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 13, 2023

Country of Origin




8 reviews for Bluetooth Speaker, IP68 Waterproof Portable Speaker with LED Lights, 15W HD Stereo Wireless Speaker, BT5.3, MIC, TWS Pairing

  1. Justin

    I have to honest, I wasn’t expecting much for the price. I was wrong!!! This little speaker has great sound for being so compact. The lights are a nice bonus and add to the experience. The battery lasts surprisingly long too! If you are looking for a small speaker for any outdoor activity. This is the one. Don’t forget that this great little speaker is waterproof.

  2. Michelle R.

    I like that the sound was perfect and an easy hook up to my phone. I bought for my desk at work since we can’t use Wi-Fi and it works great. It also is a great size and I love the colors. The battery also last for a quite a long time and I like I can use it anywhere. My husband and I test ran it on New years eve and love it. I am planning on buying another one as a gift to my friend as a birthday gift for her desk at work as well. I don’t have any dislikes for the speaker.

  3. Sean Gaffney

    The Bluetooth Speaker offers an impressive set of features suitable for various occasions. With its larger than average 15-watt output, it delivers loud and clear audio, making it ideal for use in my shower which is why I originally bought this. I loved the IPX6 waterproof rating which ensures durability and reliability. Its FM radio function adds versatility to entertainment options, while the built-in microphone enables hands-free calling (unlikely to use this while rocking out in the shower LOL). Additionally, the speaker’s TWS pairing capability allows users to connect two speakers for a stereo sound experience, enhancing the overall audio quality – this alone will have me buying another one for that stereo sound! With its sleek design and five LED light modes, this speaker serves as a stylish addition to any setting, making it a versatile and practical gadget suitable for all occasions.

  4. Jackson Ndenkeh

    This product is interesting to use. It’s portable and waterproof. It produces interesting light patterns that can be soothing when you play soft/soothing music during sleep time. It’s battery life is acceptable. In addition to Bluetooth it also has multiple inputs such as USB, memory card and auxiliary entry port. The sound is loud enough and the probability of it connecting to another speaker on the same device makes it even better. I would have loved to have bigger bass though. However it’s fair to say that the product is good for it’s price.

  5. Janay

    Lance view Bluetooth Portable Speaker is the best I have purchased yet. I have went through my fare share to finally get one that not only appeased me but it was exactly what I expected to get from description and pics I saw. My pros and cons are listed below.PROS:+when no wifi I can revert to FM radio+satisfying sound+light weight & perfect size to carry in bike basket+multiple LED light settings+charges rapidly+slot for storage cardCONS:-using cable for antenna works but reception is glitch-when switching to FM mode the volume comes on startling loud instead of staying at setting when previously usingOverall I would definitely refer this speaker to other as well as buy it again as gifts or personal use. I am simply thrilled to finally get what I was wanting in a portable Bluetooth speaker. Especially when it’s my comfort when riding my bicycle for transportation. And some trips can be a bit lengthy. Thank you!

  6. Scherlie

    This was the right purchase for our English class. The speaker is easy to carry and fit our classroom very well. The students clearly hear the sound and we have enough charge for multiple days. The price was unmatched for the quality of the speaker. I would definitely recommend this wireless speaker for personal use. You can let them play in the background as you study or taking a nap.

  7. Edee M

    I bought this speaker just to amplify my music on my phone. Had no problems connecting over Bluetooth on my phone. The sound was great. I have used it in the shower and it still works great. Will take to the beach next.

  8. John D. Stephens

    I wanted something small with a light show that sounds great with a small punch. I saw a picture of two speakers in the diagram and two reflex baffles. So I purchased one at a discount and wanting another for stereo, I waited till I could order another with the discount. Tonight is first time I can pair them together to get true stereo and see what they actually sound like. The base reflex speaker works great when it’s about 2 inches from your ear. When you set them down on the table the base disappears and the base drum becomes a pip instead of an poomph. In other words, I held them both up to my ears, like headphones, and sounded great. Deep base pumped and awesomeness sounds. But when I moved them away and set them on my table, the base frequencies diminished and it was like listening to 2 PC speakers in a laptop, but louder. I have to admit, they sounded great for the size, but they advertised much more than that. I mean, the picture shows 2 speakers. Now that I have it in my hands, I shined a light thru the grill and only see 1 set of openings for a speaker, so what gives with that?Next, the syncing of two speakers was somewhat confusing. In the instructions it says to press ‘M’ twice several times in a row. The speakers beeped and bleeped but no announcement of what that meant. Was I supposed to do that double M on the first or the second speaker and when I did it to both, it seemed to magically pair. But it never let me know that except the blue light wasn’t blinking anymore. No detailed instructions on how this works. Finally it seemed they sync’d. However, the LED lights are NOT in sync. And I tried several re-sync attempts but they still are not in sync. See photo.Overall they are great speakers if you need to use them with your laptop or listen to music while hiking. But the base is not there, in my honest opinion, for the advertisement they say. Yes, there are several reviews saying they sound great, and they kind of do, but I don’t believe they fully understand the low frequencies are missing. There is no “punch”. They sound good if you like listening to loud and clear PC laptop speakers or piano music. Rock and Hip Hop, nah.And one more note. I tried the FM and it says to use the AUX cable as an antenna. Well, I did and nothing but static. After it finished searching, no channels to listen to but static channels. However I must testify that I live in the country, far removed from city life. I will have to try the FM reception when I have driven into the city for office work. I’ll reserve my opinion that for later. The fact that they are really portable and do work as a Bluetooth speaker, except for that dual speaker thing I can’t see, they are great little portable speakers for the price I paid. I will keep them as I do like them, but I now know they will not thump like they advertise. These are just my opinions and not influence by anyone but me.=====Update. I figured out how to get the LEDs to get sync’d. I noted which pattern one was doing. So I powered that one OFF. Then I stepped the other one powered ON to the LED pattern the one powered off was using. Then I powered ON the one I turned off. Magically it sync’d to the other pattern and now they both display the same LED pattern. This is rather nice now they are doing the same flashing. They still sound thin but loud for their size, but the sync’d light show helps. :-)One more note. Setting them on their side, they want to roll. I had to use the nylon strap to steady them on the box they came in. Now a solid 3+ and if it had a bit more punch it would be a 4. But I’m happy with my purchase and enjoying them. Thanks for reading my review.

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