Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Speaker with Microphone, Wireless Waterproof Speaker for Travel, Outdoor and

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Brand Bose Model Name SoundLink Flex Speaker Type Portable Speaker Connectivity Technology Wireless Special Feature Built In Microphone, Usb Port, Waterproof STATE-OF-ART DESIGN: SoundLink Flex outdoor speaker is packed with exclusive technologies and a custom-engineered transducer for deep, clear, and immersive audio at home or on the go CLEAREST POSSIBLE SOUND: Proprietary Position Qtechnology automatically…


The SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker does more than just immerse you – it provides a strong connection to your music. With crisp audio free of distortions, you’ll hear every instrument on the track and nuance in the vocals. It doesn’t matter how the portable speaker is positioned: PositionIQ technology detects its orientation and ensures the best sound. The portable Bluetooth speaker is packed with exclusive technologies. The transducer offers clear sound and deep bass. Its digital signal processing technologies, proprietary code, and custom algorithms work together for ideal sound quality wherever you are. Really, wherever, since the SoundLink Flex is an IP67 waterproof speaker. Its exterior can handle falls, the coat won’t peel or flake, and it resists corrosion and UV light. It’s also easy to hold or store, and you can secure the outdoor speaker with its utility loop. Rigorously tested to meet an IP67 rating, the SoundLink Flex is waterproof. It floats, too, so it won’t sink if it falls off your boat. For added protection from dust and debris, the Bluetooth speaker is crafted and sealed with waterproof materials. Plus, to ensure it can travel with you, Bose subjected the outdoor speaker to water, temperature, and drop tests. These proved that it’s durable enough for anything. And its battery offers up to 12 hours of unplugged play time. The Bose Connect app lets you customize the portable speaker settings, update software, and more. If your phone isn’t nearby, press and hold a button on the IP67 waterproof speaker to access your phone’s Siri or Google Assistant. A built-in microphone means you can also take and make phone calls through the SoundLink Flex. It also connects to other Bluetooth devices within 30 feet for even bigger sound.

From the manufacturer

Bluetooth speaker, portable speaker, wireless speaker, waterproof speaker, Outdoor speaker, IP67
Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker

Astonishing sound. Wherever life takes you.

The SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker plays astonishing sound wherever you are. The audio is crisp, balanced, and free of distortions. Plus, the powerful wireless speaker can play over ambient noise while you’re entertaining, and project loudly during outdoor activities.

Bluetooth speaker, portable speaker, wireless speaker, waterproof speaker, Outdoor speaker, IP67

PositionIQ technology

Whether the Soundlink Flex is upright, hanging, or on its back, PositionIQ technology detects its position and auto ensures a natural, lifelike sound.

Bose Soundlink Flex Stone Blue

IP67 waterproof speaker

This portable speaker meets IP67 waterproof standards, is crafted with waterproof materials, and is sealed to keep out dust & debris; it even floats.

Bose Soundlink Flex


The powder-coated steel grille and silicone exterior give the speaker a rugged texture to withstand nearly anything including peeling and corrosion.

Bose Soundlink Flex Stone Blue

Utility Loop

The Soundlink Flex has a rugged utility loop that lets you secure it to almost anything, anywhere. Attach it to a carabiner and hang it from anywhere!

Bose Soundlink Flex

Bose Soundlink Flex Speaker

Bluetooth speaker, portable speaker, wireless speaker, waterproof speaker, Outdoor speaker, IP67

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Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg

Black, Chilled Lilac, Green, Stone Blue, White Smoke

Compatible Devices

Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone

Mounting Type

Floor Standing

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Controller Type

Button, App Control, Voice Control



Battery Life

12 Hours

Included Components

USB-cable, Speaker

Product Dimensions

2.05"D x 7.91"W x 3.54"H

Audio Output Mode


Is Waterproof


Charging Time

12 Hours

Warranty Type


Maximum Range

9 Meters

Number of Items


Control Method

App, Voice

Power Source

Battery Powered

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

81.6 dB

Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Connectivity Protocol


Specific Uses For Product

outdoor activities, travel

Item Weight

1.3 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

October 14, 2021

Department ‏

‎ unisex-adult





9 reviews for Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Speaker with Microphone, Wireless Waterproof Speaker for Travel, Outdoor and

  1. Jake

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my entire ownership of this speaker.Time of writing this review is roughly 8 months after purchase, having used this speaker practically every single day since. This was a replacement for a very well-loved but somewhat lacking B&O (P3?) oval-shaped speaker that inspired of few of my must-have features.My key requirements in purchasing a speaker at this price point were:- Punchy, solid bass, with high accuracy, clear playback throughout most of the volume range- Relatively attractive, understated, simple design with ergonomic and intuitive controls- Easily oriented for high quality playback in a variety of different situations (facing sideways, upwards, at angles)- Long-lasting battery without any obnoxious constant playback interruptions informing you of battery life remainingThis speaker delivers on all of these.The bass is incredibly clear, with no horrible warbling and distortion that’s very common with dozens of other similar speakers. The audio playback is very crisp and clear, with no noticeable quality losses. I’m sure it’s not perfect, but it’s more than adequate for 95%+ of people. Even at low volumes, the quality is still extremely high. There is a usable, enjoyable sound at every volume level.The design is simple, but handsome. It does not look obnoxious or out of place anywhere. It is just the right size, not too large to pop into a bag, and not too small as to have low-power drivers with poor sound. Very easy to transport. The squared design makes it very stable on most surfaces, but is still rounded enough not to get caught on things. The controls are very easy to understand, even the multi-device Bluetooth cycling and syncing. I have no complaints.The speaker works well for playback in nearly any position, especially when placed on a table or other nice playback surface. It can be placed facing upward, and the speaker enhances playback for all-around sound. When placed horizontally, the same happens for directional playback. Very impressive stability in a wide variety of situations. Some would consider the lack of a lanyard or string to be a downside for this point, but there is massive benefits to keeping this speaker on a surface.The battery life is incredible. Vastly longer than I had really expected for this speaker. With my personal usage (middle volume range, 2-3 uses a day for 30 to 60 minutes at a time), I usually recharge every 1-2 weeks. Not sure what exactly that equates to in real playback time, but I still find it impressive. The speaker will notify you at 20% and 10% battery level, which is exactly what I wanted. Many other speakers will interrupt playback at 75%, 50%, etc. I’ve not experienced any noticeable battery decay during my ownership, but I have only fully depleted and nearly fully recharged the entire time, with no “filling up” in between.Downsides do exist, but most are inconsequential for me.- The audible indicators that inform you of which device you are connected to can sometimes feel a bit sluggish, especially with long device names.- I feel the price point is still a bit on the high side for the value, but I feel I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth. I just like a good deal.- Volume occasionally spikes very high in certain scenarios when switching between devices, but is fairly easily turned down after a quick scare.I would highly recommend this speaker to anyone in the market for a speaker at this price point. This is an especially good deal on sale. If you’re still reading at this point, just get the damn thing on the way.

  2. Amy

    This speaker was the second replacement I purchased, and I am glad I did.In stark contrast to the first one I bought, this unit is solidly built and well constructed. It feels and looks very sturdy and doesn’t give me the impression that it will be easily broken or damaged.The design is better than that of other speakers I’ve owned in the past. It has a good, broad surface area, so the sound isn’t at all tinny, and due to its shape, it does not fall over, even if put onto a softer surface.Getting it paired to my device was fairly easy.I like the layout of the buttons.I really did not expect a speaker this size to sound great. I wasn’t in the market for something that could dominate an outdoor party, so this would have been tolerable. However, I am very pleased with the sound quality. It’s neither too tinny nor too heavy, and I find it works just as well for music as it does for other audio. Mainly, I use it in my room to read audio books, and it does a good job; I’m sure it would be quite a nice choice for those of you who actually are looking for something to use outdoors. To get that good sound from it, you don’t have to blare the volume or turn it too far down, and the sound quality is superior to that of some larger speakers.There are a couple of other nice features I sincerely appreciate. First, I frankly find it obnoxious that when you turn on many speakers, or turn them back off again, for that matter, they play an annoying, little bit of music that is far too loud and impossible to disable. I’d rather have them simply beep, if that much, or do as this one does and give you the percent of battery power left. I like that this takes a USB-C cable–no more irritating, fragile micro USB for me. Its battery life is quite good, which helps me because I sometimes tend to forget to charge my things. Last but not least, this speaker is the only one I’ve had that beeps to acknowledge that it is charging when you plug it in. The sound is unobtrusive and quiet, which I prefer.Overall, you’ll find this to be a very wise buy. You can get cheaper units, certainly, but spend a bit for this, and you won’t regret it.

  3. SHD8599

    I gave this as a gift and the recipient loved it. The sound quality was great, it was very durable, and it was easy to use. I got it on sale and it was a great value for the money. Easy to connect via Bluetooth. The size made it easy to store and transport. Overall the performance was great and i am considering purchasing another for myself.

  4. Mandy

    The performance of this speaker beats out competitors!! For a small speaker it puts out great sound, as always with Bose. The color is beautiful and the case color matches perfectly. All sound is clear with no distortion, or fuzz. It was easy to connect to blue tooth and have no issue so far. I have had it for 2 days and have not shut it off since. I charged when I first got it , and overnight. So far battery life seems decent. Definitely a great value for the money , and the performance beats JBL for sure. I would recommend this speaker , and the functionality of the strap means it goes everywhere with me. Same great product as always Bose.

  5. Veronica

    Audio FabulosoExcelente sonido, conecta varios dispositivos a la vez


    EXCELENTE PRODUCTO!La calidad del recubrimiento se siente de excelente calidad, el sonido bose sinónimo de calidad, carga muy rápido y dura bastante la batería, totalmente recomendable

  7. Eu

    SinceridadeExcelente produto, em todos os aspectos.

  8. Antônio Cardoso dos Santos

    Som refinado, para quem valoriza qualidade sonora!

  9. André Carmagnani

    ExcelenteCaixinha bonita, som excelente, durabilidade alta.

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