BUGANI Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Speaker Stereo Sound, IPX5 Waterproof Wireless Speaker, Built-in Microphone 24H Play, 100FT

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Brand BUGANI Model Name M99-NEW Speaker Type Outdoor Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Special Feature Built In Microphone 【Pocket-Sized Design】 The M99 Bluetooth speaker is the epitome of portability, combining a sleek, lightweight design with powerful audio performance. Its compact form factor is perfect for those who love to explore, allowing you to take your music along…


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Product Description

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

Additional information

Weight 1.72 kg

1 Pack, 2 Packs

Compatible Devices

Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop

Mounting Type


Unit Count

1.0 Count

Controller Type



Light Black

Battery Life

24 Hours

Included Components

[Charging Cable, User Manual]

Product Dimensions

8.94"D x 3.94"W x 3.4"H

Age Range (Description)


Is Waterproof


Number of Items


Power Source

Battery Powered

Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Number of Microphones


Connectivity Protocol


Includes MP3 player?


Number of Power Levels


Total Ethernet Ports


Item Weight

1.72 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

August 30, 2023



7 reviews for BUGANI Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Speaker Stereo Sound, IPX5 Waterproof Wireless Speaker, Built-in Microphone 24H Play, 100FT

  1. markflyer

    For the price, you cannot beat this speaker. The sound quality is good, along with the battery life. It is by no means a Bose quality speaker, but for the price point it is a solid product. I have purchased 3 of them over the past two years and use them for different purposes.

  2. Average Tyler

    They will send you an email titled “Unexpected problem with completing your order” but it is just instructions on how to sync the Bluetooth speakers together.Do the following:This is BUGANI support team. Thank you so much for purchasing M99 TWS speakers.For you to have a better user experience with the speakers, please check the specific steps for pairing M99 TWS speakers as follows:1. Turn on two Bluetooth speakers at the same time, and the white indicator will blink;2. Randomly and quickly press the pause button twice on any M99 speaker. At this time, one speaker flashes white, while the other speaker keeps the white light always bright, then the speaker pairing is successful;3. After the pairing is successful, open the Bluetooth page of the phone, click the link to find the BUGANI M99, and you can enjoy the music.If you encounter other problems during use, please contact us anytime.It also does not last 24hrs playtime is about 4hrs. But it is loud and plays clearly!

  3. Matthew B.

    First impression – this thing is heavy! But that is usually a good sign that the speaker will have some kick to it via large magnets. It’s a good size speaker and perfect for playing around with out on a deck with guests, cookout, etc.The black rubber covering looks like it seals well from water and debris (a little afraid to deliberately test this part on any device).Pros: The sound is bumpin’ from this little guy; definitely will not feel like a lack of volume and the bass is more than sufficient. Build quality seems good, and the connections to mobile device (so far what I’ve used it for) are good. The range seems to be fine also – have had phone in pocket, gone back inside with speaker out on deck and everyone says the sound continued to play while inside the house. Battery life is good also, but keep in mind, the distance from connected BT device, and volume level you’re listening to will greatly impact battery levels.Cons: Not really any at the moment; don’t expect $500 dollar sound from a $25 speaker and you’ll be very pleased. For the money, this BT speaker is worth far more than the price, so it’s a steal.Cons:

  4. San Antonio Benino

    What I love most is the high quality sound this speaker produces, and I am a total audio snob. I would compare this to a pricey JBL release, so it’s reassuring that companies remain that can achieve offering quality electronic product with economical pricing that is independent from overpriced, trendy brand rubbish that we consistently see as “all the new rage” for reasons I’ll never understand, but I guess that’s the deceptive, hideous world of marketing for us.This speaker doesn’t just pack a robust sound experience, it is also constructed with higher quality materials; it is very solid, has weight to it from the heavy, larger internal magnet(s) which is or are responsible for delivering deeper bass. Usually, the bigger and heavier the magnet, the stronger the sound, particularly bass. Its casing achieves marriage of aesthetics and practicality by use of materials like diamond patterned micro mesh overlay (better to withstand or “camouflage” minor dings or dents that will occur with a portable speaker like this, and it’s use of silicone ends which stay on very well thanks to strategically designed and placed interlocking circumferential internal lines and niches on two opposing sides on each end cap, to protect the interface control buttons and ports on one side, with the other side silicone capped as well, so again, helpful protective features against bumps and drops.Another huge turn on is, well, turning it on + all other controls. Pairing, plugging in, it’s all good as, once again the developers achieved the number one goal that should be first and foremost with any product like this, which is that it needs to be user friendly! It really is, I can’t see grandmas having any issues using this speaker. (My Mom is a different story altogether so she doesn’t count).My biggest and only disappointment is that I bought this to use exclusively for my electric scooter, so buyer beware that the bike mount does not fit electric scooter tillers or handle bars so you’re on your own with finding something that will work. Lack of available e-scooter-ready accessories like is a huge problem that hasn’t seemed to be resolved with supply and is very limited (I’m finding practically non-existent) in options, despite the impossible to ignore increase of e-scooters everywhere. I find myself at a dilemma between either, spending around $50 just for a mount that is both secure enough for holding this speaker’s weight and that will fit onto my e-scooter, or refusing to more than double the price of the speaker just so that I can use it for how I had hoped to, so for now, unfortunately, this amazingly awesome speaker sits unused and collecting dust until I can find a solution that doesn’t bring me great pain when opening my wallet. Because of this I am very sad.

  5. Sean McManus

    The speaker is great. By itself it is worth the cost and a great value. The mount is a good concept but is not at the same level of quality as the speaker. It does not fit on my 31.8mm handlebar, which is a fat bar but not an uncommon size. I had to mount the speaker on a rear luggage rack on my bike which is a much less accessible position while riding but is the only place it would fit. Even with the mount tightened as tight as i possibly can screw it, the speaker still jostles around just riding on uneven pavement. It would be better if the screw on the mount were hexagonal in shape and not made of plastic so i could tighten it with a wrench. It really is just the hardware of the nut/ball mount that needs beefed up. When i attach the speaker i put it where i want it and within 5-10 minutes of riding the speaker has jostled in the mount to some extreme position. If i hit a speed bump i can hear the speaker bounce around in the mount. For this reason I wouldn’t suggest mounting it on your bike if you do any sort of off-roading or really any riding that isn’t on pristine quality pavement.The speaker is kind of heavy which doesnt matter to me but if you are backpacking or are serious about gear weight then this might not be the best option for you.

  6. MoonDawg

    Great speakersI bought the pair. I gave one to my girlfriend since I have another speaker. However, this is an excellent speaker. It gets loud. I’m pretty sure I can wake the neighborhood if I put volume on max. It’s also waterproof. Just amazing.

  7. jimbag

    Needs a sub woofer.I like the fact that these speakers can be synced to produce true stereo, however this is not easy to do the first time since the instructions are not well written. You’ll have to make a mental note of the sequence and you’ll need to help a friend do it with their phone.They are smaller than some of the pictures depict, which I feel is misleading. The speakers are probably only 2″ diameter, which is why they don’t produce bottom end, and will distort if you turn them up hoping to get some more bass. If a subwoofer was able available, that would change everything since their midrange and treble are quite clear.Good for easy listening on the patio, but not for a block party.

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