BUGANI Bluetooth Speaker, Shock Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Bluetooth 5.3, Waterproof, Wireless Speakers, 60W Super Power,

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Brand BUGANI Model Name SHOCKW Speaker Type Subwoofer Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Special Feature Portable, Stereo pairing ♩♪♫【Wireless Speaker 】Two Mid-Bass External Magnetic Speakers, two Tweeters and two Subwoofer Diaphragms. If you think this Is not Enough, connect 2 Speakers Together, They Can Play at the Same Time, upgrade 120w Immediately. Stereo Surround Sound, the Powerful…



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Product Description



BUGANI SHOCKW Bluetooth Speaker

60W Super Power

The speaker is a 60W high volume bluetooth speaker, Easy pair two portable speakers, upgrading 120W stereo surround sound immediately. Make your music more real and powerful, so the total output power of 120W provides amazing sound and high, medium and low frequency Excellent balance between. At the same time, two sound modes (indoor, outdoor) can easily meet your indoor and outdoor needs.

IPX6 Waterproof Speaker

As a Power Bank to Charge your Smart Device, you Can Use This Speaker to Charge your Smartphone Via a Usb Cable. There Is a Massive Built-In Battery, a Single Charge Gives You Enough Juice to 32 Hours of Playtime. Ipx6 Waterproof Mechanical Casings Makes It Suitable For Outdoor Take The Waterproof Rugged Bluetooth Speaker With you on Camping Trip or Beach Party.


  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • 60W Super Power
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
  • USB-C Charge Cable
  • Up to 32H Playtime (at 30% Volume)
  • Indoor, Outdoor, Two Modes
  • Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker




Bluetooth 5.3

Upgraded Bluetooth 5.3 Signal-Ensures Instant Pairing. Wireless Speakers Have Faster Connection Speeds, More Stable Signal Transmission and Lower Power Consumption.

IPX6 Waterproof

Bugani IPX6 waterproof Bluetooth speaker is resistant to splash, rain, gentle spray, therefore is applicable in shower room, by the pool or beach, and even in the rain, you can bring it for the beach, mountain, camping and anywhere else. It is suitable for outdoor activities, However, please do not drop it directly into water.

Dual Pairing Wireless Speakers

Connect 2 Speakers Together, they Can Play at the same time. Upgrade 120w Immediately. Stereo surround sound Immediately. the Powerful Bluetooth Speaker Bring Vivid Sound to Life for a Fantastically Dynamic audio Experience.




Outdoor bluetooth speakers

The mission of BUGANI Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers is to provide the highest quality Bluetooth speakers for our beloved customers.

Fast charging power and Usb-C Charging Cable

Except for connectivity via Bluetooth and Aux in, TF card port enables Rocker Volcano be a music library by just copying your favorite music to a TF card. Let it play standalone even without any smart device connection.

What will you get?

1 x BUGANI Bluetooth Speakers

1 xUsb-C Charging Cable

1 x 3.5mm Aux-in Audio Cable

1 x User Manual



60w bluetooth speakers adopts high performance processor and technology of separating high and low pitch. Equipped with 4 full-range driver

True Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – The latest Bluetooth 5.3 wireless speakers provide faster connection speed, more stable signal transmission and lower power consumption. Easily connect with your phones, Easily pair two portable speakers, Upgrade 120W stereo surround sound immediately.

and 4passive radiator, it provides crystal sound, deep bass and clearer treble, just like join a living concert. Suitable for any venue, party, courtyard

cleaning, seaside, traveling, gym, if you use a bugani speaker in a home gym

60W Bluetooth speaker

Mobile Power Function

The built-in large-capacity battery can be used for your mobile phone, camera, any rechargeable equipment

whether you are partying, climbing, camping, or going out to the beach, Don’t worry about your phone having no place to charge

The best partner for bugani speakers to go out and play.

IPX6 Waterproof

BUGANI M83 Bluetooth speaker is with IPX6 waterproof, but, What is IPX 6?The digit ranges from 0–9 shows how well the product is protected from water

IPX1: Can resist water that drips vertically onto the product.

IPX2: Can resist water that hits the product at a 15 angle or less.

IPX3: Can take water sprays of up to 60.

IPX4: Is resistant to water splashes from any direction.

IPX5: Can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray.

IPX6: Can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water.

IPX7: Can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg


Mounting Type

Freestanding,Magnetic Mount

Controller Type

Battery Powered

Product Dimensions

5"D x 3"W x 3"H

Age Range (Description)


Is Waterproof


Charging Time

32 Hours

Number of Items


Power Source

Battery Powered

Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Number of Microphones


Connectivity Protocol


Includes MP3 player?


Is Electric


Number of Power Levels


Processor Count


Total Ethernet Ports


Number of USB 2 Ports


Item Weight

2.2 Kilograms, 4.84 pounds




1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

January 14, 2022



8 reviews for BUGANI Bluetooth Speaker, Shock Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Bluetooth 5.3, Waterproof, Wireless Speakers, 60W Super Power,

  1. Gary Turner

    This BUGANI Bluetooth Speaker is a great buy for what you get. I’m using it in a garage, so I wanted something a bit bigger and more poweerful in a bluetooth speaker. The Bugani delivers. It pairs to your phone or tablet super fast. The sound is amazing with plenty of volume to cover large places. I haven’t run it long enough to check battery life but it is supposed to last a long time and you can even charge your phone from the speaker. It also has a card slot to play your saved music.The Bugani looks rugged and it’s water resistant so it’s perfect for use out of the home. The carrying handle makes it easy to just pick up and go. So far, I’m very pleased with this bluetooth speaker.I

  2. Grazye

     I purchased this for my boyfriend. It is easy to setup and connect. The sounds is clear and the speakers are able to portray an amazing sound with bass and clarity. The power of these speakers offers surprisingly loud room filled volume with no static.It has a wireless connection and the range is alteast a 1000 ft with no issues. We were very surprised of the ease of connection and the range with it. It works well indoors or outdoors. We were able to enjoy our music both places with no issues.The battery life has been exceptional. We charged it up the first time and have been able to consistently use it for a week and still have not had to charge it.These speakers are well made with good quality material. They are reasonably priced and a great gift idea for any age. I would totally recommend these.

  3. Chris Y

     I uploaded a video of the speaker playing BASS HEAVY hiphop. I read at least 50 reviews before buying this to try and see how trap music was, but all I saw were reviews talking about rock, pop, etc.. and the videos that were up had songs with light bass playing. This was a very random purchase after I remembered I lost my Oontz XL and I figured why not get a new speaker for future trips.. I was hesitant due to the name as I had never heard about Bugani before but I saw all the great reviews. I was initially going to buy the 50W model but read that there were no tweeters on that one. I’m very satisfied with my purchase though, 40W is plenty enough. This speaker is kind of chunky like a small toolbox, but it’s very light/looks clean- and most importantly, VERY LOUD. I had the speaker on max volume with my phone on max as well and there was no distortion at all! The woofers in the back shake like crazy just like a real subwoofer lol. Even with bass heavy songs, there was a clear distinction between the highs/vocals and the bass; none of the songs I played sounded muddled. PERFECT for blasting music at a party indoors, I had it playing and went down the hall and it was still loud enough. PERFECT for Vegas to turn up in the hotel before going out (which is what I used my last speaker for 90% of the time 😂). I’ve heard a variety of different speakers, all the main brand name ones that every 80s/90s babies have.. this speaker is EASILY in the $150, maybe even $200 class of speakers. VERY LOUD is only good when you can actually hear the song without worrying about blowing out the woofers. If you bump hiphop as your main choice of music, you will NOT be disappointed!! I opened the box very carefully, thinking there was a good chance I would return it… nope, this was a perfect impulse buy lol. What more is there to say? It’ll fill up the whole penthouse, it’ll fill up the whole suite and so on.. perfect for getting lit! And with the extra 20% off offer, I paid like $60 total. It’s a no brainer, BUY IT! Don’t be dumb and buy one of those $200+ speakers just because of their brand name!PS: If you’re a purist in terms of how you listen to your music, then I’m sure you’ll find this speaker to not be hitting every little note you want. It’s a durable, well made, loud party speaker that can take all the bass you throw at it. You can also mess around with the EQ to make it sound even better.. OR just buy another one so you can connect both of them – another reason why I gave up the extra 10W and bought this and not the 50W model. Honestly at this price, I’m most likely going to buy a 2nd one and always keep em together. $120 for a combined 80W, 4 woofers+4 tweeters is definitely the move 💯 Like I said, don’t drop hundreds on a brand name speaker that won’t be even half as loud as this. HOPEFULLY THIS HELPED SOMEONE WHO WAS STUCK TRYING TO CHOOSE‼‼ 😁

  4. Paul S. Gooding

    Out of the box, reeks of quality, easy operation, paired and working in less than 5 mins out of the box.The sound is as good anything I have heard from any similarly sized unit Solid bass, not a car thumper but very satisfying for music including jazz, classical and rock. Simple controls, simple interface. Even if the battery is half of what the promotional material says, it’s going to be awesome.I have been an audiophile, built my own stereo equipment, and purchased plenty of retail speakers and amps over the years, including the some recent soundbars. The sound quality of this M83 is better any any other portable accessory I have used in the recent years, for a very reasonable price indeed. Solid build quality and the thing looks indestructible. We’ll see. Right now I am more than pleased with it and would highly recommend it. If anything goes awry after this honeymoon period, I will update the review. Now back to the music from this little gem.UPDATE: The M83 has a software glitch that causes the device to lock up in a mode that prevents it from connecting, playing or … turning it off. Very frustrating … unless you know how to fix it, which is easy. There are several reviews here which reference this glitch, and quite a bit of chatter online about it too. But GOOD NEWS … it is easy to fix and also easy to prevent.FIX IT: When the device locks up, blue light on or blinking all the time, no sound, won’t connect and won’t turn off: Insert a 3.5mm audio male plug (like the one for your celphone and for most audio devices with a headphone jack, or a speaker output jack) ….. just insert the plug into the audio plug on the M83. This will reset the software and cure the problem immediately. Insert the plug, the front indicator led will turn red for a few seconds, and then back to flashing blue … now turn the M83 off, and back on, and the unit is reset. It’s as easy as that. Keep this note because it is likely to happen to you and this procedure will fix it.As an aside, I am pretty sure I know why this is happening. The M83 has an odd, somewhat clever feature: It allows you to connect two M83’s to the same host device …. When you do, the M83 software will split the two speaker sets into the two stereo channels which you can now physically separate (move the speakers away from each other) to get true stereo. And of course, more sound and more bass. Clever. The problem is that this bluetooth feature requires a software routine that has a bug in it. What happens is that if your M83 loses its connection while streaming, or if it is paired with, and talking to, more than one host (say, you have another device in the room that is paired with it, and is running with Bluetooth on) the clever software in the M83 gets caught in a loop and stuck … locked up. That’s when you get the Blue Light of Death … it won’t go out and you won’t be able to turn the device off.)Now you know how to unlock it. But you can also prevent the glitch in most cases. One, always start your M83 session the same way. Start with the M83 turned off. Grab the host device and go into its Bluetooth dialog and remove the M83 from the paired list. Turn the Bluetooth off and back on. Re-add the M83, and wait until you have a CONNECT button. Now turn on the M83 and let it find the host. Hit the connect button on the M83 and let it pair and connect. Now you are good to go. When you are done listening to it, turn the M83 off, and then turn off the Bluetooth on the host. Also, while you are doing this, make sure that no other host devices are nearby which have paired with your M83 and might interfere with the pairing/connecting process.It sounds goofy, but if you follow this simple procedure you should have no problems. I cannot advise you about the two-M83 feature because I do not have two M83s and cannot test that. You will have to try that on your own if decide to go down that road.It would be really helpful if the manufacturer would put the reset procedure in the user manual, it is easy to do and works well but only if you know about it. I am going to try to downgrade my rating to 4 stars for this because this glitch is well known and the Bugani gods really need to take care of it. If they do, then we can put back the fifth star. Cheers, PG

  5. Eduardo Gasatu

    ExcelenteEs la segunda que compro, y es la que mas me ha gustado de esta marca. Buen sonido, no se distorsiona, y excelente rendimiento de batería. Me llegó un día antes. Recomendada al cien.

  6. David Ontiveros Mier

    RECOMENDADAVale mucho la pena por el precio, la calidad del audio es buena.

  7. jorge arturo perez

    Excelente compraSupera las espectativas, excelente sonido, buen material bastante ergonómico.

  8. Davor dircio pineda

    ExcelenteTiene buen sonido

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