BUGANI Bluetooth Speakers, 80W Powerful Portable Wireless Speaker IPX7 Waterproof Speaker, Outdoor Loud Speaker with Handle 24H

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Brand BUGANI Model Name IPX7 Speaker Type Built-In Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Special Feature Waterproof 【 24 Hours Long Playtime 】 — The portable Bluetooth speaker delivers up to 24 hours of lasting playtime on a single charge (Playtime varies according to sound volume and audio content). Built-in large-capacity rechargeable batteries can also double as a…



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Product Description


BUGANI M118 Bluetooth Speaker

Multiple Audio Inputs Options

Supports Bluetooth, USB input, microphone input, 3.5mm AUX input and USB-C fast charging port.

Additional information

Weight 7.19 kg
Compatible Devices

Television, Phones

Mounting Type


Controller Type

Battery Powered



Battery Life

24 Hours

Product Dimensions

15.04"D x 9.76"W x 6.46"H

Audio Output Mode


Is Waterproof


Number of Items


Power Source

Corded Electric, Battery Powered

Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

1 A batteries required. (included)

Bluetooth Range

100 Feet

Connectivity Protocol


Includes MP3 player?


Specific Uses For Product

parties, gatherings, outdoor adventures, karaoke sessions

Item Weight

7.19 pounds




1 A batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

October 23, 2020



8 reviews for BUGANI Bluetooth Speakers, 80W Powerful Portable Wireless Speaker IPX7 Waterproof Speaker, Outdoor Loud Speaker with Handle 24H

  1. Jacob Leech

    This is the best blue tooth speaker I’ve every bought. The quality of sound and deep bass produce music to the ears. I highly recommend. It has a Long battery life as well. Two thumbs up and 5 stars.

  2. Orion

    It’s a cool lil boom box, price is right, I like the look, it’s been thrown and dropped several times, still looks new, perfect for my 3door garage.

  3. shopper

    Initially I gave this speaker 2 stars, due to extremely pleasant customer service and a slightly better quality product, I’ve updated to 4 stars.The company reached out to me after my first review and sent a new speaker hoping to change my mind. I still stand by a lot of my previous review but a few things have changed.Continuing from my review the sound quality is much better, as I suspected the internal settings were wrong causing the sound to be muffled by the treble. The Bluetooth lag is gone, I’m not sure if it’s an updated Bluetooth or if the first was just faulty. And I am still VERY impressed by the volume, It’s Loud! I haven’t had the opportunity to put the battery to the test so I don’t know if it’ll actually play for a few hours like it says in the description.*Big Upset!* it has a usb c port for charging the speaker which is fine, it has an aux port and microphone port for karaoke which is pretty cool, and it has a standard usb port that you can plug an antiquated MP3 player/storage drive with music which is ok I guess. BUT you Can Not charge a phone on that USB port, and being that it brags about the battery in the description you would think it can charge your phone (being that 95% of portable speakers act as a backup power bank and this speaker costs you over $50). It provides just enough power to keep your phone at the battery percentage it’s currently at if you aren’t using the phone, but it doesn’t kick out enough power to charge.Overall it’s a loud decent speaker for the backyard. It’s not a camping or beach speaker because it’s not a portable charger. It’s kind of cheap material but it’s not bad. Depending on your needs this might be the speaker for you!*Previous Review*I’ve put about 5 hrs of use on it and honestly I hated it. I see a lot of reviews of people saying it’s great, and it might be to you, but for $56 I expect a little quality.As for as volume: It’s Loud! For sure! I have no complaint there.Bluetooth on the other hand is garbage. The volume control lags and a few seconds after you’ve changed the volume it’ll go up or down one notch on the volume? Wth.. that was frustrating! The lag is really annoying too!Sound quality: the speaker definitely can produce good quality but the internals are set wrong the bass is nice but the treble is too low so it sounds slightly muffled. So music not too noticeable at high volume but dialogue in a movie scene is extremely noticeable because you can barely here what they said. Ruing movie night kinda.Structure: pure cheap plastic. One throw at the wall or a good drop your bound to have cracked or broken something.Overall: I’m not impressed, it’s big for nothing, the moment you pick it up you can feel the lite plastic and cheap body. Those smaller 4locos shaped ones feel nice and sturdy, this one has tons of hallow space. Kinda cool looking I guess. I’m returning it

  4. JD

    Use it at the beach . I love that it’s USB-C and not the cheap android power connector as I have more and more USB C cords . Has a mic input for singing or as loud speaker .. can’t beat it


     It met my expectations, it’s small but has great sound quality. Bluetooth Speaker, works great with My Moto G 5g smart phone, or My iPod touch. The Tool brand Jobsite radios don’t have the power this one has, reason I purchased this was because Ridgid jobsite radio for the same price has only 10 watts. I like this portable speaker, 80 watts. Nice Job.

  6. Sean Andreu

    Well I have the smaller version of this, and let me say, it works great! It’s been on 10+ camping trips, it’s gotten rained on, and it never faltered once. Solid and sounds better than my friends jbl, which is significantly more expensive. Which is why I ordered the m118, I figured it’d be a bigger, better version. But after charging, which lot up red to let me know it was charging, I could not get this to turn on. None of the buttons respond at all. Unfortunately, I’ve waited too long to send back, because life just happens sometimes. Butt it’s a bummer it doesn’t work. Wish I would’ve sent it back when I could’ve.So after I posted this review, bugani contacted me and sent me another speaker free of charge within a day of receiving my address. They sent me what I think is the updated version of the m83, and this thing is loud and clear! Thanks to Bugani for promptly rectifying the issue and sending me a speaker within days. I now have 2 awesome bugani speakers, the smaller m90 and the larger m83. The smaller one has been thru quite a few camping trips and been rained on a number of times and it has never faltered. Not to mention it’s way better than my buddies jbl speaker, which cost twice the amount for half the features. Thanks! 👍👍🏾👍🏿

  7. Cheryl Oechsle

    I am a fitness instructor at a local YMCA. I teach group exercise classes indoors and outdoors( poolside). I am also an avid outdoor landscaper and gardener. I use a Bluetooth speaker often and am fairly rough on them. I had a speaker for about 8 years…but it was large and heavy…for use at construction site-type. But it died. It had been outdoors, in the rain, fallen, and experienced much dirt and mud. Then I bought a cheap, very light but nice sounding speaker. However, a few water drips and it was fried and unreliable.When I looked up the same product on Amazon, this Bugani speaker came up as a comparable speaker. It looked light but very similar and smaller than the one I had had for si many years. The reviews I read seemed great regarding music quality. I teach Aqua classes to the active aging population, so the option for a plug in mic interested me even more.I have had the speaker about a month. I absolutely love it. It goes to all my work sites. It is dirty and well worn already. Super light to carry around but incredibly sturdy. I am hoping it lives with me at least 8 years!

  8. Cliente de Amazon

    Buena opción para un jardín pequeñoMe gustó la potencia y claridad de los sonidos agudos, a los sonidos graves les falta más presencia

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