DEWALT 20V MAX Bluetooth Speaker, 100 ft Range, Durable for Jobsites, Phone Holder Included, Lasts 8-10 Hours with Single Charge

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Brand DEWALT Model Name DCR010 Speaker Type Portable Bluetooth Speakers Connectivity Technology wireless Special Feature Portable, Waterproof Dual bluetooth speakers for rich stereo sound.Waterproof : No Wireless bluetooth speakers with Bluetooth connectivity of 100ft range Portable bluetooth speaker has convenient carry handle with phone holder Play/pause, skip tracks, and control volume from speaker Bass reflex…


This portable bluetooth speaker is jobsite tough and produces high-quality sound. Enhance your workday by streaming your favorite music or podcasts from your Bluetooth equipped mobile device from up to 100 ft. away. You can also plug devices directly in with the auxiliary input. Charge your phone through the day with an integrated USB charging port. Stand your mobile phone in the slot of the built-in carry handle, or underneath. Enjoy rich stereo sound with extended bass from dual 3-inch wireless bluetooth speakers. Its rugged design includes a metal grille and impact-resistant housing. Power the Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker with DEWALT 12V MAX*, 20V MAX*, or FLEXVOLT batteries, all sold separately. Includes universal AC cord. Comes with 3-year limited warranty.

From the manufacturer


USB charging

corded or cordless

PTG Three Year

dewalt 20v system

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Compatible Devices

Tablet, Smartphone

Mounting Type

Freestanding,Plug Mount

Controller Type

Battery Powered


Plastic, Metal



Battery Life

1 days

Included Components


Product Dimensions

4.06"D x 8.56"W x 5.81"H

Audio Output Mode


Is Waterproof


Charging Time

10 Hours

Warranty Type


Maximum Range

10 Meters

Number of Items


Control Method


Speaker Size

3 Inches

Power Source

Battery Powered

Woofer Diameter

7.62 Centimeters

Water Resistance Level

Not Water Resistant

Package Type

Standard Packaging

Number of Batteries

1 12V batteries required.

Bluetooth Range

100 Feet

Audio Driver Size

7.62 Centimeters

Connectivity Protocol


Specific Uses For Product

job sites

Item Weight

3 Pounds

Department ‏

‎ unisex-adult



Item model number



1 12V batteries required.

Date First Available

October 24, 2018

Input Voltage

20 Volts



13 reviews for DEWALT 20V MAX Bluetooth Speaker, 100 ft Range, Durable for Jobsites, Phone Holder Included, Lasts 8-10 Hours with Single Charge

  1. Brandon

    Overall, this is a great speaker. I’ve been using it daily on my job site and in my construction office. Below are my pro’s and con’s.Pro’s- Impressive sound quality. For how small this thing is, it sounds great.- Very portable. Small but not too small. I’ve included a photo next to the DCD805 for size comparison.- Lightweight (obviously contingent on which battery is mounted)- Plenty of power options. You can power this thing with either the included power cable, a 12v battery or a 20v battery.- Great battery life. I’ll go about 6-8 hours on 1 single 1.7ah Power Stack battery and can stretch that to a 3-5 days on a 5ah power stack battery. God only knows how long it’ll last on a 15ah FlexVolt!- Very durable and rugged. There is no question to the build quality, it is top notch. Everything feels like it can take a serious hit without causing catastrophic damage.- Phone holder. You can stick your phone in the top of the grab handle and it rests there pretty securely. Even fits my 14 Pro Max with a rugged case on it.- Better than advertised range. DeWALT claims 100ft max bluetooth range but I’ve made it to 165ft before the music started to cut out, and that’s with trucks, generators and general construction tools in the way. Unbelievable!- AUX input & USB. You can charge your phone off the speaker while it’s in the stand if you plug it in with USB cable, so that’s super nice.Con’s- Slightly lacking in the bass department. This is such a small con and I can’t stress that enough, more nit-picky than anything. But I wish there was a bigger woofer in this thing to give my music a little more oomph. Obviously you can’t compare this to a Sonos Move or anything. There is bass, but some music can sound a little more treble-y when I’m used to deeper bass on those songs.- USB over USB-C. Again, nit-picky, but I wish there was USB-C on this speaker. Maybe even have USB + USB-C to allow for more options. Everything I have is USB-C, so that would’ve been nice to see.The pro’s heavily outweigh the cons here and it’s no competition that this is by far one of the best job site speakers on the market that can for sure take a beating. 10/10 would recommend!

  2. Lotus54

    I was getting really tired of my love/hate relationship with bluetooth speakers. First of all, they all look the same, which is UGLY. Is it just me or are those black tube designs just the ugliest thing ever?! I also don’t give a hoot about colored ‘party lights’ that only serve to kill my battery. I’m not having a party and it isn’t 1986 anymore, sadly. I just wanted a decent speaker to listen to podcasts while I clean the house or work in the yard, something loud enough to hear when I move around to other rooms or areas. It seemed like a simple ask, and yet all I could find was cheap junk with terrible sound or overpriced decent sound that was still ugly.I ended up getting creative with my search terms, and somehow discovered a ‘jobsite speaker’ by another brand. This gave me the lightbulb moment: “Does DeWalt make a bluetooth speaker??” and the answer is YES. I spent more on this than I would have on any other bluetooth speaker for sure, but I can justify it. For one thing, everything I’ve ever used by DeWalt has been high quality and never disappoints. Secondly, since it’s DeWalt I knew it would be durable and rugged, which makes me feel less worried about the price, because I know it will hold up. And finally, it uses my DeWalt 20V Max batteries! So now I don’t need to worry about investing in a speaker with limited battery life, because I use my own DeWalt battery.Things I Like:1. Uses my existing DeWalt batteries, which I can switch out. So now when the battery dies, I don’t need to go charge it, I simply swap out the battery. I LOVE THIS.2. DeWalt quality housing. It’s rugged. The black ends are rubberized. I mostly use it in the house, but now that the weather is getting better I can work in the yard with it, take it camping, etc. I’ve even taken it with me in my truck because I prefer how it connects to my phone’s bluetooth over my truck’s built-in system.3. Speaking of Bluetooth, the connection is FAST. I honestly never really paid attention to how fast (or not) a device connects until I got this. It connects almost instantly.4. Front speaker screen/grill is metal. I don’t need to worry about poking a hole in it, ripping it or dust, dirt or debris clinging to it.5. Easy buttons. Power, volume, forward & back and bluetooth connect are all right there and easy to use. Covered in waterproof rubber too, no spaces for water or debris to get caught. The audio ports are also covered with a rubber flap for moisture protection.6. It has an 3.5mm jack for an audio cable. This isn’t on all bluetooth speakers, annoyingly, and it’s a valuable feature to me. I like that I can connect my Sony voice recorder to it with an audio cable and listen to recordings from meetings on a larger speaker. The voice recorder doesn’t have bluetooth, so before this I had to transfer the files to a device that did.7. It’s also a power bank! It has a traditional USB port, so I can charge my phone or other USB device, making this great for travel, power outages, camping, etc.8. It has a space in the handle which can hold your phone, which is handy if you’re charging your phone or if you’re playing music from it.9. It has two mounting holes as well as a hole in the handle, so this can be mounted or hung in a variety of ways.10. It’s loud! I mostly play podcasts and voices are harder to make out at a distance. I can play this in one room of my house and walk around pretty much anywhere in my house and hear it for the most part.11. The bluetooth range is crazy! I tested this on the first day I got it and left my phone playing inside my house, walked outside, down my long driveway and into the woods before it started cutting out. I’d say it was a good 150+ feet. Best range by far of all the bluetooth speakers & headphones I’ve used over the years.12. It has a removable power cord! You don’t need to use the battery, you can also simply plug it into the wall with the included power cord. This is great if you just want to keep it in one place all the time or if you don’t have any free batteries.Downsides:1. There’s nothing really that I “dislike”, but a couple of caveats. It is heavy. I easily carry it around the house but it’s definitely on the heavier side, just something to consider. I’d still take ‘heavy & durable’ over ‘light & garbage’ any day.2. The sound seems a little “boxed in”. It’s not bad, it’s not muffled exactly, it’s hard to describe. It could be that the metal grill might be hindering the sound slightly. I’ve considered unscrewing it to expose the speakers to see if the sound is better but I haven’t bothered because it’s not that big of a deal. It’s not that the sound is bad, I just feel like the style of the metal plate with holes in it (as opposed to fabric mesh) might be closing in the sound a bit. But it looks like you can easily unscrew it and remove it, so that’s something you can try if you feel the need.3. There’s no radio. I see this complaint in other reviews and it’s fair enough, especially given the price. I personally don’t care, I just play the radio via my phone through the speaker, but they do make a larger version with a radio if you really gotta have a radio.4. My only real complaint is that there’s nowhere to keep the power cord. I’ve already misplaced it several times. You cannot leave it attached to the unit because it plug in to the same spot as the battery. I tried wrapping it around the handle but I carry this around a lot and that was annoying. A little cord clip/holder would be perfect.NOTE: Like most DeWalt tools, you do NOT get the battery with this purchase, just an FYI.

  3. Amanda

    My husband bought this for me, and I didn’t even realize what it was at first, thinking he had bought me a tool, lol. This ended up being be best Bluetooth speaker he could have picked for what I wanted it for. He has a bunch of DEWALT tools, and this uses the same rechargeable battery as those–super convenient. Also, battery life is amazing. I have yet to have to charge the battery I have been using with it. I use it outside when playing with the kids, and I have absolutely no fear of this thing breaking. The sound quality is really good but a little less crisp than I wish it was. No biggie, still a terrific Bluetooth speaker. Was able to pair it to my phone in like two seconds, and the controls are super simple.

  4. Southern Sunshine

    Little smaller than expected – about the size of a car battery. Puts out good level of sound. Lasts a long time and very convenient to charge your phone from it. Bluetooth connects super quick and consistently.

  5. Thomas Piper

    I bought this for my wife, she likes music while she does gardening. This is perfect; it’s light and easy to move, batteries (6amp) last all day, she can charge her phone while she works.

  6. Stuart

    Well built. Durable controls. Great wireless range over 100ft. Excellent battery life. Bluetooth pairs easily. Volume control goes louder on speaker than on phone if you use the buttons on the speaker instead. Nice and loud. BUT… … It has a plastic hollow box bass tone to it. No crisp sound in the mid to high trebles. Does not project “stereo” quality sound. Tolerable for my purposes. Better than decent speaker. Hope this helps. 🙂

  7. Drew

    Great and loud, good for job site or when working around the house. Even accepts battery.

  8. Kelsey l

    So good quality, holds charge for a few hours, really loud speaker we love this

  9. RCC

    excellentExcellent speaker for an excellent price

  10. Son prácticas por el tamaño y más en la mecánica donde no puede entrar una matraca más grande

    Me agrado de buena calidad como sue herramientaSuena muy bien bastante compacta fácil de mover resistencia

  11. James

    It stopped working.It stopped working.


    Good loud speaker but with audio lag..The speaker sounds good for it size and build quality is great. But while sync with a video playing I have experienced audio out of sync with many different devices working with this Bluetooth speaker.

  13. Pavlov

    tiene bonito diseno, buen sonido y exelente volumenlo uso para escuchar musica y aprender ingles

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