DOSS SoundBox Ultra Bluetooth Speaker with 2.1 Sound Channel Audio, 80W Superior Sound with Deep Bass, Two DSP Technologies, 18H

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Brand DOSS Model Name DOSS SoundBox XL Ultra Grey Speaker Type Subwoofer Connectivity Technology USB Flash Drive, Bluetooth 5.3, 3.5mm Aux-in, TF Card Special Feature Bass Boost, Stereo Pairing, 80W Output, Bluetooth 5.3, 3.5mm Aux-in, Tf card, USB flash drive 80W Impressive Sound: Delight in high-quality, room-filling sound with our speaker’s 40W subwoofer, dual 20W…


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Product Description

DOSS SoundBox XL Ultra Bluetooth Speaker
DOSS SoundBox XL Ultra

Elevating Your Room Listening Experience

A perfect blend of simplicity and power. No wires to disrupt your layout, immersed yourself in your favorit track with a high-quality, room-filling sound with rich, deep bass.

DOSS SoundBox XL Ultra

Design and Audio in Harmony.

Simply place the speaker in the corners of your room or desk and the DOSS Soundbox XL Ultra will create the perfect atmosphere with powerful, clear audio and rich bass. Feel every note and be completely immersed.

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Why would the speaker auto power off in 10-15 mins?

It’s the auto power-off function to saves the battery life of the speaker. If you want to disable the function, please press and hold 2s the O button and BASS·M button simultaneously.

How to switch modes between Bluetooth, Aux-in, and TF card mode?

Press the BASS·M button to change the modes.

What the format about TF card and USB audio playmodes?

TF card and USB audio format: MP3/ WAV/ FLAC (Max capacity 256G)

How long does the battery last on a single fully charged?

It can play up to 18 hours (at 50% volume)on a single fully charged. However, actual play time may vary depending on factors such as volume, audio content, and usage.

What should I do if there is a problem with the product I received?

If you encounter any problems, please contact our support team via email.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg

Black, Gold, Gray

Compatible Devices

Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Home Theater, Smartphone

Subwoofer Diameter

3.5 Inches

Mounting Type


Unit Count

88.1849 Ounce

Controller Type



Plastic, Metal

Battery Life

18 Hours

Included Components

1* Speaker, 1*USB-C charging cable, 1*User manual.

Product Dimensions

3.6"D x 13.2"W x 6"H

Audio Output Mode


Age Range (Description)


Frequency Response

25 KHz


40 Ohm

Is Waterproof


Battery Capacity

4500 Milliamp Hours

Charging Time

4.4 Hours

Warranty Type

1 Year Limited Warranty

Maximum Range

99 Feet

Number of Items


Control Method


Speaker Size

3.5 Inches

Power Source

Battery Powered

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

95 dB

Woofer Diameter

3.5 Inches

Tweeter Diameter

2.5 Inches

Vehicle Service Type

Car, Truck

Water Resistance Level

Not Water Resistant

Package Type

Standard Packaging

Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Audio Driver Type

Dynamic Driver

Bluetooth Range

99 Feet

Audio Latency

200 Milliseconds

Connectivity Protocol


Specific Uses For Product

Party, Personal, Home Theatre

Item Weight

2.5 Kilograms, 5.5 pounds



Item model number

DOSS SoundBox XL Ultra


1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

February 20, 2024

Country of Origin



Wonders Tech

12 reviews for DOSS SoundBox Ultra Bluetooth Speaker with 2.1 Sound Channel Audio, 80W Superior Sound with Deep Bass, Two DSP Technologies, 18H

  1. Jason Raub

    I got one on sale & it’s pretty nice for a bluetooth speaker.I suggest reading the user manual if you want to access a few unique options, two of which I’ve not seen on other bluetooth speakers personally, like the ability to turn off all sound prompts while still seeing with an led indicator when you change activate or deactivate an option or feature being one of them.One feature I’ve also not personally seen on other bluetooth speakers this one includes that’s much appreciated, it gives you the ability to disconnect & reconnect to the last device used from the speaker, on top of that when you turn it off then back on it will only connect if you re-enable it from the speaker avoiding audio switching straight from the last device causing problems say if you’re on a phone call or anything else you don’t want openly broadcast on accident.Only negative thing I can say is it’s way too easy to listen to audio at unsafe levels with any high power speakers, including this one, and that’s no fault of the speaker it’s just something to be aware of. I gave myself a pretty bad headache turning the volume full blast, so I’d suggest enjoying your audio at a safe level & distance because it sounds really good until you hurt your ears or head.This DOSS brand makes some really good smaller bluetooth speakers too if you don’t need this much volume, because this thing could seriously make your neighbors angry ha.

  2. KEVIN M

    Wanted to find a good whole house sound and this one fit just perfect for what was needed. Anyone 2nd guessing just buy it you wont regret. Was very easy to pair with bluetooth also.

  3. James

    If you are an audiophile you will love this little jewel. If you’re not, you may become one. This Doss is brilliant. The speaker has nice weight to it. Nice bass, mids and highs. This thing surprised the heck out of me

  4. eddieb

    Very Solid Bluetooth Speaker

  5. ewigz

    If you like well rounded sound with “plenty” of bass (more if needed w/ boost) – this is it. I purchased two and they perform InSaNeLy together. I have been a musician for 38 years – together they sound comparable to Bose, etc… One is FUN – TWO IS THE WAY! The TWS is flawless. Best portable speakers I have ever owned.

  6. MxEnigma

    The speaker, when ordered was listed at $179.99 discounted to $129.00 with an additional $10 off coupon bringing it to $119. This is why I gave it 3 stars, even at $119, you have top name brands providing not as nice looking but better sounding speaker at this price point and I would go with those price points.If it were more reasonably priced, it is a nice looking speaker, good design where it could be easily placed anywhere in the house and look good, fit in with the furniture. The sound is above average, with ok bass and treble and loud enough to be heard across the house or outside while having a BBQ. It’s comes with rechargeable battery allowing you to place it where you want or take with you and not worry about having an electrical outlet to plug in. I have not tested the 18 hour battery life. Additional nice features are the 3.5 mm audio jack to plug something in to play, also the USB-A and SD Card slots you can plug in and play from in case you don’t want to connect your device (i.e. phone, iPad, tablet, other) to play music. It’s a solid speaker, and at a lower price point, would recommend.

  7. Kaz

    This speaker was hard to review as it’s different from most Bluetooth speakers I’ve used. The midrange is great, the highs aren’t piercingly annoying, and the bass is good for its size.Notes:-All testing using audio being sent via Bluetooth from a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra using Tidal on the highest settings for all tracks.-Best overall sound quality tests were performed at 2/3 volume level via Bluetooth.-This speaker’s “perceived” sound quality seems to be *very* dependent on the music being played back.Positives:-Loud. More than enough power to fill a large bedroom, living room, etc. You can feel it moving air.-The midrange and highs are really nice and clear, even at higher levels, without being obnoxious like on pretty much every other spearer of this size I’ve tried.-It handles classical music extremely well, as long as it doesn’t dip into the lows very far.-An absolutely fantastic solution for limited space when in need of better sound than what you TV can output.-Connecting via Bluetooth is super easy with everything from Windows, iOS, and Android, I had zero issues.-USB-A port for thumb drives-USB-C rechargeable-Micro SD card slot.-Line in.-Metal speaker mounts.-Single-piece metal front/top/back, good looking wood-grain effect plastic sides.-Simple top buttons are easy to use to control the speaker.-Supports dual-speaker playback, allowing 2 to be paired to the same audio source.Music Tests:-Whilst this speaker does have more bass than similar-sized speakers I have tried, it’s nowhere near “deep” per the listing.-It cannot, in any way, handle a track like Daft Punk’s “Musique”, the changing/sweeping bass/mid parts in the track, it just gets lost 100% and makes it sound like pure trash at anything but low volume.-Contrasting that, it handles Daft Punk’s “Around the World” acceptably at about 2/3 volume without running into distortion.-X Ambassador’s “Hold You Down” loses its very impactful bass, unfortunately, but otherwise still sounds good.-Whilst it doesn’t have the hard-hitting bass that’s possible, Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Let’s Grove” is reproduced respectfully.-It handles Lindsey Stirling’s “First Light” and “Eye of the Untold Her” extremely well, even cranked up, without distorting. Whilst the bass isn’t “there” as it would be if these tracks were being pumped through a stereo with large speakers, or even a high-end pair of headphones, the fact is can still sound good playing these tracks is impressive.-Claire de Lune sounds great cranked up about 2/3 of the way, handling the nuances of the piano fine. Anyone else think certain music in the Zelda series of video games reminds you of Claire de Lune, or is that just me??-Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love” sounds great, even able to make out the stereo separation of the track extremely well, which is surprising for something this small.Other Audio Tests:-Makes TV shows and YouTube audio sound fantastic as it handles voice extremely well.-As long as you’re not playing a game with massive explosions, video games are reproduced great.Considerations:-To get more bass out of the speaker and to project the sound more, place the back close to a solid object/wall or to make it even better, put it in a corner. Doing so can have drastic improvements on the sound.Negatives:-As mentioned above, this speaker can sound amazing, and then like trash, depending on the music it’s playing. The best example being the contrast between Daft Punk tracks. The sub just starts rumbling at higher volume, unfortunately.Overall:-I find listening to this speaker to be very pleasant over long periods of time, even at high volume.-This DOSS speaker handles the midrange up highs far, far better than every other Bluetooth speaker I’ve tested in the sub-$150 range.-Don’t get this if you’re looking for bass, you *will* be disappointed. At high volumes, the bass goes into muddiness zone or it kinda just stops putting anything out.In Closing:-For the normal ‘list price’ of $179.99, there are better options available. If you can pick this up for the current $129.99 with the $10 coupon, bringing it down to $119.99, I’d highly recommend it.This review is for “DOSS SoundBox Ultra Bluetooth Speaker with 2.1 Sound Channel Audio, 80W Superior Sound with Deep Bass, Two DSP Technologies, 18H Playtime, Bluetooth 5.3, Wireless Speaker for Home, Office, Livingroom”

  8. Angelo

    Soundbox XL ULTRA enttäuscht !!!Die Leistung des neuen Soundbox XL ist spürbar höher als die des Vorgängermodells, und sie bleibt auch bei hohen Lautstärken pegelfest. Allerdings fehlt es der Basswiedergabe an der Tiefe, die ich beim Vorgängermodell so geschätzt habe.Bei näherer Betrachtung fällt außerdem auf, dass die Box bei basslastiger Musik störende Luftgeräusche von sich gibt.Diese Geräusche entstehen hinter der Box, wo sich die Luft durch das Gitter (oder eine vermutete Schaumstoffmatte dahinter) drückt.Alles in allem bin ich sehr von der neuen Soundbox XL ULTRA enttäuscht, wenn man bedenkt, dass er nach mindestens fünf Jahren Entwicklungszeit als Nachfolger des Vorgängermodells auf den Markt kommt.

  9. TAKA

    パワフルなサウンドと豊富な機能を備えたBluetoothスピーカーこのスピーカーの音質は、一言で言えば「パワフル」です。80Wの大出力とDSP技術により、低音から高音までクリアな音が楽しめます。特に、低音は迫力満点で、映画鑑賞や音楽鑑賞に最適です。TWS機能や防水機能など豊富な機能を備えています。TWS機能: 2台のスピーカーをペアリングして、ステレオサウンドを楽しむことができます。防水機能: IPX5の防水性能を備えているので、屋外でも安心して使用できます。Bluetooth5.3: 最新のBluetooth規格であるBluetooth5.3に対応しているので、接続が安定しています。TFカード再生: TFカードに保存した音楽を再生することができます。AUX入力: AUXケーブルを使って、スマートフォンやパソコンなどの外部機器から音楽を再生することができます。USB充電: USBケーブルを使って、スマートフォンやタブレットなどのモバイル機器を充電することができます。デザイン:このスピーカーのデザインは、シンプルでスタイリッシュです。チタンのメタルメッシュがアクセントになっていて、インテリアとしてもおしゃれです。総評:DOSS SoundBox XL Ultra Bluetooth5.3スピーカーは、パワフルなサウンドと豊富な機能を備えたBluetoothスピーカーです。音質、機能、デザイン、いずれも満足できるレベルです。

  10. まこ


  11. sea-dweller

    家庭用途に最適な高性能モデル使用感としてDOSS SoundBox XL Ultra Bluetooth スピーカーを使用してみて、そのパワフルなサウンドには本当に驚かされました。特にこのスピーカーの低音の響きは、家の中で映画を見る際にも、まるで映画館にいるかのような迫力を感じさせてくれます。Bluetooth 5.3の安定した接続性により、映画や音楽をストレスなく楽しむことができました。デザインも非常に洗練されており、チタン合金と木目調の外観がリビングルームに上質な雰囲気をもたらしてくれます。充電持続時間も長く、一度の充電で最大18時間使用できるため、何度も充電する手間が省けて便利です。一方での気付きただし、スピーカー自体の重さ(2.5kg)と大きさは、移動する際には少し不便を感じることがあります。家の中での使用には問題ありませんが、外出先で使用するには少し考えものです。また、スピーカーが物理的に近いため、広がりを感じるサウンドには少し欠けることがあります。特に低域の深みについては、もう少し改善を望む声もあります。総合評価全体的に見て、DOSS SoundBox XL Ultraは多くの場面でその価値を発揮してくれるスピーカーです。家でのリラックスタイムや、家族や友人が集まるパーティーでの使用に最適です。デザインが美しいため、インテリアとしても部屋の雰囲気を損なうことはありません。ただし、持ち運びには不向きな点を考慮する必要があります。音質のバランスが取れており、日常生活における音響を格段に向上させてくれます。

  12. レオ


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