Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen, 2023 release) | Smart display with 2x the bass and clearer sound | Charcoal

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ALEXA CAN SHOW YOU MORE – Set alarms and timers, sleep soundly with a relaxing playlist, start your morning with a smart home routine, see your calendar or weather clearly – all with your voice. SMALL SIZE, BIGGER SOUND – Stream your favorite music, shows, podcasts, and more from providers like Amazon Music, Spotify, and…



Technical Details

Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen)

Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen)


5.8”W x 3.6”D x 3.2”H (147mm x 91mm x 82mm)


16.1 oz (456 grams) Actual size and weight may vary by manufacturing process


5.5” touch screen


2 MP camera with built-in shutter (Photo quality/size may vary)

WiFi connectivity

Dual-band wifi supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wifi networks. Does not support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) wifi networks.

Amazon Sidewalk

A shared network that helps compatible devices work better at home and beyond the front door. If wifi is lost, Sidewalk enables certain devices to stay connected. Also, Sidewalk helps devices like water sprinklers and pet locators work over longer distances. Sidewalk uses a small portion of your internet bandwidth to provide these benefits to you and your neighbors via Sidewalk Bridges (participating Echo and Ring devices), and is turned on for your device unless you have previously turned off the setting. You can turn off Sidewalk at any time. Learn more about Sidewalk.

Bluetooth connectivity

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) support for audio streaming from your mobile device to Echo Show 5 or from Echo Show 5 to your Bluetooth speaker. Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) for voice control of connected mobile devices. Hands-free voice control is not supported for Mac OS X devices. Bluetooth speakers requiring PIN codes are not supported.


Full range 1.75” built-in speaker.

System requirements

Echo Show 5 comes ready to connect to your WiFi. The Alexa app is compatible with Fire OS, Android, and iOS devices and also accessible via your web browser. Supported operating systems. Certain skills and services may require subscription or other fees.

Setup technology

Amazon wifii simple setup enables customers to connect smart devices to their wifi network in a few easy steps. WiFi simple setup is another way Alexa is always getting smarter. Learn more about frustration-free setup.


MediaTek MT 8169 B

Accessibility features

To enable features that personalize Alexa to your abilities, go to Settings → Accessibility.
Tap to Alexa enables access to Alexa via touch, instead of speech, through on-screen tiles or a keyboard, including the ability to save your favorite actions.
Adaptive Listening provides customers more time to finish speaking before Alexa responds.
Preferred Speaking Rate enables customers to control how fast or slow Alexa speaks.
Alexa Captioning, Call Captioning, and Closed Captioning provide text captions in any mode for supported content.
Show and Tell helps customers who are blind or visually impaired identify products when you say “Alexa, what am I holding.”
VoiceView screen reader enables access for customers who are blind or visually impaired.
Screen Magnifier enables customers to zoom in/out, and pan around the screen.
Notify When Nearby will play notification sounds when you’re detected near your Echo device.
Kindle Read Aloud will have Alexa read your Kindle books aloud.
Real Time Text enables customers to type live text in a video call.
Alexa Accessibility features also include settings for Color Inversion, Color Correction, Request Sound and more.

Warranty and Service

1-year limited warranty and service included. Optional 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year extended warranty available for U.S. customers sold separately. Use of Echo Show 5 is subject to these terms.

Included in the Box

Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen), Glacier White power adapter (22W)/cable (4.9ft) and Quick Start Guide.


Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen) – 2023 release

Privacy Features

Wake word technology, streaming indicators, microphone/camera off button, built-in camera shutter, the ability to view and delete your voice recordings, and more. Visit the Alexa Privacy Hub to explore how Alexa and Echo devices are designed to protect your privacy.


Alexa speaks English and Spanish

Software Security Updates

This device receives guaranteed software security updates until at least four years after the device is last available for purchase as a new unit on our websites. Learn more about these software security updates. If you already own an Amazon Echo, visit Manage Your Content and Devices for information specific to your device.

Smart Home Device Compatibility

WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh, and Matter

Additional information




Device only


Charcoal, Cloud Blue, Glacier White

7 reviews for Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen, 2023 release) | Smart display with 2x the bass and clearer sound | Charcoal

  1. Alex

    I’m not the most tech savvy, so haven’t set up a ton of the features an Echo could have and don’t use it for much, but it’s still becoming a very helpful assistant around the house. It understands voice very well, and has a clear shut off for both the camera and microphone separately, so you know when those are shut off for privacy concerns. When you ask, it will tell you what Amazon products are being delivered today, which is very helpful if you buy a lot online. You can thank your driver with it, check your order status, and ask many different questions. Vs the google hub, I get more useful answers out of the Echo when asking specific questions, like asking when 10 days later will be, etc. Whether you have an Amazon music account or not, you can get it to play stations you like, which I’ve ended up using a lot as it’s more convenient than turning on the Bluetooth speakers, and sound quality is good. For listening to music, the Echo is more than good enough in both volume and quality. You can also do video calls, which is a very helpful feature, both if you have multiple Echos around the house, or if you have someone on a phone with the Alexa app. And of course you can set little reminders or timers, which have become a habit very quickly due to the convenience. I have mine set up between the living room and kitchen, where we can use it in both rooms, and it’s a great time and hand saver. It was extremely easy to set up, and just works, without fuss or manual updates. Great home assistant, and I know it has a lot more features to explore if I can find the time to.

  2. francis a benning jr

    In a world where convenience and connectivity are king, the Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen, 2023 release) stands out as a true game-changer. As someone who values both functionality and sustainability, I was excited to discover the myriad features packed into this compact smart display.Seamless Integration with Alexa:From setting alarms to controlling compatible smart devices, the Echo Show 5 puts the power of Alexa at your fingertips. Whether you’re starting your day with a personalized routine or checking the weather before heading out, you can accomplish it all with simple voice commands.Enhanced Audio Experience:The improved speaker quality of the Echo Show 5 delivers clearer vocals and deeper bass, elevating your music, podcasts, and shows to new heights. With support for popular streaming services like Amazon Music and Spotify, you can enjoy a dynamic audio experience tailored to your preferences.Peace of Mind with Built-in Camera:The built-in camera adds an extra layer of security and connectivity to your home. Whether you’re checking in on loved ones or monitoring your front door with compatible video doorbells, you can rest easy knowing that you have eyes on what matters most.Designed for Privacy and Sustainability:Amazon’s commitment to privacy and sustainability is evident in every aspect of the Echo Show 5. With features like a mic/camera off button and built-in camera shutter, you have complete control over your privacy. Plus, the device’s fabric and aluminum components are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials, making it an eco-conscious choice.Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere:With hands-free video calling, you can stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues, whether they have an Echo Show or the Alexa app. Use Drop In as an intercom between rooms or with favorite contacts, ensuring that communication is always just a voice command away.In conclusion, the Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen) is more than just a smart display – it’s your personal command center for connectivity and comfort. With its seamless integration with Alexa, enhanced audio experience, built-in camera for added security, and commitment to privacy and sustainability, it’s a must-have addition to any modern home.

  3. Tom

    Alright, folks, gather around because I’ve got something exciting to share – the all-new Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen)! Let me tell you, this little device packs a punch and then some.First off, let’s talk about the design. It’s sleek, it’s modern, and it’s got that futuristic vibe that’ll make you feel like you’re living in the Jetsons’ world. The 5.5-inch display is just the right size – not too big, not too small – perfect for fitting into any space without overwhelming it.But what really sets this Echo Show apart is its brains. This thing is like your own personal assistant, ready to help you with anything and everything. From checking the weather to setting reminders to streaming your favorite music or shows, it does it all – and with style, might I add.And let’s not forget about the sound quality. Despite its compact size, the Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen) delivers crystal-clear audio that’ll fill the room and then some. Whether you’re listening to your favorite tunes or catching up on the latest news, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.But wait, there’s more! With built-in Alexa, you can control your smart home devices, make video calls, and even set up routines to automate your life – all with just your voice. It’s like having your own personal genie, minus the whole “three wishes” thing.So, whether you’re a tech enthusiast looking to add a little flair to your home or just someone who appreciates the finer things in life, do yourself a favor and check out the all-new Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen). Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for kitchenUpgraded from a regular echo to this in kitchen. Love it, especially having visual reminders of any timers set, being able to watch movies etc. only downside is no Netflix.

  5. Emma

    practico de buen tamañofacil de usar, buen tamaño, llego perfecto

  6. Pillsbury Dough Boy

    A must!The stand is a no brainer as it allows the screen to be easily seen especially in the dark.

  7. Rick

    Very GoodVery Happy with this product. Will recommend. Thank You

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