Gemini Sound AS-2115BT Active 15 Inch Woofer 2000 Watt DJ Monitor Powered Amplified PA Speakers System with Bluetooth, Wireless

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Brand Gemini Sound Model Name AS-2115BT Speaker Type Woofer Connectivity Technology RCA, Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB, NFC Special Feature On-board master equalizer for complete sound control, 2 microphone inputs: XLR or 1, 4 in., RCA, 2 guitar inputs: 1, On-board 2 channel mixer with individual gains, Stereo pairing, 3 line inputs: XLR, and 3.5 mmOn-board master…


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Product Description

15″ Powered Loudspeaker with Bluetooth

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The power of Gemini.

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2000-watts Peak Power

Class-AB amplifier offers 2000W of power, a linear 40Hz-20kHz frequency response, and a 15″ woofer for clear, room-filling sound.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

Stream audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth device, enjoy a 30+ ft range, and link for stereo pairing with another AS series speaker.

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3-Channel Mixer

Dual analog channels, various input options (XLR, ¼”, RCA, 1/8″), master equalization, and XLR mix output for versatile sound control and expansion.

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Rugged Build

Rugged to withstand the harshest of show environments with the unit being housed in a super rugged ABS impact resistant nylon fiber cabinet.

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Total Power

500 Watts Peak

Total Power

1000 Watts Peak

Total Power

1500 Watts Peak

Woofer Size

8″ woofer

Woofer Size

10″ woofer

Woofer Size

12″ woofer

Max SPL @ 1 M

98 dB

Max SPL @ 1 M

100 dB

Max SPL @ 1 M

108 dB

Frequency Response

60 Hz – 20 kHz

Frequency Response

55 Hz – 20 kHz

Frequency Response

45 Hz – 20 kHz


11 lbs (5.2 kg)


14 lbs (6.4 kg)


25.24 lbs (11.45 kg)


Active/Passive Active: Active speakers, like the Gemini AS-2115BT, are all-in-one systems containing the speaker and the amplifier. This design ensures optimal performance and simplifies setup, eliminating the need for separate amplifiers. The active nature means it’s a plug-and-play solution, particularly suited for DJ setups and portable PA systems, ensuring powerful and clear sound output every time.
Amplifier Type Class AB: The Class AB amplifier in this speaker strikes a balance between pure efficiency and audio quality. It blends the clarity of Class A designs with the efficiency of Class B, delivering a sound that’s detailed and powerful. For a DJ or sound enthusiast, this means the speaker provides consistently high-quality sound without wasting energy.
LF Driver Size 15” Woofer with 2” Voice coil: With a 15-inch woofer complemented by a 2-inch voice coil, this speaker promises deep bass and robust sound. The larger size ensures that the speaker can handle lower frequencies with ease, making it ideal for DJs and live performances. The sound will remain clear and undistorted, even at higher volumes.
HF Driver Size Pure titanium 1” high-frequency compression driver: The 1-inch high-frequency driver made of pure titanium ensures crisp and clear treble sounds. Titanium is a premium material known for its strength and lightweight properties, which results in accurate sound reproduction. Whether you’re playing music or delivering a speech, every high note will be sharp and distinct.
Total Power 2000 Watts Peak: Boasting a peak power of 2000 Watts, this speaker ensure a sound that’s both loud and clear. It’s ideal for larger venues or open spaces where powerful sound projection is essential. DJs, event organizers, and sound engineers will appreciate the speaker’s capability to fill a room with rich, undistorted sound.
Inputs 2 x ¼” and XLR Switchable Line/MIC Inputs 1/8” & RCA Aux Inputs: The varied input options, including dual ¼-inch and XLR inputs, offer flexibility in connecting microphones, mixers, or instruments. The additional 1/8-inch and RCA Aux inputs allow for easy connection of portable devices. This versatility ensures that whether you’re a DJ mixing tracks or delivering a presentation, setup is seamless.
Outputs XLR Mix Output: The XLR Mix Output allows you to connect the speaker to additional speakers or a subwoofer, creating a more expansive sound system. It’s essential for events or venues that require a larger sound setup, ensuring that the audio reaches every corner with clarity.
Media Player USB and SD Card playback (MP3, WAV) FM Radio: The built-in media player supports USB and SD card playback, accommodating various audio formats like MP3 and WAV. The inclusion of FM Radio adds another layer of versatility. Whether you’re a DJ with a curated playlist or just want background music, this feature ensures you’re always ready.
Bluetooth Bluetooth Streaming with TWS Link: Bluetooth capability means wireless streaming is a breeze. Pair your device effortlessly and enjoy a stable connection. With the TWS Link, you can even connect two speakers for a more immersive audio experience. It’s perfect for DJs and events where cable-free setup is preferred.
Frequency Response 40HZ-20KHZ: With a frequency response ranging from 40HZ to 20KHZ, this speaker ensures a full spectrum of sound, from deep basses to soaring highs. It’s designed to reproduce every nuance in your music or voice, guaranteeing an audio experience that’s rich and lifelike.
Max Peak SPL @ 1 Meter 110dB: A peak SPL of 110dB at 1 meter ensures that the speaker can produce loud and clear sound without distortion. This means your audience, whether in a crowded event or an open venue, will hear every note and word with clarity.
Signal Processing Bass and Treble Controls: Customize your audio with the bass and treble controls. Whether you want a deeper bass for your DJ set or clearer vocals for a presentation, these controls allow you to tweak the sound to perfection, ensuring the best audio experience for your audience.
Enclosure Material ABS Plastic: The durable ABS plastic enclosure not only offers protection but also ensures optimal sound quality. Lightweight yet sturdy, it’s perfect for portable setups, making it a favorite choice for on-the-go DJs and event organizers.
Mounting Options Pole Mount with 35mm socket, 2 x M8 Fly Points: The speaker’s versatile mounting options, including a pole mount and fly points, ensure that setting up for any event is hassle-free. Whether you’re mounting it on a stand or suspending it, the speaker is designed to fit seamlessly into any venue.

Additional information

Weight 30.1 kg

10 in, 12 in, 15 in, 15 in LED, 8 in

Compatible Devices

Any Bluetooth Compatible Device: Examples: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptop Computers, Smart TV's OR Any Pro / Consumer Media / Music Source With XLR Out, RCX, Aux Or 1/4 Inch Out

Subwoofer Diameter

35.56 Centimeters

Mounting Type


Unit Count

1.0 Count

Controller Type

Remote Control



Included Components

Speaker, Power Cable, Remote Control, User Manual

Product Dimensions

1"D x 1"W x 1"H

Audio Output Mode


Is Waterproof


Charging Time

24 Hours

Number of Items


Control Method


Speaker Size

27.02 Inches

Power Source

Corded Electric

Woofer Diameter

15 Inches

Vehicle Service Type


Audio Driver Size

15 Inches

Connectivity Protocol


Specific Uses For Product

DJ performances, public speaking events, parties

Item Weight

30.1 Pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

February 8, 2021

Country of Origin



Innovative Conepts and Designs

13 reviews for Gemini Sound AS-2115BT Active 15 Inch Woofer 2000 Watt DJ Monitor Powered Amplified PA Speakers System with Bluetooth, Wireless

  1. C. Berardicurti

    I don’t do very many reviews. However, when I find a gem I know that I have to share my experience. This Gemini Sound AS-2108BT speaker is very clear, bright, and very loud. I use it for Karaoke in my garage; hooked up to an Aveek Professional Audio Mixer and my PC. It sounds amazing! I will buy another just to make a set, even though I don’t need a second speaker. In addition, when listening to Andrea Bocelli it sounds as if he is standing right next to me and my wife loves it.

  2. Amazon Customer

    This speaker is totally fantastic sounds great and the price was so reasonable we’ll be buying another one…

  3. Amazon Customer

    This is aimed more towards the people complaining about the sound quality. When first turned on I agree the quality will not sound good, the rear of the speaker only lets you adjust bass and treble but it still doesn’t sound all that great. The magic happens on the small remote the speaker comes with, it lets you select about 5 different eq presets. Hope this helps

  4. Vanessa Vancol-Foster

    This Speaker is absolutely amazing my husband just bought 1 and he loves it. When it came he played it for almost 3 hrs straight and then took it outside in the garage to listen to it while washing the car and pressure washing the driveway. The bass and power blew my mind on how loud and quality this thing is. I definitely recommend it and we will be purchasing another 1 to link them together for the ultimate surround sound 🎶🔊🎵. If you have neighbors they will definitely hear it. The volume wasn’t even up all the way and I could hear it from down the street about 6 to 7 houses away. Hands down look no further if you like loud quality speakers. 👌💯💪🏾Don’t sleep on Gemini!!!! This is now my go to Speaker.

  5. Brad

    I wanted a home karaoke setup, and others have said it’s best to not use your home theater for the vocals since it can damage the speakers.So I bought two wireless microphones and hooked them up to this (I bought the 8″ speaker), and played the music through my home theater system. It sounded great at a low volume, but who wants to sing karaoke at a low volume? At a high volume (45 dB setting on my Denon for the music, 80-90% max volume for this speaker), the sound quality was really bad. At 100% max volume for this speaker, the quality was even worse, and there was a ton of feedback.I plugged the microphones into the “INSERT” slot on my 20 year-old guitar amp (I have a CRATE – GFX65T, which has a 12″ speaker. It is absolutely nothing special, I think I paid $150 for it 20 years ago) using the CLEAN setting and the max volume was about the same as this speaker. But the sound quality was so much better!If you are using this for vocals only, then I highly recommend finding a new/used guitar amp online with a “clean” setting instead of this speaker. You can get used guitar amps for the same price as this and I think you’ll be happier. Plus, you might be able to go into a guitar store, bring your microphones, and just try out some of the amps there before committing to buying anything. I think the amp I bought now retails for $325 which is crazy to me so maybe you’ll need to spend that much money to get a good speaker, I don’t know. Good luck!

  6. Jay Delap

    This is my third 8″ bluetooth unit , the other 2 , both of which were different series or versions of the same speaker both had power supply failures , first one in 10months and this last one was 3.5 yrs with very MILD usage in a factory setting , other than the power supply issues I do really like this item , features are great , solid sounding sound , size is perfect for me , ustomer service was decent in getting a replacement first time around , this 2nd one is out of warranty so I’m crossing my fingers for the longevity of this one

  7. Luthierman

    Bought 2 units to use for Outdoor Movie Nights at my home. Looked forward to using Bluetooth pairing for Stereo sound. Would be great for a movie. Hooked up first speaker via bluetooth to my Mac Laptop and put on a Netflix Movie and it worked great. Then read extremely tiny set of directions to pair the other speaker.The “TYPE” is probably 1/32nd” tall letters. That pissed me off! So dumb..Anyways, Tried to pair the second speaker and could not get it to pair. I spent a bad 2 hours or so trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Next day called Gemini and talked to a tech person and she said I was doing everything correctly. Found out the second speaker had a defective Bluetooth controller.Returned BOTH for a full credit. Very disappointed! One sounded great. Going to buy a different manufacturer. If I buy 2 and one is bad at the get go then I don’t want them at all.Like buying a brand new car and the engine blows on day one.. You don’t get it fixed, you return it!

  8. Sean

    It’s a one piece PA system. So, if you want to run guitars through it, you’ll need a cab simulator if you want anything close to an amplifier, which it can come very close if not—dare i say— a little better. Just gotta mix it in right. I run my Bias FX 2 mobile out of this thing, and i have another 115 powered speaker as well that i pair together with an xlr. My sound is soooo great now! Lol i love it. Also its been tested with a full band in studio practices. And it holds its own against an Orange and my PeavyYou can also use an interface to run guitar simulators, which already come with cab, power amp, and pre amp simulators, and BiasFX adds one more simulator called a Tone Stack. I’m sure Nural DSP is just as similar. It’s a new age, and you don’t need a boutique or decent amp anymore, though they are very nice to play out of, and still totally relevant.

  9. Jose Ortiz

    Suena mejor la bocina del celularNo trae nada de bajos, es solo para voces, la calidad de los botones es muy pobre

  10. The reviewer

    Extremely goodAlways wanted to try Gemini audio, heard alot of good stuff about them and i’m happy to confirm thats its really really good, High quality stuff!

  11. D. Gallimore

    Speaker works well!!!!!This BT speaker is awesome! It works well on BT and other input channels. My only complaint is that for a 15 inch woofer I had expected better bass from the unit. It is loud as ever, but no real depth to the bass. Couple it with a subwoofer and I guess you will be perfect.

  12. Francisco,muy buen producto.

    Pues aún no me ha llegado .Aún no me ha llegado pero tiene pinta muy buena .

  13. Viola C.

    Rapporto qualità/prezzo imbattibilePer questa fascia di prezzo sono davvero sorprendenti:- La qualità costruttiva è molto buona (design piacevole, molto comode le maniglie da entrambi i lati della cassa) pur risultando abbastanza leggere.- Ingressi ben fatti e versatili (i due canali in ingresso possono essere usati entrambi come mic o line).- Canale bluetooth/media player comodo ed intuitivo.- La resa sonora, sia in termini di potenza che di qualità, è perfetta per la maggior parte dei contesti di utilizzo amatoriale/semi pro. Il woofer da 15 svolge egregiamente il suo lavoro e “spinge” parecchio (ovvio non è paragonabile ad un sub separato).- Comodissima la funzione TWS per collegare in bluetooth la coppia di casse.

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