Gemini Sound GGO-230L 50W Bluetooth Speaker Boombox: Portable Wireless IPX5 Waterproof Speaker with FM Radio, LED Party

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Brand Gemini Sound Model Name GGO-230L Speaker Type Outdoor Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB Special Feature Bass Boost, Portable, Waterproof, LED Light, Built-In Powerbank DYNAMIC AUDIO LANDSCAPE: Unleash the power of 50 Watts Peak in a sleek, portable frame. Equipped with dual high-efficiency 3” drivers and passive radiators, our Bluetooth boombox delivers deep bass and vibrant…


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Product Description

Portable Bluetooth Boombox with LED Party Lighting



Big sound all day wherever, whenever.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

Wireless streaming and control playback from up to 30 feet away, providing convenient and versatile use for any Bluetooth-enabled device.

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Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Lithium Battery with 3.7V and 4.5A capacity, providing long-lasting power up to 7 hours of uninterrupted music playback.

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LED Party Lighting

Bring your party to life with its impressive Multi-Color LED Party Lighting. Choose up to 10 lighting modes.

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50-Watts Peak Power

With dual 3″ full-range drivers and passive radiators, provide huge sound from a compact unit.

What’s in the box?

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GGO-230L Speaker

50W Dual 3″ Portable Bluetooth Boombox. LED party lighting, modern design, and great sound quality. Rechargeable battery for hours of non-stop fun.

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Wired Microphone

Versatile wired microphone with on/off switch and 1/4″ connector for clear audio capture in various applications.

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USB Charging Cable

Experience fast and efficient charging for your speakers with this high-speed USB charging cable. Keep the music flowing without delay.

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1/8″ Auxiliary Cable

Enhance your speaker experience with this long and durable auxiliary cable. With a 3.5mm jack, it ensures seamless connectivity and superb sound.


Active/Passive Active – The Gemini Sound GGO-230L is a party-starting ‘Active’ speaker, with a built-in amplifier. No extra equipment necessary, just a fun-loving attitude and your favorite tunes. Perfect for a spontaneous backyard jam or a beach bonfire!
Amplifier Type Class D Amplifier – This is the little genius inside your speaker making everything run efficiently. It keeps things cool even when the party’s heating up, so your speaker can perform longer, louder, and produce those thumping beats!
Driver Size 2 x 3″ Woofers + Passive Bass Ports – With this, your music will be making waves! Larger drivers and bass ports mean more sound and deeper bass. You’re not just listening to your music; you’re feeling it all around you!
Total Power 50 Watts Peak Power – This power-packed feature means your speaker will be the life of the party, playing your music loud and clear. No need to huddle around the speaker, your booming tunes will fill the air!
Inputs 1/4″ Mic input, 1/8″ Aux input – The party continues even when your playlist ends. These inputs let you perform live or play from another device. Your speaker, your stage! Media Player: USB, microSD & Bluetooth – No wires? No worries! You can play your music from virtually anywhere, thanks to these versatile options. Freedom of choice is always in style!
Media Player USB, microSD & Bluetooth – No wires? No worries! You can play your music from virtually anywhere, thanks to these versatile options. Freedom of choice is always in style!
Bluetooth Bluetooth Version 5.3 – With this latest version, your speaker will have a wider range and more stable connection. No more ‘cut-off’ music or ‘out of range’ issues. It’s all about seamless music, all the time!
Lighting LED Speaker Lighting – This speaker doesn’t just sound good; it looks good too! LED lights pulse along with your music, turning every tune into a dazzling light show.
Frequency Response 60Hz – 12kHz – From the deepest bass to the highest treble, your music will sound just as the artist intended. No more missed notes or distorted sounds, just pure musical bliss!
Max Peak SPL @ 1M 100dB – This measure of sound intensity means that even at a distance, your music will be loud and clear. Now everyone can enjoy your great music taste, near or far!
Signal Processing Mic Equalization and Echo Effect – This feature adjusts and enhances your voice when you’re using the mic. So whether you’re making a speech or singing a song, you’ll always sound your best!
Enclosure Material ABS + PP – This tough-as-nails material makes your speaker durable and resilient. Go ahead and live life on the edge; your speaker can take it!
Battery 3.7V 4.5A Lithium Battery – This is the energy source that powers up your music marathon. With 7 hours of playtime, your speaker won’t call it a night before you do!
Charge Time 5 hours – This is all the time it takes to fully recharge your speaker. Less time charging means more time dancing!
Play Time 7 hours – With this playtime duration, your speaker will be the last one standing at any party. So, let the good times roll, your speaker has got your back!

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Compatible Devices


Subwoofer Diameter

3 Inches

Mounting Type

Plug Mount

Controller Type




Battery Life

7 Hours

Included Components

User Manual, Wired Microphone, 1/8" Aux Cable, USB Charging Cable

Product Dimensions

5.5"D x 14.5"W x 7.2"H

Audio Output Mode


Age Range (Description)


Is Waterproof


Charging Time

3 Hours

Warranty Type


Number of Items


Speaker Size

3 Inches

Power Source

Battery Powered

Woofer Diameter

3 Inches

Water Resistance Level

Water Resistant

Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Connectivity Protocol


Includes MP3 player?


Is Electric


Item Weight

5.5 pounds, 5.55 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

June 19, 2023


Innovative Concepts and Designs

6 reviews for Gemini Sound GGO-230L 50W Bluetooth Speaker Boombox: Portable Wireless IPX5 Waterproof Speaker with FM Radio, LED Party

  1. Fagie Weiss

    I tried few speakers before this one. Boy, THIS IS GREAT!

  2. nikoncamera1

    Hello to all, I am very satisfied that i wanted to write a review to say thanks. The unit has great looking and design with many features ,with lots of bass and volume that is good enough for meeting or wedding ceremony etc. Very easy to use and hook up in couple mins with Bluetooth as well as wired in. Can do multi angle that you can put it on the floor and angle up to you. Long lasting battery to last enough your outside activities. It is in good size and weight.(about 4 lbs) to carry around with comfortable handle Very cool looking with light show that you can choose or turn off as you wish I have used and compared with this Gemini speaker with other more popular brand name like JBL. This outperforms with great value. The package came with all wires and microphone which is great for PA . Surprisingly , it can hook up with addition same speaker as a pair for better volume and sound. Nothing can ask for more. Give it a try that may surprise you.

  3. Igor

    I purchased one speaker before by this brand, that one is a large speaker with build in dj controller, like it as the battery is good and sound is nice, came across this one : same brand but smaller one. So far didn’t find any bad things to say about this speaker. this one has great sound, loud, the 50 watt is pretty powerful enough, the cool thing that it is pretty much look exactly like my large JBL party box even with the features, makes a cool set. the brand did not fail the quality, like the speaker a lot, it comes with the mic which is a huge plus even has a build in echo. very satisfied with the purchase.

  4. Elena

    With the GGO-230L 50W Bluetooth Speaker Boombox, you’ll have everything you need for unforgettable parties and moments of relaxation! This portable speaker impresses with its power – 50 watts provide crystal-clear sound with deep bass that sounds amazing both indoors and outdoors.Its IPX5 waterproof rating makes it perfect for use at the beach, by the pool, or in rainy weather. And the built-in FM radio allows you to tune in to your favorite stations anytime. But most importantly, it’s its Bluetooth functionality, which makes it easy to connect to your smartphone and stream music.The integrated LED light effect adds a party atmosphere, creating a unique ambiance. What’s more, this speaker has a Power Bank function that can charge your devices, making it an indispensable companion on the go.And finally, the long-lasting rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous playback, so you can enjoy music all day without interruption. In summary, the GGO-230L 50W Bluetooth Speaker Boombox is a wonderful choice for anyone who values sound quality, portability, and versatility all in one device!

  5. Austin reader

    First off, none of the reviews, here, mention anything about FM reception or the user manual. Those reviews seem to be for a unit that’s just a Bluetooth speaker.Moving on: The manual that comes with this unit is a joke. Even under 2X magnification, it is impossible to read. If you don’t have a copy machine on your printer that can enlarge, you will not be able to make out what’s written. I had to enlarge 200%, and then another 141% to read what is written.What is written tells you that you may have made a mistake to order this unit. There are lots of “long press/short press” directives for the different buttons, along with “press and hold for 10 seconds” instructions. That usually means trouble, as I have found with other units.Next, get ready……. there is no charger included! You read that right. I can’t include, today, anything about how this unit sounds or how the different functions work, because I can’t charge it! Also, once it’s charged, I can’t run anything off its power bank. That’s in the instructions. So, if you’re buying this to play your Bluetooth phone’s music bank through, sorry, you can’t be charging your phone, off of it, while doing so.I will hopefully have a 5V2A charger by tomorrow night. I’ll faithfully update, here, once I’ve charged the unit and run it through its paces. I’m not feeling good, at all, about this unit. You might want to wait until you read my update before you order it.Stay tuned (pun intended)…………..UPDATE: Yeah, you can charge this unit, slowly, off your computer. The 5V2A charger is faster. The sound quality is impressive. The buttons are horrible, and you better enlarge the user manual so you can read it and not have to memorize around ten functions for the many buttons. The radio is a joke because you do not have a readout, anywhere, to tell you what channel you’re on. This is definitely a matter of finding your favorite channel, and never hitting the scan button, ever again, when in FM Mode.If I have more feedback to give you, in the near future, I’ll do another update.UPDATE #2: I now have everything set up in my garage so that I can listen to Sirius XM being played on my phone, through this unit. The sound quality is very good. I made my living playing in bands for thirty years, so there’s that. The Bad: Phone calls do not come out of the speakers. When you get a call, the speakers cut out, and you handle your call using the phone. For a Bluetooth unit, that seems weird to me, but I’m used to how things go when I’m in my truck.All in all, a very good unit, at a very good price!The one star deduction is for the tiny manual, the multi-push for multi- function buttons, and the no display radioRECOMMENDED!

  6. Natalia Rivera

    It is a sleek compact pill-like design that is not heavy and can fit in any small space. Even though it is not a large speaker, the sound is impressive (clear and crisp), especially when you click the extra bass function. It also has those fun changing party lights in the front and side giving disco lights feel. The battery lasted me with continuous play for about 5 hrs., but it also plays when it is plugged in. I have not used the microphone feature yet, but if I do, I will provide an update on the quality of the sound. I am enjoying my purchase.

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