GNMN Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Earbuds Deep Bass Stereo Sound Ear Buds Waterproof Earphones 68Hrs Playback with Wireless

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Brand GNMN Model Name M7-Black Color Black Form Factor On Ear Connectivity Technology Wireless Hi-Fi Sound Quality & Clear Call Performance: Adopting 13mm double-layer diaphragm driver unit, Bluetooth earbuds delivery sound with heavy bass, clear voice and bright treble, reproduce the on-site shock of the concert that brings every note and detail to life. Built-in…


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Product Description

mothers day gifts gifts for mom bluetooth earbuds wireless headphones audifonos studio auriculares

mothers day gifts gifts for mom bluetooth earbuds wireless headphones audifonos studio auriculares

Bluetooth headphones with mic and large sperker, designed for business/commute.

Engineered with newly upgraded 13mm speakers, wireless earbuds accentuate bass fullness while ensuring that the vocals and high notes are natural and detailed, like audio is directly in front of you and makes your music feel more real than ever before.

GNMN wireless earbuds with microphone that picks-up your voice loud and clear, you can make calls anywhere, ideal for calls, video chats, online meetings, and more.

Note: If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canal or the headset is not worn properly in your ears, you may not obtain the correct sound qualities or call performance. Change the earbud tips to ones that fit more snugly in your ears.

mothers day gifts gifts for mom bluetooth earbuds wireless headphones audifonos studio auriculares

Touch, Play, Enjoy GNMN Wireless Earbuds!

Use the simple touch control on the wireless earbuds to manage everything. This convenient control frees your hands so you can stay focused on whatever you’re doing. With simple touch, you can easily play or pause music, change songs, manage phone calls, all without ever touching your phone.

>>>>>Friendly Reminder<<<<<

1.Prior to first use, please remove the insulation sticker wrapped around the earbuds.

2.Please charge the charging case at least one time every week.

[Note: If the charging case is excessive discharged, when we plug the charging cable, the percentage display will still show “0”. Please wait for 15~30 minutes, the LED display will change later.]

3.If the earbuds cannot be charged properly, please try to wipe the pins and points with alcohol cloth.

mothers day gifts gifts for mom bluetooth earbuds wireless headphones audifonos studio auriculares

68 Hours Long Battery Life Bluetooth Headphones with Hassle-free One-Key Reset Convenience

Say goodbye to battery anxiety: When you see the LED shows 00, you know it’s time to charge your earbuds. Simply place the charging case on a wireless charging pad(not included) or just plug the USB-C charging cable with power supply to start charging. Now you get your powerful wireless earbuds with up to 68 hours lasting until the screen showing 100.

How does the Reset Button work?

1.Check the battery level: Press the button without open the case, you will see how much battery is the case left.

2.Restore factory setting: Put the earbuds into the case and close the case, press and hold the button for 5s, then all pairing records will be cleaned, no need to “forget” it with last paired device manually when you want to connect another device.

mothers day gifts gifts for mom bluetooth earbuds wireless headphones audifonos studio auriculares

Updated Bluetooth 5.3 technology & Compatible with Many devices

No matter you are using android smartphones or an iPhone, our GNMN M7 wireless earbuds are always with you. No worry about the compatibility, as long as the device are bluetooth-enbled, rest assured to choose these M7 earphones to work for your phone, TV, computer, laptop and so on.

mothers day gifts gifts for mom bluetooth earbuds wireless headphones audifonos studio auriculares

Compact Sleek Charging Case, Born for Business!

The charging case dimensions is 2.3*1.9*1in and it weighs only 0.13lb, it’s really lightweight and small. Thus, please remember to bring it with you when you go out for business or trip, relax yourself on busy days.

mothers day gifts gifts for mom bluetooth earbuds wireless headphones audifonos studio auriculares

Stereo Earbuds Also Can be Used Alone

No master-slave restrictions, either earbud is the main sound channel.

Put on the 2 earphones together to enjoy stereo private concert music, or share the relaxing time with her by putting one earbud on her ear.

Be aware of surroundings and keep safe when driving, just wear one bud and keep the other one charged in the case.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


Special Feature
Included Components

User Manual, USB-C Cable, S/M/L Eartips, Wireless Earbuds, Wireless Charging Case

Age Range (Description)




Specific Uses For Product

Travel, Gaming, Fitness

Noise Control


Ear Placement

In Ear

Compatible Devices

Music, Movie, Business, Sports

Control Type

Touch Control

Cable Feature

Without Cable

Water Resistance Level

Water Resistant

Unit Count

1.0 Count



Control Method


Number of Items


Controller Type


Battery Life

68 Hours

Audio Driver Type

Dynamic Driver

Bluetooth Range

33 Feet

Bluetooth Version


Carrying Case Color


Audio Driver Size

13 Millimeters

Earpiece Shape


Is Electric


Product Dimensions

2.05 x 1.38 x 2.52 inches

Item Weight

0.176 ounces, 5 Grams



Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

March 20, 2024

Department ‏

‎ unisex-adult



2 reviews for GNMN Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Earbuds Deep Bass Stereo Sound Ear Buds Waterproof Earphones 68Hrs Playback with Wireless

  1. Briansangel

    These are so easy to use! I have tried several pair of wireless earbuds. I have often found them to be confusing! I appreciate the clearly worded User Manual that comes with these earbuds. I love that the earbuds speak “Connected” when the earbuds are connected to my phone—and “Disconnected” and “Pairing” at the appropriated times. I love that I can control the volume with the earbuds. (Some other earbuds that I have tried have not had that capability—You would have to use the volume on your device.) You can also Play or Pause music or skip to the next or previous track using taps on these earbuds. I love that is has the prompt sound (musical note) “Du” when the volume reaches minimum or maximum levels. I love that the spot on the earbuds that you are to tap or press is clearly pictured in the manual AND that it is actually easy to touch/ press. (Some others I have had have been super picky about touching a seemingly tiny spot very specifically or lightly. Or others have a button that seems to need to be pressed rather hard.) Before using these earbuds, I thought that I would not like that I have to tap twice to answer or end a call—I wanted to tap only once. But, since using it, I find that I quite enjoy this feature. Tapping only once can sometimes be too sensitive. Interestingly, there is no command on these earbuds that responds to only tapping once.. .These are also simple to charge, and hold a charge for a reasonably long length of time. The case is a handy, sleek design with a digital display that the buds are being charged and what percent charged they are. They come with multiple eartips, so you are likely to have the correct fit for you. The sound goes nice and loud and includes instructions to go even louder. I know noise cancellation is important to many—that is a thing for these buds as well. Again, overall, these wireless earbuds are very simple to use. They have many great features that you are looking for! They are a very good, affordable buy.

  2. Derek880

    I purchased the GNMN M7 wireless earbuds without knowing very well how I would enjoy the sound. I have a pair of Apple AirPods Pro which I received when I received my iPad Pro for free from my university. I’m not the biggest fan of either the “stick-type” air pods or the type of earbuds that go into your ear canal. I prefer the earbuds with an ear hook as any other type tends to fall out of my ears and I can never get a perfect fit.Since I have both the GNMN M7 earbuds and the AirPods Pro, I decided to spend a few hours interchanging both based on the music I was listening to through the Amazon Music app. I also completed some phone calls which each one. What stood out to me first was how crisp and rich the sound was from the GNMN M7 earbuds. I didn’t expect the type of clarity and was pleasantly surprised when I first put them in my ears. The one difference that I noticed is that the bass was not as overwhelming as it is with the AirPods Pro. I’m not big on booming bass. It’s just my preference, and it’s probably also why I was never a fan of my son’s Beats wireless earbuds. For me, excessive bass ruins the music. I prefer to adjust the equalizer in the app I’m using when I want bass-heavy music. It’s a lot simpler than having to constantly adjust the bass in songs.I also discovered that for whatever reason, the M7s didn’t seem as uncomfortable to me as the AirPods. There is a very slight difference in angle that can be seen from the screenshot, which I think makes the difference for me. It doesn’t seem to be much, but depending on an individual’s ear canal that slight angle can be the difference between a comfortable fit and an uncomfortable fit. The M7s were so clear and comfortable that I wore them for close to 2 hours before I even realized that I had them in my ears.As far as I could tell, (with the exception of the over-emphasized bass of the AirPods) there was practically no difference between the M7s and the AirPods sound-wise. On paper, the AirPods have active noise cancellation. However, I’m not a very big fan of this with earbuds. The change in frequency when using noise cancellation with earbuds usually makes me feel a little queasy. I prefer the noise cancellation through my over-the-ear headphones on my Bose QC 35. And to be honest, I only use that on planes, or when I’m studying in a library. I like being able to hear a few sounds around me. You never know when hearing sounds around you will really matter.I detected absolutely no difference in phone calls. I was able to hear the user clearly on both models of earbuds, and my voice was heard clearly on the other end with no static or dropped sounds.The M7s synced very easily with my phone. There was no pairing button to press. All I had to do was have my phone scan Bluetooth devices, and there was “M7”, waiting to be paired. It really is that effortless. The M7s come with three different sizes of ear tips and a USB-C charging cable. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that the case works with my wireless charger. In addition, one huge advantage that the M7 charging case has over the AirPod case is that the M7s have an LED display on the charging case that tells you what percent the charge is at. The AirPods have no such display. It is more of a guessing game. To be honest, since I wasn’t the biggest fan of the AirPods “stick-format”, the most I’ve used them have been over the past couple of days. In regards to the price-to-performance ratio, they’ve failed to impress.The biggest clincher, and the one that stands out the most to me, is that in most markets, the M7s are practically $150 or more, cheaper than the AirPods. In my opinion, paying over $100 for ANY brand of earbuds is one of the biggest tech rip-offs going right now. Who knew that I could get the exact same sound from a $30 pair of GNMN M7 wireless earbuds as I do from the AirPods?I highly recommend the M7s for the excellent sound quality, the comfort, and the price. For such a good pair of earbuds, this is an incredible deal.

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