Helm True Wireless 5+ Headphones/Earbuds Upgraded with Advanced Noise Cancelling, True HiFi Sound & Deep Bass, Secure Fit, Sport

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Brand HELM Color Black Form Factor In Ear Connectivity Technology Wireless Wireless Communication Technology Bluetooth CUTTING EDGE: Advanced Active Noise Cancelling and Transparency Modes EASY TO CONNECT: Bluetooth 5.3 Technology for Ultra-Fast & Seamless Pairing SOUND MATTERS: Featuring a Custom 13mm Speaker for Industry Leading Sound CRYSTAL CLEAR COMMUNICATION: ENC “Clear Call” Technology for Crystal…


Product Description

HELM’s Industry Acclaimed TW5+ Combining HiFi Sound With Leading Noise Cancellation

Helm Audio Logo with graphic: Studio sound, deep bass, 6 hour charge, best range:60 feet

Close up of the earbuds with their case and box
HEAR WHAT YOU’VE BEEN MISSING – Unparalleled Sound Quality, Comfort & Features

Finally, a True Wireless with TRUE sound quality and unrivaled BASS THAT YOU CAN FEEL. Featuring proprietary high-powered 13mm speaker drivers that deliver commanding bass, captivating mids, and crystal-clear highs, that will bring your music to life.

Ideal for long travel days, working out, chilling at home, or just on the go.

  • Superior HiFi Sound Quality
  • Advanced Active Noise Cancellation – ANC, Transparency Mode and ENC for Call Clarity
  • Touch/Tap Controls Made Simple
  • Ultra-Light & Ergo Fit to Wear All Day
  • One of the Smallest Portable Charging Cases with LED Display
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.3 with Fast Pairing & Multi-Device Connectivity

Feature Rich – Fast Pairing, Dual MIC’s and Advanced Noise Cancellation

helm, helm audio, wireless earbuds, wireless headphones, earbuds, bluetooth earbuds, true wireless

helm, helm audio, wireless earbuds, wireless headphones, earbuds, bluetooth earbuds, true wireless

helm, helm audio, wireless earbuds, wireless headphones, earbuds, bluetooth earbuds, true wireless

helm, helm audio, wireless earbuds, wireless headphones, earbuds, bluetooth earbuds, true wireless


Exceptional sound quality, incredible bass, superb detail and definition. Designed to move you and built to last with IPX5 for any activity. Flat out the best sounding wireless listening experience available.


Perfected ergonomics with a fingerprint & scratch resistant shell. Exclusive ergonomic design with custom materials provides a superior anti-slip secure fit and excellent noise isolation.


Utilizing our custom BT 5.3 Technology connecting is Simple with ultra-fast auto-pairing. Additionally the TW5+ will provide industry leading stability, connectivity, long range and superior battery life.

HELM TW5+ True Wireless Earbuds, Headphones Upgraded

helm, helm audio, wireless earbuds, wireless headphones, earbuds, bluetooth earbuds, true wireless

helm, helm audio, wireless earbuds, wireless headphones, earbuds, bluetooth earbuds, true wireless

helm, helm audio, wireless earbuds, wireless headphones, earbuds, bluetooth earbuds, true wireless


Industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation that is so good.. it blocks out most airplane, commuting and urban noises when you’re on the go. Hear more around you with Transparency Mode and ENC for pristine calls.


Our proprietary antenna technology provides fast pairing with superior range, allowing freedom to move freely around the gym, your office, home, and outdoors. **Range can vary due to the environment & other BT devices.


Get into your zone! Designed for everything we do, from working out, traveling, daily commuting to grinding in the office. The HELM TW5+ stays put and is comfortable all day. Featuring IPX5 water and sweat resistance.


HELM Audio is a multi-award winning American company focused on Audio Innovation, setting the bar with unparalleled sound quality.

HELM is an ambitious brand born for music lovers who desire an immersive audio experience combined with the latest technologies. Our promise is to create high-end audio products, headphones and mobile audio accessories that inspire passion by delivering every nuance the artist intended while maintaining the freedom of cutting-edge mobility, functionality and value.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Special Feature
Age Range (Description)




Specific Uses For Product

Travel, Sports and Exercise

Noise Control

Active Noise Cancellation

Ear Placement

In Ear

Control Type

Media Control

Cable Feature

Without Cable

Water Resistance Level

Water Resistant

Package Type

Standard Packaging

Control Method


Number of Items


Controller Type

Touch Controls

Battery Life

6 Hours

Audio Driver Type

Hybrid Driver

Bluetooth Range

10 Meters

Bluetooth Version


Carrying Case Weight

2 Ounces

Audio Driver Size

13 Millimeters

Product Dimensions

1 x 0.75 x 1.25 inches

Item Weight

2 Ounces



Item model number



3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

July 10, 2019

Country of Origin




8 reviews for Helm True Wireless 5+ Headphones/Earbuds Upgraded with Advanced Noise Cancelling, True HiFi Sound & Deep Bass, Secure Fit, Sport

  1. Amazon Customer

    Pretty much if you watched the reviews of the first generation which are the only thing to see in video form in real life, is the complaints they had with them. Like not auto turn off, or auto connect, these automatically shut off and connect. Well it is a bullet point, but it all makes sense now why that bullet point exists is to make another reason why these are “better” than the previous version. Still like most wireless buds, they do have that slight hiss. When they aren’t on standby mode. pretty much all wireless headphones have this. Some companies know how to hide it better than others, but those are mostly in full headsets, headphones. (even still they hiss, it’s just less noticeable. Basically I have next to no complaints about the sound they provide. They are comfortable. And they don’t make me feel like I wish I had a wire. Which still has an advantage over these, because of that his thing.I know, this sounds like I am just talking about the bad things about these. Seriously, I used these while listening to music, and they’re easy to forget you’re wearing them. (other than the music that they are providing). The volume is pretty much perfect. and the loudest is pretty much at “well this is about as loud as I ever want them” but they, aren’t like bleeding your ears loud. Still, with that maximum volume level, There is only slight distortion, but lol. No one cares about that. I’d be shocked if people could tolerate it, being that loud.With that said, it’s confusing, when people say the previous generation sound better than ibuds or what ever, Apples Air Pods, or iBuds NEVER sounded good, all they are is jewelry and people should feel bad for liking them. kek. Hell the JVC Marshmallows sound better than iBuds. I can only guess how bad Air buds are. (hence why they still make them, and still inexpensive as ever)So, I never have gotten into the audiophile scene in their tech, but when it comes to those brands, They look both pretty, and they probably sound amazing. However, you’re probably talking like. Just barely better than these, for 2x the price or more. With such little gain, there is almost no reason to spend much more unless it’s your job. But if it’s your job to listen to music, you’ll not want wireless. It’s just a waste and well Get a real monitor, either over the ear or in ear. Those have by far the most balanced sound and is good for what artists need. Again, these are so good you don’t need to get something more expensive, unless looks and that small percentage bit better is that much more SEXY to you.So anyway, I like a warmer sounding set, and I like good base. These have both, and I can’t really think of a reason to adjust EQ differently than how they tuned them themselves. ONLY like 2 sets of headphones, and these are the first earbuds I can say that. They sound great.Base line, they are Comfortable, Great sounding, Good battery-life. The range is about normal. People that go to the gym and leave their phone in the locker must have a really well placed locker room, obstructed, in my car, I got about 50 feet. Which is good. But that’s less range than the “wired” wireless earbuds scull candy i used. (but these sound MUCH better.Just because the price is low, and it’s about what I hoped for, I’ll give it 5/5, if it was a scale of 10, 9.5, because I feel that they might have been able to make the case smaller, use USB-C, I’d be ecstatic. The buttons on them are what also helps keep the price down over the “touch”, samsung is selling theirs as a loss leader, unless this genre has that high of a margin.I don’t know, but this is my stream of consciousness about the product. If this helps anyone decide, well good.Jordon.

  2. Mathew Buchinger

    I have used these for about 50 hours now. Overall I love them, but there needs to be some tweaks for the next version. I’m a music producer/engineer and sound quality is important to me, but so is not breaking the bank.Pro’s- Excellent battery life in the earbuds themselves and the carrying charge case. I can get through 6-7 hour shifts at work with zero issue. The charge case lasts me a couple weeks on a full charge.- Excellent, easy connectivity; I haven’t had any issues with connecting to my phone and the pair staying connected.- If you’re looking for bass these have it. A bit too much in my opinion.- The sound stage is there, you notice width and depth in music. Not anywhere near headphones or speakers, but hey they’re earbuds.- Mids are good and clear- Highs are the weak point mainly because the bass in these earbuds overpower it. The highs can be made better with an EQ- They make a very good seal in your ear with the right size sleeves. Drowning out most background noiseCons- The bass itself sounds boomy and overpowering, if it could be lowered just a tad; like half a dB or less I’d give a little more headroom for the highs to pass through.- A bit bulky, but not that bad- I have a hard time getting the “right” volume with these. It seems to either be too loud or too quiet.VerdictThey’re worth the 100 bucks. You get clear bass albeit boomy, you’ve got it. Great mids, okay highs. Fantastic overall functionality and battery life. Super easy to connect and charge/kept charged.I’d love to test out the next version.

  3. Krusty

    I have tried a few high-end (and more expensive) wireless headphones that my friends had over the last couple years, and I have to say these blow them out of the water. Full, deep sound, and easy paring with my iPhone X convinced me that I made the right choice from the first day I got them. I have had them about a week now, and have no complaints. I am a casual music listener, so the review might lack some of the “technical jargon” that others have, but I think many people interested in this product will fall into the casual listener group. Things I particularly like with the Helm TWS 5.0 are:1) The range of the earbuds. While not intending to specifically test this function, I did so when I went outside to talk to some workers that were outside my house. It wasn’t until I had to take out one of the earbuds to talk to them, that I realised I was about 40 feet away from my phone with a wood door in between and the music was still crystal clear. It’s nice to be able to walk around my house listening to my favorite songs without having my phone in my pocket.2) The different size ear “tips”. I am one of the “lucky” people that have different size ear canals due to scarring from an ear operation I had years ago. This has always caused me discomfort with “out of the box”, standard issue, one-size-fits-all earphones. With the TWS 5.0, I have been able to listen for 4-5 hours straight, with no discomfort or “hot spots” on or in my ear.3) Battery life. With the extreme comfort of these earbuds, I have been able to increase my listening time from my previous 1-2 hours, to 4 plus hours. My longest period of continuous use was over 7 hours. Admittedly, to save my hearing, I don’t go to “11” on the volume, but I still listen to my music at an above average level. At the 7 hour mark, the TWS earbuds still sounded the same as they did during the first hour.I will leave another review after 3-4 months of use. I usually don’t leave reviews for products I purchase – probably due to being busy and also lazy in general, but I like these so much I felt compelled to write one. I highly recommend them for both a casual listener and a more serious audiophile.Happy listening !!

  4. w vooys

    voldoet niet aan de verwachtinghet geluid is goed.maar hij laad slecht op.het gebeurt regelmatig, dat ze niet goed opgeladen zijn.

  5. Mark norcott


  6. Eckardt GΓΌnther

    Deliver what they promise!Great fit, clear sound, easy handling! Very satisfied!

  7. David Johnston

    😷superb quality 6 out of 5. Well done HelmI bought blue ant pump lite 2. I still have them and great for $69 (Amazon). Then bought seinheisser 6.00 cbt. For $88 the sound (Qualcomm aptx, latency,) is great sound. They were problematic. Poor fit. Battery died after 6 months. I ended up getting Helm tws 5.0. Had issues with setup and Bluetooth pairing. Instructions were wrong. Turn Bluetooth on first. Not after. Finally, working. Qualcomm. Very bassy. Fit like a glove (has fin too) and the sound is Rolls Royce. They also reconnect just by taking out of case, which is lovely. Many other facets. It’s Russian Roulette in this game. I just forked out $118 on eBay for mifo o5 pro’s, which I wouldn’t pay $20 for. Amazon is honest; you can return the item if unsatisfactory and it doesn’t take 3 months to be delivered. I made the error of believing that the mifo company doesn’t get people to write fake reviews for them. 😷

  8. Bunny n Ace

    Not at all suitable for audiophiles despite what it says.Unfortunately I was very disappointed.Pairing was very tricky and you need to follow instructions carefully not at all in2itive and no NFC function to make it easier.The fit was comfortable, snug & very secure.Form they do look great and seem to be well made with a nice case that is a good size.Buttons were a bit fiddly and hard to find. if you press them not like a had to try and get it to pair it ends up making your ear hurt. However I do like the fact that they both control most of the things you need like volume up & down, pause, play and skip.Sound which was one of the most important aspects to me and as they were described as audiophile headphones I was very interested. Unfortunately this is where they really let me down. The base is very strong but is not well defined or plenty and the hole range ends up becoming muddied buy it and the vocals get completely lost into the background around the corner behind the closed door. really don’t understand why they describe women’s audiophile headphones as the sound is nothing like what you expect it to sound like when it was actually recorded.sound isolation was very good and I did block out most of the background noise despite it being passive and not active.πŸŽ§πŸ˜–πŸ˜³πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Žβ˜ΉοΈ

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