JBL Flip 4, Camouflage – Waterproof, Portable & Durable Bluetooth Speaker – Up to 12 Hours of Wireless Streaming – Includes

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Brand JBL Model Name FLIP 4 Speaker Type Outdoor Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Special Feature Waterproof, Stereo-Pairing, Built-In Microphone All-Purpose Bluetooth Speaker -Take the party everywhere with Flip 4, a portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers powerful stereo sound. With durable, waterproof fabric, this speaker features up to 12 hours of continuous, high-quality audio playtime. Wireless &…



JBL Flip 4 is the next generation in the award-winning Flip Series; It is a portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers surprisingly powerful stereo sound. This compact speaker is powered by a 3000mAh rechargeable li-ion battery that offers 12 hours of continuous, high-quality audio playtime. Sporting durable, waterproof fabric materials that are available in 6 vibrant colors, Flip 4 is the all-purpose, all weather companion that takes the party everywhere. It also features a built-in noise and echo cancelling speakerphone for crystal clear conference calls, and JBL connect+ Technology that can wirelessly links more than 100 JBL connect+ enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience. With a simple button press, you can activate and talk to Siri or Google now from your JBL Flip 4

Additional information

Weight 1.14 kg

Black, Blue, Camouflage, Gray, Red, Trio

Compatible Devices

Smartphone, Tablet

Mounting Type


Unit Count

1.0 Count

Controller Type

Voice Control, HomeKit

Battery Life

12 Hours

Included Components

Micro USB Cable, Speaker, Quick Start Guide

Product Dimensions

2.8"D x 6.9"W x 2.7"H

Audio Output Mode


Frequency Response

20 KHz

Is Waterproof


Battery Capacity


Charging Time

3.5 Hours

Number of Items


Control Method


Speaker Size

21.59 Centimeters

Power Source

Battery Powered

Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Audio Driver Type

Dynamic Driver

Audio Driver Size

44 Millimeters

Connectivity Protocol


Series Number


Item Weight

1.14 Pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

February 21, 2017



8 reviews for JBL Flip 4, Camouflage – Waterproof, Portable & Durable Bluetooth Speaker – Up to 12 Hours of Wireless Streaming – Includes

  1. Christopher

    I’ve been using it almost daily for 20 minutes to 2 hours for almost 1 1/2 years now.SOUND: It sounds almost as good as a full blown stereo system, if not better depending on the stereo. The only thing that makes an actual stereo a little better is the fact the speakers aren’t combined into one unit and the sound comes from multiple directions (but I’m tempted to get a 2nd one to fix that).The sub-woofers on the sides of this pack a significant punch at medium to high volumes, but still improve the sound even at low volumes. The sound is very full and never sounds “tinny” or even flat like smaller speakers usually do.It’s stereo. I feel like I shouldn’t have to mention this, but I do because the newer one isn’t…BUILD QUALITY: The build quality is outstanding with almost no wear and tear even after a year of daily use and moving it around semi-frequently. The only real wear is a two or three hairline scratches where I slide it in and out of multiple times a day and honestly the fact it remained that way and isn’t all scuffed up like I expected is amazing.The charging port door doesn’t seem like it’ll wear out anytime soon, nor do the jacks seem worn at all. I swing the thing by its carrying cord all the time and haven’t seen any scratching or wear as a result and I have full confidence nothing bad will happen from doing so.BATTERY: The battery life for me was about 2 weeks when I got it and now it’s down to 1 to 1/2 weeks, but I think I’ve been listening at higher volumes more recently and considering how quickly laptop batteries lose their charge, I think it’s held up very well.CONS: There are a couple of bad things I’ve noticed. First of all, the highs are a little too high for my liking and its the kind of thing you really won’t notice unless you listen to it all the time, especially at higher volumes. I solved this using the EQ on Spotify. Furthermore, while the bass sounds good by default I know it can do more, so I set the EQ accordingly. The other thing is really quiet songs at higher volumes reveal a really soft background static from the internal amplifier. This flaw is more than likely inherent to non-grounded amplifiers or ones without room for extra circuitry that can minimize it (but it seems pretty minimal already, so don’t worry about this). To be honest, I thought the speaker was so perfect I was surprised it had any flaws.PHYSICAL DEVICE: It’s waterproof and I’ve taken it to dusty and dirty places and washed it off just fine. The water can muffle the sound if it gets stuck on the speakers, but I’ve been able to shake it off half the time.It’s pretty small in person, about the size of a 16oz water bottle and fits almost everywhere water bottles do which is very convenient for taking it everywhere. Compared to similar speakers it’s smaller and sounds better.BLUETOOTH: It can handles 2 simultaneous phone connections and trade between them seamlessly whenever the other person starts to play something. I’ve had issues with 3+ people, but they had iPhones and I think that was the problem because I think I’ve done 3 Androids before without problems (but iPhones still work well up to 2 devices). Furthermore, the auto-connect only works when it’s set for both headset and music, but since I don’t enable headset I have to manually connect each time (but I think this is just my phone as other peoples usually auto-connect).Overall, I think this speaker is amazing, better than the older and newer ones, and much better than its competitors. I paid about $85 for this and think it was absolutely worth it, but it’s cheaper now and I’m happy it’s still available since I think it really is the best you can get for this category.(side note: the pictures are from when I got it, but it’s looks almost the same but with the 2 or 3 tiny scratches where I slide it every day)

  2. D L

    I was in need of a new portable speaker, and like many of you, I was a little overwhelmed after doing an Amazon search and finding literally tens of thousands of options to choose from. It’s especially frustrating because probably the most important part of the product — how good it sounds — is not something you can really evaluate until after you physically have it. So I picked four speakers to compare: Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3 Plus, Anker SoundCore Sport XL, Geek Beats Jolt5, and the JBL Flip 4.First, the 

  3. Naomi

    The Bluetooth Speaker is a reliable and high-quality device that offers up to 12 hours of wireless playtime. This is perfect for long trips or outdoor recreational activities where access to power might be limited. Additionally, its waterproof feature ensures that it can withstand any unexpected water splashes or raindrops without compromising its performance.The portability of this speaker is highly commendable. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around and fit into any bag or backpack. This allows users to enjoy their favorite music wherever they go, whether it be at the beach, hiking trails, or picnics.Moreover, its durability is another standout feature. The speaker is built to last with robust materials, providing a sturdy construction that can withstand accidental drops or rough handling. This makes it a great investment for those who prioritize longevity in their electronic devices.Overall, the Bluetooth Speaker with up to 12 hours of wireless playtime is a top-notch device that delivers impressive audio quality, durability, and portability. It is an excellent choice for individuals who love outdoor activities and want to enjoy music without the hassle of wires or worrying about damaging their speaker.

  4. Excelente

    ExcelenteEntrega rápida e produto excelente, original.

  5. Daniel Fernández Gutiérrez

    PracticoLo compré porque es de los pocos que aún tiene entrada auxiliar, cuando quise probarla note que en algunas canciones cuando el sonido es muy bajo ya no lo reproduce (comúnmente sucede en música clasica) pero tuve la oportunidad de probar otro y sucedía lo mismo, la verdad no me preocupa tanto porque cuenta con bluetooth y ese si reproduce todo de todas las canciones, la batería dura bastante y tiene buen sonido

  6. Juliana Crivellaro


  7. QTS

    Awesome speaker. Beats all others in this price range.Got it as my first JBL with the dual transducer and dual PR “classic” setup.sound quality is great, but don’t expect it to power a nightclub or something like that. The only con is the fact that you have to be a little careful with the passive radiators; pressing them in could damage them and reduce the bass. Highs are good, a bit sculpted, minds are awesome, and bass is distortion free and powerful. I cannot say enough good things about this speaker. Better than the wonderboom(i own one as well) if you dont want the 360 sound. Buying the flip 5 is really just a trade off for better sound quality and USB c, but at the cost of the speakerphone, aux-in, and connect plus (it uses partyboost). Charging time is as advertised, but battery lasts a very long time (approx. 24 hours) if played at low volumes, 6 hours at max volume. Battery indicator is a big bonus too; better than the wonderboom’s tone battery indicator. JBL connect is excellent; no fuss, just press a button on all speakers and they take care of the rest themselves. No disruption on music, except a brief one second pause, and it just works. No gimmicks, or conditions, it just works. I have also dropped it from around a metre, and it’s still going strong, no damage. Carrying strap is also very convenient, the speaker is very portable, a bit smaller than your typical spring water bottle. Overall, feels well made, waterproof, sounds great. buyer be warned that there are different versions of this speaker (GG and TL). TL is more durable, and GG sounds better; there is no way to know what you are getting, but both versions are still durable and sound great, just that there might be a slight difference. By luck, I ordered used (if you do this, make sure to check the PR’s for damage. I have included a photo of what they should look like.) and i got a gray GG and a black TL. all in all, this boi deserves 6 out of 5.

  8. Jose Oswaldo Correa Costa

    Excelente!A JBJ Flip4 atendeu perfeitamente minhas expectativas. Som de qualidade e potência. Para um churrasco com a família, praia ou piscina, suficiente. A bateria dura de acordo com o indicado pelo fabricante. Ótima compra e tenho indicado o produto aos amigos para que, em reuniões futuras, possamos conectar nossas caixas via Bluetooth.

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