JHSNOEL Portable Bluetooth Speaker – 360°HD Sound, Bluetooth 5.3,/TWS Stereo Sound/Magnetic for Speaker/Great bass quality/15H

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Brand JHSNOEL Model Name BS7 Speaker Type Outdoor Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Special Feature Magnetic type **TWS Stereo Pairing and Magnetic Suction**: Experience the convenience of wireless Bluetooth 5.3 technology, Take your listening experience to the next level by Auto connecting two JHSNOEL Bluetooth speakers together. They seamlessly sync and play in sync, creating a stereo…


Product Description








Additional information

Weight 13.7 kg

Black, Red

Compatible Devices

Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Home Theater, Smartphone

Mounting Type


Unit Count

1.0 Ounce

Controller Type


Battery Life

15 Hours

Product Dimensions

3.77"D x 3.77"W x 1.18"H

Audio Output Mode


Age Range (Description)

Teen & Adult

Is Waterproof


Number of Items


Power Source

Corded Electric, Battery Powered

Tweeter Diameter

0.01 Meters

Package Type

Complete sealed package

Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Bluetooth Range

10 Meters

Connectivity Protocol


Includes MP3 player?


Item Weight

13.7 ounces



Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 3, 2023


JHSNOEL speakers

8 reviews for JHSNOEL Portable Bluetooth Speaker – 360°HD Sound, Bluetooth 5.3,/TWS Stereo Sound/Magnetic for Speaker/Great bass quality/15H

  1. SueLS

    The size is good for a desk area and attractive. I found it difficult to hook up to my iPhone, the blue/green lights that come on to indicate the bluetooth function is active was easier said than done to see. The lights are in the small metallic band that goes around each half of the speakers, it is much better to see in a dark room. The power switch is difficult to tell whether it is on or off. There are 2 different sounds when turning on or off and I didn’t find it easy the figure out which sound was for on and which one for off. The 2 halves fit together well and stay together well. The volume at maximum setting is very low, it is only suited for use if you are sitting right in front of it. The bass is almost non-existent, poor sound quality.

  2. richard liu

    Speaker works really well and the sound quality is super clear. The shipping was surprisingly fast too! I would definitely recommend buying from this seller.

  3. Mr. B. Dobalina

    These are great speakers, battery life is good and seems as advertised. They were easy to pair with my phone and tablet. The stand is simple and works well but I mainly use these to watch shows on my phone/tablet and listen to music while cooking or cleaning the kitchen, so I use these speakers separated and on either side of my phone/tablet or on opposite sides of the kitchen so I can hear them wherever I’m at while cooking.The sounds quality is good, they get loud enough to be “too loud” but these are not big speakers and aren’t going to be rattling your desk or anything like that. The magnet holds the speakers together well, but it’s not strong enough to mount the speakers anywhere that takes a magnet.The light that lets you know they’re on/charging could be easier to see and I haven’t figured out a way to tell which is the dominant speaker when paired and on. Sometimes turning one off/on turns both of them on, sometimes I have to turn them each on individually. These are all minor gripes though, overall fantastic small speakers that are about the size of a softball when together.

  4. Herbs

    As title says, the setup the first time around was a PAIN. It wouldn’t sync up to each other, and connecting it to my computer split them back up into individual speakers instead of a stereo pair. But once I actually read the instructions, and had a bit more patience with what I was doing, it worked itself out. Since then, no problems pairing. Sound quality is insanely good. The drivers are pretty big so I guess it’s not a big surprise, but definitely high quality speakers.

  5. SpeedMonkey

    These speakers are great. I love that they can be used as a single unit or you can break them apart and have two speakers spreading your sound out around you. The battery life seems to be pretty good. I am still working on the initial charge though I have only used them for a few hours, but they have lasted longer than a single charge on my earphones. They are easy set up and I had no problems getting them to pair with my phone. The charging cable allows you to charge both halves at the same time and the included stand works great. I only wish they had a little more bass to them but I prefer speakers that allow for a little bit fatter sound. I did knock mine down from about 6ft the other night and they handled it very well. They are a great set of portable speakers so you can take the party with you anywhere you want to go.

  6. Danyale H.

    This was such a unique thing I really wanted it to be the best speaker in my home sadly it is not. However it is really good though like the sound quality is way better than I imagined. That being said connecting it not sure what they were thinking when they made it. No matter what device pc, phone, tablet I still had the same issue it picks up both speakers separately however if you follow the instructions to connect both as one speaker I never could get it to do it. If it does its hard to do thats for sure cause I messed with it until I just gave up. It works good as one speaker with only one side working however I feel like if both speakers would just connect to something of mine then it would be way better sound.

  7. Scott Davis

    Good deep base for music and great sound quality for dialog.I have gone through a few sets of Bluetooth speakers that did amplify the audio, but plainly did not enhance the sound. I watch movies on my laptop as well as ZOOM meetingsI have come a bit demanding over the years trying different sets of speakers and have to say this one checks all of the boxes as a winner.This is not your average set of basic speakers for a laptop or phone. Excellent quality/engineeringThe “Magnetic Suction” for keeping the pair (if you choose) as a sphere is quite ingeniousEasy pairing. straight forward instructions.long battery live that gives me a charge that has lasted over 12 hours.Big thumbs up to JHSNOELSolid construction/engineering

  8. Bewildered.

    I can’t say I was looking for them but when I saw them I thought they would be perfect for my laptop. I throw them in my laptop bag so I have speakers anywhere I go. It took me a minute to figure out how to how them up to the laptop since they are separate Bluetooth devices. The instructions were easy to understand and help me do the job. I hooked them up to my phone to check the range. Fifteen feet and a door and the speakers never cut out. The battery is decent. The speakers are small so the batteries can’t be that big. Overall good sound quality for the money and value.

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