LENRUE F20 Bluetooth Speakers

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Brand LENRUE Model Name F20 Speaker Type Portable Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, AUX, TF Card Special Feature TWS Stereo Pairing, Colorful Lights, Type C Charge 【TWS True Stereo】 Two powerful stereo sounds via bluetooth connect together! Bluetooth speaker is clear highs without distortion at any volume. Portable for parties, family gatherings, indoors or outdoors. 【Dynamic Light…


Product Description



Clear Surround Sound: The bluetooth speaker has a base resounding sound. Get a surround sound via TWS.

Dynamic Light Show: Get the party with friends! The wireless speaker with 5 light modes to enjoy the bright flashing light show.

Compact Size: the portable size makes it easy for transporting from room to room and outdoors.


TWS Stereo Surround Sound

1. Turn on two F18 speakers.

2. Disconnect all devices with F18.

3. Double click the power button on the one of speakers into TWS pairing mode.

4. TWS pairing will auto finish after “beep”.

5. Click the device name” F18 “to pair on.


Wireless Speaker F18 Specification

Connection Ways BLuetooth 5.3, AUX, TF Cards
Charging Interface Type C port
Light Switch Short press the M button
TWS Connection Double click the power button to connect/disconnect

Additional information

Weight 14.1 kg

Black, Blue, Camouflage, Gray, Green, Pink

Compatible Devices

Phones, Tablets

Mounting Type


Controller Type




Included Components

AUX Cable, Type C Charging Cable, Bluetooth Speaker, Instructions

Product Dimensions

2.7"D x 2.7"W x 4"H

Audio Output Mode


Is Waterproof


Warranty Type


Maximum Range

30 Feet

Number of Items


Control Method


Power Source

Battery Powered

Vehicle Service Type

Phones, Tablets

Bluetooth Range

10 Meters

Connectivity Protocol

Bluetooth, TF Slot, AUX

Includes MP3 player?


Number of Power Levels


Total Ethernet Ports


Specific Uses For Product

Laptop, Tablet

Item Weight

14.1 ounces



Date First Available

August 4, 2023

Country of Origin




8 reviews for LENRUE F20 Bluetooth Speakers

  1. Wanda Drinkard

    Great sound, very cute lights that flash, charge time and usage time is excellent, very easy to hold and has a wrist strung attached to carry it around with ease. The sound quality is banging. A must buy

  2. Vicky Lyons

    I love it.It works and sounds great.

  3. Sparkle A. Polk

    I think I’m going to purchase another one. I really like this one!

  4. RDomine

    I purchased one of these recently and was pleasantly surprised at how decent the sound was for something so small; the same thing I say about Kristin Chenowith actually. In the speaker’s case though, decent was as far as I could go. But then I read a couple other reviews on here and saw that some other purchaser had said the same as I had planned to say but then suggested that having TWO of these babies instead of one was a quantum leap forward in the sound quality (i.e., pairing one speaker to the other then adding them as a pair to my iPhone’s Bluetooth connection, it’s in the minimal instructions for the speaker under the heading “TWS Wireless Pairing”).I thought this was either a really insidiously clever marketing trick to get me to buy not only one but two so-so speakers, or was it honest advice and worth risking another $17 (and thus depleting my entire retirement savings) for immersive sounds in my shower each day? Meh, how many years was I going to be able to stretch out $17 for anyway? I ordered another speaker. And…well, wow, that was solid advice. Although the process of getting it all to work correctly is a little bit vague in the instructions and seems a little cumbersome to do every time I bathe and am anxious to torture / serenade my roomies with my vocal stylings (worth it) the difference in sound quality really is huge. It plays great stereo sound separated out to each speaker beautifully and fill the room; the bathroom anyhow. I stopped at four stars however in part due to the 1,473rd case of horrifically translated, supremely perplexing mess of a translation from Chinese to English that I’ve personally encountered, and the one shortcoming I find in the majority of these types of speakers…simply put, they not freaking loud enough. Or, they’re loud enough to make my nanny / librarian hybrid of an iPhone to yell at me that it’s “too woud, and it could weally, weally hurt my widdle ears” (spare me), but unless you consider using a microwave oven to be eardrum shatteringly loud that’s a laugh. If these speakers put out about 25% more in overall volume I’d say they were nearly perfect for the price. As they volume is now I’ll say they’re 85% perfect which will suffice for now. In the end having two of these really is the way to go. I very much recommend going that route. Twice really is nice…unless we’re talking poison ivy or marriage maybe. Then, probably not so much.

  5. Ryan Kloess

    Like its size and rounded dynamics. We use it at home daily! Charges good, lights up well, and sounds really good for its size. I’d buy another one, for sure

  6. Lucy F.

    The sound on this is mediocre at best. It does not fully charge; therefore, will not stay charged, even if it’s turned off and not in use. It is lightweight and looks cool, but that and the price is all it has going for it. Don’t waste your money.*Edit 5/5/24This speaker will no longer turn on. I’m beginning to think all the positive reviews are bogus because all the one star reviews are for the same reason.

  7. Christian Barger

     I normally don’t leave reviews, but I had too on this speaker, for $14 this has some power to it. I bought it for my bathroom because I like listening to music while in shower. I have speakers in my room and they are loud, but no loud enough for when I want to listen while in shower and door is shut. Even when the door is open, I can still hear the music, it just not as loud as I would like it to be which is why I bought this speaker. It was loud by itself already, but once I set it in the corner on the sink it got even louder. My mom was like where did you get that from, I told her Amazon, she was like you need to order me one of those asap lol. I’m just getting it, so in a few months I will check in, if they give me any problems my rating will be changing that’s for sure.

  8. K. W.

    I wanted to use this to listen to in the shower because my phone is too low but the speaker is so loud you hear it from another room! If you’re thinking about getting it just get it,🥹❤️you won’t regret I promise.

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