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Brand LFS Model Name LFS-Color Speaker Type Single Speaker Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Special Feature Bass Boost, Built-in Mic, Waterproof, Stereo pairing A Must for Music Lovers: Whether you enjoy listening to your favorite tunes no matter where the day takes you, or you want to make sure your parties are always a hit among your…



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Product Description


Multi color led lights, mixed color flashes, react and phase to the beat of your music


Perfect Gift and Decoration



190XL bed

Astonishing Loud Sound with Good bass

With a high-power driver and a high-performance bass radiators,this wireless speaker produce 20W high-quality clear and loud sound with good bass in all directions. You can still feel powerful and complete sound even if you are 100ft away, and you can feel the radiation of bass under your feet.

Stable and efficient Connection

Bluetooth 5.0 ensures your devices maintain a strong, stable connection up to 66 ft away with this mini speaker for skip-free music.

20 Hour Battery Life

The high-efficiency battery of the mini bluetooth speaker supports for up to 20 hours of sublime audio and wonderful lights show.



190XL waterproof2

Instant Setup

Use with phones, tablets and almost any other Bluetooth-enabled device. This wireless speakers with bluetooth reconnects to the last device used for instant music playback.

Enjoy the lights and music outdoor

With a lanyard, the blue tooth speaker can be taken outdoor to hang on the bike,car,tree and anywhere you like.The muilti colorful changing lights will bring you romantic atmosphere and visual feast.


This IPX5 rated waterproof speaker is resistant to splash, rain, gentle spray, snow, sand.


TWS Stereo Sound With Full Bass

A pair of wireless bluetooth speaker produce surround super loud sound and thundering bass.

Even at maximum volume, in the same way as the live concert performance.

You will like the bluetooth surround sound speakers

Additional information

Weight 0.81 kg
Compatible Devices

Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop

Mounting Type


Controller Type

Battery Powered





Battery Life

20 Hours

Included Components

AUX Cable, USB-C Charging Cable, Bluetooth Speaker

Product Dimensions

4.72"D x 5.91"W x 4.72"H

Audio Output Mode


Is Waterproof


Battery Capacity

4000 Milliamp Hours

Charging Time

20 Hours

Number of Items


Control Method


Power Source

Battery Powered

Vehicle Service Type


Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Bluetooth Range

10 Meters

Connectivity Protocol


Item Weight

0.81 Kilograms, 1.78 pounds




1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 15, 2022

Country of Origin




11 reviews for LFS Bluetooth Speakers,Premium 20W Sound Portable Speakers Bluetooth Wireless,TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Outdoor Speakers with Stable

  1. LiveWithTech

     Saw a similar mini speaker with my friends & then decided to have one for the elegant design and eye-catching classy looks. The overall speaker is well built and sounds great too for this size factor and the price. I would recommend these to anyone. This can be even a great party favor or raffle prize option.My 2 cents are below:Pros:- Modern looks are done very well with 7 color LEDs & diamond cut design of the glass gives a nice reflections effect overall- Sounds great overall across various genres but don’t expect something like high-end speakers- Volume is very loud enough for the outdoors and should work fine for a small gathering and party- Bluetooth connection is quick and easy. It also has a TF card & Aux inputs- Build quality is great and feels very solid and durable overall- Small enough in size and hence very portable. My preferred option for travel- Has an inbuilt rechargeable battery & can playback music for 10 hours of continuous use depending on the volume you listen on- Has inbuilt microphones as well and hence can be used for attending phone calls too- These are IPX67 waterproof as well so can be taken outdoors worry-free- It has a USB-C port instead of a micro-USB, & that is par with the market standard- Buttons on the speaker are easy to operate- Very reasonably priced for the features it offersCons:- None that I see for this price & the functionality

  2. Dan Mitchell

    I have just one at the moment, so I couldn’t test the TWS (full stereo) functions, but everything is working nicely so far and the sound – especially the bass sound is quite impressive for the size. I mean it’s not super small, but as far as I remember, I’ve never seen such strong bass sound in such a small speaker. You can use it to stream from you phone, tablet or pc or other device, as long there is Bluetooth or when they have a 3.5 mm line output jack (the 3.5 to 3.5mm cable is even included) or put mp3 songs on a micro SD card and use the bult-in player to play from there. The speaker is charged with the included USB-C cable and lasts for many hours of course depending on the light setting (which has off, music or independent wave pattern) and the volume. So the light works also independent from the music e.g. as a night light or can be turned off to save power for even longer run time. There’s even a decent mic built-in (outside of the cover) so we can even use it to make phone calls at the pool or beach. There’s a solid cover for the ports which include micro SD, 3.5mm and USB-C charge. Haven’t found any problems so far.

  3. Hotcuppacocoa

    I share an office with two other people so I bought this so we could connect to it and take turns listening to our preferred tastes in music or podcasts. It’s nice because only one person can be connected at a time so not everyone’s notifications from their phones are going off over the speaker! This little thing has amazing sound quality! For the price, I was willing to tolerate some tinniness or having to crank it to get decent volume. Not even remotely a concern! Perfect amount of treble and bass based on what you’re listening to and volume increments are perfect. Many options to lighting or you can have the lights off. We’ve had this for a few months now, use it five days a week for 9 hours a day and have not had any issues. One small downfall…doesn’t hold a charge long so we leave it plugged in. Other than that, couldn’t ask for better for the price!

  4. shawnee

    I never looked at the size of this and thought it was a small speaker . I leave it in the kitchen most of the time or in se it out at the fire pit . It is too big to be easily portable . Though the size was unexpected I love it .Nice sound and lights up beautifully . Totally worth the price .

  5. Mark S.

    I’m going to paste my review if the ZEALOT S-66 as it is a comparison between this and thatFirst though, I’ll say this is a very nice speaker.Not crazy loud, but very nice tone. Only two settings and off for the lights. Kind of boring there.The build quality is very premium.No extra garbage to look at through the clear covering as with the ZEALOT.It came packaged perfectly with no damage. Very nice.Now, on to the other review/comparison…Zealot-The box looked okay, factory cellophane sealed…Big crack in the clear casing up by the speaker grill! Should have taken a picture, but a crack is a crack. It’s shattered.No excuse for this ZEALOT!There was also some kind of silicone smeared all over it, but not the on the crack itself.Finger prints too.I didn’t see the crack at first, but then was shocked to see it while polishing the fingerprints and silicone off of it!I was really looking forward to this speaker, damnit all!!!Watched the arrival map with great anticipation!At first the driver was 1/2 mile away, then he went 10 out, and came back.???I ordered a replacement through the exchange process because I originally got about a $10 discount.I hope they send it so it gets here priority one!!! I want my light show!!!Check your speaker thoroughly on arrival!UPDATE, including comparison:Zealot-Well, I received the replacement today and it’s in perfect condition.It’s has the best color changing effects that I’ve seen so far!The problem is, it’s really lacking in sound quality!However I try to compensate for overly harsh highs, it just won’t balance out.There is virtually no midrange to this speaker!Who the heck came up with it’s tuning?Apparently they were submerged in water when they came up with the tune.On my EQ, I turned the bass way up and the treble all the way down.It still sounds like a tin can.How could anyone possibly think that’s okay?LFS-I compared it directly to an LFS-COLOR speaker of very similar size, but lacking in power by about 4 watts.The LFS has a much better balance in tone, but didn’t put out the volume as much due to the lack in wattage.Nothing is harsh about the tone of the LFS. No real distortion either.The overall build of the LFS is much more refined. No obvious screw pillars that you can see through the clear cover as with the ZEALOT.Everything about the LFS looks more luxurious. Very well done. It’s like a giant jewel.The problem with the LFS is exactly the opposite of the ZEALOT.Not very impressive in the light show department, but excellent tone.Only 3 settings for the lights show.One of them is off.It’s nice, but kind of boring in comparison. The jeweled appearance of the clear covering is a big plus over the boring flat plastic covering of the ZEALOT. It also has a laser cut metal grill whereas the ZEALOT has a boring generic plastic grill.The LFS has protection for the passive radiator. The ZEALOT does not.Personally, I guess I’d rather experience nice sound, albeit at a lesser level, rather than a super nice light show.If I have to pick between the two,I pick the LFS. I just wish the LFS had the light show to go with it.If only I could meld the two of them and create something really spectacular!

  6. Desiree’

    I have had the mini ones for years and wanted to upgradeAnd what an upgrade, amazing. Loud easy to use cute

  7. GL

    Review change – Sorry for my ignorance.Ok so. I previously gave a bad rating due to not finding in Bluetooth settings. Turns out it was because the wrong mode was selected. I had to fiddle around with the mode button. I will say there’s no indicator on which mode it is on and that’s important for the right connection setting. Good product. No issues other than the mode struggle but an easy fix once I figured out that was why. Sorry for the bad review. Overall great product.

  8. Y Bnks

    Love it!Fast delivery. The lights are a nice touch and sound quality is good.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Mycket braMycket bra

  10. Sonja

    Tolles Produkt!Problemlose Verbindung, schöner Klang, Lautstärke sehr gut. TOP !

  11. Faye

    Easy to use!!Now how do I save all the music I’ve downloaded onto a tf card? Help im new at this stuff..Senior in need!!

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