MEGATEK Dual Portable Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Stereo Pairing, Vibrant LED Light Show, Loud Sound and Punchy Bass, IPX5

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Brand MEGATEK Model Name AuraStage 2 Speaker Type Dual Speaker Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Special Feature Wireless stereo pairing, Built In Microphone, Stereo pairing, 7 LED light modes IMMERSIVE STEREO SOUND – Experience an immersive and spacious wireless stereo soundstage that makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of the music, thanks to the…


Product Description

Megatek AuraStage - Wireless Stereo and Light Show


Immersive Wireless Stereo and Stunning Light Show

Megatek T4 Pro bluetooth speaker led



With decades of expertise in sound engineering, Megatek combines cutting-edge technology, and meticulous craftsmanship to create top-notch speakers that redefine portable audio.

Dual Portable Bluetooth Speakers

An audio and visual experience like never before!

Megatek AuraStage 2 – dual portable Bluetooth speakers are a perfect combination of unparalleled quality sound with immersive wireless stereo soundstage, thanks to its featured TWS technology, and visually stunning LED light show.

  • Astonishing Sound
  • Wireless Stereo
  • Stunning Lights
  • IPX5 Waterproof
  • 12-Hour Playtime
  • AUX Input
  • Built-In Mic

Megatek AuraStage Wireless Stereo Pairing

Immersive Wireless Stereo Sound

Experience an immersive and spacious wireless stereo sound stage that makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of the music, thanks to the featured TWS (True Wireless Stereo) capability.


megatek t4 pro outdoor speakers bluetooth waterproof hd 360 sound bass

dual bluetooth speaker wireless

megatek t4 pro with led light

Unparalleled Quality Sound

Equipped with premium speaker drivers, bass radiators and fine-tuned sound processors, this pair of speakers deliver clear, powerful, and balanced sound with deep, resonant bass.

Wireless Stereo Pairing (TWS)

TWS capability pairs two Bluetooth speakers together and allows you to enjoy a true wirelessly stereo sound experience without the need for any wires or cables, creating a wider soundstage and a more immersive listening experience.

Vibrant Led Light Show

The LED lights will sync perfectly with the rhythm and beat of the music in 7 lighting modes, creating a mesmerizing light show that adds an extra dimension to your listening experience.

Key Features

megatek T4 pro battery 12 hours playback

megatek t4 pro wireless outdoor speakers with bluetooth waterproof aux input

megatek t4 pro super portable mini small design

12-Hour Playtime

The built-in high-capacity rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery provides up to 12 hours of music playback at mid volume.

AUX Input

The auxiliary (aux) input provides the option to connect your non-Bluetooth devices for wired music.

Waterproof and Ultra-Portable

This IPX5 rated speaker is designed and built to withstand various weather conditions and has waterproof and dustproof capabilities. This handheld-sized speaker is designed to be lightweight (10 oz), making it easy to carry around in your bag, or hold in your hand.


Additional information

Weight 9.6 kg

T4 Pro

Compatible Devices

MP3 Player, MP4 Player, Music Player, Portable DVD Player, CD Player, Portable CD Player, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, Smart Phone, Android Phone, Computer, PC, Tablet, Laptop

Subwoofer Diameter

45 Millimeters

Mounting Type

Table Top

Unit Count

2.0 Count

Controller Type

Push Button


Plastic, Metal



Battery Life

12 Hours

Included Components

USB Charging Cable, 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Cable, Megatek T4 Pro

Product Dimensions

3"D x 3"W x 4"H

Audio Output Mode


Age Range (Description)

Baby, Adult, Teen, Kid, Senior

Item Weight

9.6 ounces

Frequency Response

20 KHz


4 Ohm

Is Waterproof


Maximum Range

20 Meter

Number of Items


Control Method


Speaker Size

45 Millimeters

Power Source

Battery Powered

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

95 dB

Woofer Diameter

45 Millimeters

Tweeter Diameter

45 Millimeters

Water Resistance Level


Package Type

Standard Packaging

Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Bluetooth Range

20 Meters

Audio Driver Size

45 Millimeters

Connectivity Protocol


Includes MP3 player?


Number of USB 2 Ports




Item model number

T4 Pro


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 2, 2020

Country of Origin



Megatek Electronics

13 reviews for MEGATEK Dual Portable Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Stereo Pairing, Vibrant LED Light Show, Loud Sound and Punchy Bass, IPX5

  1. Austin Agosta

    I just got my speakers today. I was extremely unsure because of how cheap I felt they were compared to JBL speakers that I’ve had in the past. But these speakers sound quality is surprisingly good. They pair easily and the performance all around took me by surprise.i love the portability it’s nice I could take one or both and the sound is still great. I highly recommend these especially if you don’t feel like spending an arm and a leg on speakers.

  2. Gerardo

    El sonido es bastante alto y nítido. Las voces se oyen bien.

  3. Magz

    Pack a lot of sound in these little speakers!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Changing the light from one solid color was something the instructions barely mention. Use the power button, short press on either unit and it will cycle through flashing and solid color options or no light at all if you prefer. The instructions only mention the light control once and it just says “switch LED lights” which I didn’t even see at first. Yes I’m too stupid to read the instructions slowly. But if they had maybe two sentences to explain the cycles or options, anything you’d actually notice, that would be nice. I hope this helps someone else out there.As far as the speakers themselves, pretty good sound. I’m actually pretty impressed. I didn’t think they’d be so loud. Luckily I’m half deaf so the volume is kind of important. Yay music and hilarious podcasts that you want to share with someone who didn’t ask to listen but now has to. Enjoy.

  5. Spyryt

    These speakers are a welcome surprise! Great sound quality in a small package!

  6. Wheels

    Great item

  7. SouthernDude

    I was so excited about these speakers and couldn’t wait to get them. However, I set my expectations way too high. First, the main picture on Amazon led me to believe that there is brilliant light filling the light area. It is anything but. It emits very little light. They claim it will give a party/concert lighting. While I didn’t want that, it wouldn’t have if I did. The light they emit is a bit dim. Second, the loudness was not what I expected or wanted. Upon checking later I saw they are only 3W so that’s on me I guess for not checking and believing the ad’s statement that they have loud HD sound. Third, using the speakers for phone calls was impossible. Every time I used them as hands free on my iPhone the person on the other end had trouble hearing me even with one of them right beside me. I always had to switch back to the phone’s speaker. The same held true in Zoom video calls while connected to my laptop. Speaking of my laptop, it was a struggle each time I tried to get them to connect to my Mac. I had to physIcally remove them from phone before they would switch over. I managed to connect them once after much effort then after all that I had to disconnect them because the speaker was far better on my laptop. Re-pairing them back to my phone was an additional challenge. The bottom line is that using them across multiple devices isn’t easy! Fourth, I am skeptical that I got 12 hours of battery life. Maybe the 12 number is really just 6 each. That’s about the amount of time I averaged. I also didn’t use them for 12 hours straight so I expected to only have to charge them once every few days after a full overnight charge. There also isn’t a beep notification as stated when the batteries need charging. They just simply shut off mysteriously. I finally figured it out. And, FYI, when being charged they do not work. I charged one at a time once I realized this. Fifth, yesterday was the last straw. They would not pair or one would start then the other would then volley back and fourth – one played for a few minutes then stopped and then the one in the other room would play for a few minutes then stop. I was over it after about an hour of this behavior. I assumed they didn’t like being apart because this seemed to happen when I had one in the kitchen & one on my desk. The distance between the 2 locations isn’t far at all. I live in a studio. The main reason I bought them was so I could have one in two rooms. I think they worked like that a very few times. I ended up just turning them off & connecting the cheap Jam Classic I have. It works without fail and at least tells me very clearly it wants a charge. Finally, I just looked for another pair, bought them & returning these.

  8. Christopher O.

    I/O light is too small and very dimly lit. Don’t know if you have a full charge. Sound quality is average.

  9. Roxann Gray

    Amazing Bluetooth speakerGreat volume and clarity. Compact and portable. Perfect!

  10. Augusto

    Great value for money, great sound effects, great looks These speakers are great value for money 💰 they have pretty decent LEDs that are equalizer synced so it changes according to your beats. It has a decent bass and I don’t expect anything more from a speaker this small with a transparent setup. Cool factor rating is 9/10. There’s a few buggy situations where it doesn’t connect properly as they are shown as 2 devices but it’s easy to fix coz all you have to do is turn it off and turn it on again. Charge seems to last long. Haven’t used it for over 6 hours straight so still gotta wait on that to see when it dies. This can’t be used with a TV coz you need a 3.5mm output or you’ll need to convert it to analog signals to use with the TV. You can use these for gaming(especially with the RGB setup) and they’re pretty decent when used with a laptop. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cool set of speakers

  11. beedub

    Excellent for their size.Just the thing for on the deck, working in garage etc. The stereo surround sound from my phone works great with these. They are not meant to be a concert hall but do sound great for their size. I followed the instructions catefully to adjust and hook up thkngs and it’s just as it says. Eoll see how they are over time. Mich better sound than a more expensive BT sound bar type of thing I bought.

  12. Paul

    Good!I like the looks, and that you can really space them apart without the audio cutting off as I’ve seen in early implementations of separate stereo speakers. Now I would not call the audio quality great, the bass good, since I have real speakers and I have a fairly good idea of what audio quality sounds like, but they are decent for their diminutive size, the wow factor is there, and they provide stereo imaging for little cost in a small apartment.EDIT: You can easily remove the top metal shell to make them look less “salt shaker-y” and improve the audio quality considerably. Still impressed with these little guys, thinking about doing a “surround” system with two pairs of these puppies and two BT USB powered transmitters connected via audio jacks to the front and back outputs of multichannel USB sound card, for use in the bedroom. If the interference from two transmitters and two speakers all talking to each other is not a stopper, I might even put the transmitters and card in a small case for a small portable wireless quad-surround thingy. Sould be fun.

  13. Amazon Customer

    pleased with the range and soundFor the money I really like these so far. I mostly like having a set. I have them in a 50ft shop. One at each end. They work great. Can’t advise on battery life because I leave them plugged in. I would have gave them a 5 star if I didn’t have to walk to the other end of the shop to turn the one on. needs remote.

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