MIATONE Bluetooth Speakers 36W Portable Speaker with Stereo Sound Bass, Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless Speaker USB Type C Outdoor,

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Brand MIATONE Model Name BOOMPRO Speaker Type Outdoor, Indoor Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Special Feature Bass, Bluetooth 5.3, Waterproof, Built In Microphone, Dustproof [36W BIG SOUND & BASS BOOST] Experience high-quality sound with MIATONE Bluetooth speaker. With 36 WATTS dual speaker drivers and a more powerful amplifier module, makes the low, middle and high frequency bands…



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Product Description

blue tooth speaker for iphone



  • Enjoy skip-free music up to 100ft away with the help of Bluetooth 5.3.
  • Providing faster, more stable connections with your devices.

portable speaker


  • Experience a powerful and immersive audio experience with True Wireless Stereo Pairing Function.

Additional information

Weight 17.6 kg

Black, Blue, Pink

Compatible Devices

Honor, HTC, Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei

Mounting Type

Floor Standing

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Controller Type



Mesh Fabric and ABS

Battery Life

16 Hours

Included Components

1* User Manual, 1* Bluetooth Speaker, 1* Type C USB Charging Cable

Product Dimensions

2.8"D x 2.8"W x 7.3"H

Audio Output Mode


Frequency Response

20000 Hz

Is Waterproof


Battery Capacity

5000 Milliamp Hours

Charging Time

16 Hours

Maximum Range

10 Meters

Number of Items


Control Method


Power Source

Battery Powered

Vehicle Service Type


Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

2 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Connectivity Protocol


Includes MP3 player?


Specific Uses For Product

For Computers

Item Weight

1.1 pounds, 17.6 Ounces



Item model number



2 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

January 5, 2023

Country of Origin


Input Voltage

5 Volts



8 reviews for MIATONE Bluetooth Speakers 36W Portable Speaker with Stereo Sound Bass, Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless Speaker USB Type C Outdoor,

  1. me

     I’m on a tight budget and wanted something small with the best sound I could find. I LOVE this little thing. It competes directly with the JBL flip 6, which I’ve never heard in person. And other similar sized speakers like the Anker Soundcore speakers. It has a 5000 mAh battery, bluetooth 5.3, USB C charging, waterproof, and feels solid. I’m gonna leave a pretty descriptive review because it’s worth it.LOUDNESSGood considering the size. It’s exactly the size of a tall boy beer can. My parents have an Amazon Alexa Echo Show 8 in their kitchen and it’s pretty loud. You have to yell to hear each other over it. This Miatone just about matches it in volume. There’s a youtube review that said it matches the Anker Soundcore Boost in volume too. No distortion at max volume, stays pretty balanced but it sounds best around 50 – 75%.This isn’t really a speaker you buy for loudness though, it’s a speaker you buy for great sound quality in the smallest package possible. You can go bigger and get more volume and bass but this thing doesn’t really compromise on sound quality at a lower volumes. Anything smaller or cheaper and the sound quality goes downhill fast. Think pocket radios. This thing blows pocket radios right out of the water the same way a pocket radio blows a phone speaker away.SOUNDEXCELLENT. This is what I was looking for. A tiny speaker that I can conviently pack around anywhere that has accurate sound. This speaker has a seperate woofer and tweeter so it has a nice balanced clean clear sound. The bass might leave a little to be desired, sure, but the mids and highs are great and it’s pretty balanced. The bass is louder on the Echo Show 8 but the Miatone sounds better. A youtube guy said his Soundcore Boost has louder bass but this one sounds better, which makes sense because both of those speakers have two full range speakers which means all frequencies come out of both speakers. They boost the bass but the sound gets muffled. The Miatone has a much cleaner more proper sound.The bass does not go as low as a real subwoofer. I downloaded a frequency generator and it drops off around 55 – 60 Hz. The JBL flip 6 is advertised to go down to 63 Hz so you can’t complain one bit. They probably limit the woofer with the software to prevent damage. Even the JBL Charge 5 only goes down to 60 Hz and it’s way bigger! It surely has louder bass, but it’s not going much lower than this one, if at all. When you have this speaker sitting next to you you can actually feel the bass in your chest. If you start to walk away from it you can still hear the bass but the feeling goes away quickly. If I leave it in a room and close the door, I can feel it with my hand on the wall so it does have bass, just nothing that will blow your mind. And since it rolls off around 60 Hz it’s not going to be good for people who like old gangster rap or electronic bass heavy type music. It just can’t do those sub bass frequencies and won’t have overpowering booming bass. Certain rap songs will totally miss those ultra low bass notes. Bass drums almost always sound good but can be kind of empty on particular electronic tracks. Regular bass guitar riffs do come through loud and clear.The passive radiators aren’t a gimmick either. It’s too small for a bass port hole so the radiators simulate a bigger box. There’s science behind it if you research it. They’re as stiff as real speakers so you can see in my video it really cranks the juice lol!This speaker is highly affected by being placed next to a wall. It doesn’t matter in what orientation, just close to a wall or corner makes it sound a lot boomier. Probably because of the passive radiators. Also, I’m using an equalizer app to slightly boost the lower frequencies and that really helps. It handles it fine. So when I put it next to a wall it’s like listening to a much bigger system.BATTERYGOOD. I used a USB C tester to check it. It has a battery pack inside with 2 18650 cells. I seem to be at about 5000 mAh. Takes about 2.5 hours to charge from 10%. It does charge at 2 amps so get a good charger. Towards the very end it drops to 1 amp and then slowly drops more and more to about .4 amps until it’s done charging. When it’s done charging it cuts off the current completely.It actually sends my phone a notification when it hits 10% and at that point it limits the volume to very low. This is really really cool because I care about my batteries and never want to drain them too low. That’s bad for them. It makes an audible tone in the speaker, and the notification on your phone so you can’t miss it. LOVE this. It even turns itself off if unused for like ten minutes. The instructions say it turns itself off if you ignore the 10% notification for too long but I won’t test that. And it does work while charging but the instructions say that’s not good for the battery and if you do it then it should have at least 30%. I’m sure it’s fine for low volumes.I left it on at exactly 75% volume and it lasted about 7 hours. 75% is loud so I have no doubt it can hit the 16 hours as advertised with normal comfortable volumes. With the LED off.FEELGREAT. The whole thing is covered in a very nice feeling mesh fabric of some kind. It feels soft but very durable. It has something rigid behind it like probably a metal grill. I can’t easily dent or squish it with my fingers. It doesn’t move or wiggle or wrinkle or anything, it’s just perfect. High quality. The end caps are a very hard rubber. You can sqeeze the rubber so you know it’s rubber, but it’s very hard like a car tire maybe but very soft and silky to the touch. Very nice. The buttons are nice and clicky. The lanyard loop feels solid.The buttons are slightly concave with little lines in between them so you can feel your way up and down the buttons if you have to. They’re far apart enough to learn where they are in relation to the body when you look at it from the speaker side.LED LIGHTSCool! They can either fade through the colors or pulse through the colors. I really wish they could pulse to the music but if they had to cut any corners that’s the first thing I want them to cut to keep the price low. Very nice looking lights but I think they probably do impact the battery life so I keep them off. Every time you turn the speaker on it defaults to the lights being on which is kind of annoying. They really do highlight the passive radiators though lol.CONCLUSIONSound is hard to describe but I’m very happy with it. Rock music sounds amazing. As long as you keep your expectations of volume and bass realistic, I think it sounds GREAT. What a steal at 40 bucks. Great job, Miatone. Great little speaker. Thank you!

  2. Toni

    Ive been using Miatone speakers for over 5 years . The version they made before this one is as great as this one in terms of sound quality but this newer version they added a decent bass (absolutely love it), the lights, usb c and the battery lasts a bit longer. It is a very durable product as well ( they’ve fallen from me many time and are ok); I still have the older two and the quality of sound is the same as when I just purchased them. I would have hoped the newer version would have the ability to double as a battery bank but it didn’t, that was disappointing. Oh, and also the previous version had Aux cord port and TWS pairing was simple. In my opinion the TWS pairing didn’t amplify the sound in terms of volume it just created a more surround sound type of vibe – extended the geography of the sound. All and all it as been added to the list of products I will stick with unless the company’s quality starts to fade or unless I find a better speaker at this price range and I highly doubt that, at least not this quality.

  3. Eric

    crisp, clear audio at top volume. i’m really happy with it out of the box. super simple to connect. audio did not skip at all. looks cool with the lights and bass. very happy so far.

  4. Nice

    Nice little speaker with bold sound. Battery life is good but not great. Would buy another and probably will.

  5. RJS

    Took a while of reading all kinds of reviews, but I found what I was looking for. A quality set of speakers without breaking the bank.These are amazing in all departments of quality. The sound just blew me away. From good solid bass to mids and treble. At this price point I am not expecting high multiples of years of life out of these, but hey! At this price. Just try them. If you don’t agree, send them back.Absolutely recommend!!!!RJS

  6. Skippy

    I had already bought the smaller Miatone for my bathroom. I love listening to my Shower music playlist every morning. I loved it so much that I bought this Miatone BoomPro 36 wat Thunder God of a speaker. I take it to the Sports Bar with me and play it semi-quietly while I shoot pool. It’s amazing. A few times after the games are over and the Bar clears out the Bar Tender tells me to go ahead and crank it up! So I do, and it sounds awesome! It almost has as much volume as my full Size JBL speaker that I paid 400 dollars for. So yeah, I HIGHLY recommend this MiaTone BoomPro. I love mine! A few times a week I check and see if they go on sale. They haven’t yet, but when they do, Im going to pick up one more for myself, and 2 additional ones for gifts. I want to give one to m y 16 year old Daughter. It’s low priced enough to where if she loses it, or it gets jacked, then I’m not out much money at all. I could always buy her another one. I stumbled on this brand and now own 3 MiaTone speakers. Each of them get used almost every day! I love this brand. I would like to see what they could do with one the size of the real popular JBL, and then sell the Miatone for half the JBL priced. MiaTone would literally dominate sales after that. They would put a big dent in JBL’s sales. No joke! So if anyone from MiaTone is reading this. Hit me up! littlenich is my y ahoo.

  7. Healthy Guy

    Very loud for what I compared to others I have purchased and good sound quality.I havent used it long enough to know how long the battery lasts, but I like it so far.

  8. Slippy

     This is a great product all around. Great battery life good charge time, punchy bass and really loud. I don’t understand prior reviews stating the fact it takes too long to charge or its charging time is long and they’re having the speaker roll off a surface unless you’re putting it on the side of a mountain any flat surface will do. The cord attached to the speaker that allows you to hang it also allows you to keep it in one place. These prior reviews baffle me. Great Speaker Miatone!!

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