MIATONE Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Speaker Waterproof – Pink

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Brand MIATONE Model Name Q12 Speaker Type Subwoofer Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB Special Feature Portable Speaker, Waterproof Speaker, Stereo pairing, Built-in Microphone speaker [Immersive Sound] Featuring MIATONE unique audio processing, the sound quality of BOOMBOX bluetooth speaker is significantly better across the entire frequency range from dual precision acoustic stereo drivers. It handles crisp treble…



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Product Description

bluetooth speakers


Amazingly lightweight just over 15.76 ounces.

7.2 inches long 2.83 inches high and 2.83 inches wide.

golf speaker

Quality of Material Mesh

Quality of material mesh much more match your golf cart.

bluetooth speakers

Additional information

Weight 14.88 kg

Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink

Compatible Devices

Laptop, Phones, Television, Tablet, Smartphone

Subwoofer Diameter

2 Inches

Mounting Type


Unit Count

1.0 Count

Controller Type

Push Button



Battery Life

10 Hours

Included Components

User Guide, BOOMBOX Bluetooth Speaker, Micro USB Charging Cable, Aux-in Cable

Product Dimensions

2.83"D x 2.83"W x 7.2"H

Audio Output Mode

Surround, Stereo

Is Waterproof


Charging Time

12 Hours

Number of Items


Control Method


Speaker Size

3.35 Inches

Power Source

Battery Powered

Woofer Diameter

2 Inches

Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

1 A batteries required. (included)

Audio Driver Type

Dynamic Driver

Connectivity Protocol


Specific Uses For Product

Indoor, Indoor/Outdoor, Outdoor

Item Weight

14.88 ounces, 14.9 ounces



Item model number



1 A batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

February 3, 2019

Country of Origin




12 reviews for MIATONE Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Speaker Waterproof – Pink

  1. Al

    I have been using this speaker so far for blasting music, connecting it with my monitor, using it to watch movies, and taking it on the go to friend’s houses and parties, and I think this speaker has great performance and high quality sound compared to some of the other speakers that I have had.Pros:- The 16W drivers on this speaker allow it to be very loud, and so I usually use it at 60-70% volume which is enough to fill an entire large room.- It has a very robust, cylindrical design allows it to withstand some fall damage, and with rubberized ends so that it doesn’t slip, and the design allows for it to play audio from multiple directions.- It has the capability to play in wireless stereo mode by connecting to another Miatone speaker which allows for audio playing from 32W which is very high and can allow for very far reaching audio.- The battery lasted me around 9-10 hours depending on how much I kept the volume at during certain times which is great because it lasts me several days without charge since I use it several hours at a time.- It is water resistant (IPX6). Although I haven’t tested it, I think it is good that it can withstand some water in case it accidentally falls into water or some water falls onto it.- I’m not an audiophile, but based on other previous speakers that I’ve had, both wired and wireless, I think this speaker has the best sound quality. It is very loud and the audio is far reaching so if it’s on one end of your house, you can hear it from the other end. The audio is also clear and crisp, with a deep bass, so you can hear music, movies, or any media without loss of quality in the audio.- The Bluetooth 4.2 allows for it to connect and play from a device as far as around 30ft between walls and obstacles. I was able to listen to the speaker from my device while I was in other rooms in my house which is really good connectivity. Without any walls or obstacles, it says you can connect and play the speakers from about 100ft.Cons- The voice that plays when powering on/off, and connecting/disconnecting your device is annoying because it is very loud no matter what you set the volume of the speaker to, and there is no way to turn it off.- The speaker automatically turns off after a certain amount of time if nothing is playing while connected to your device.- It takes a very long time to charge the speaker, around 3 hours.- The speaker should be able to connect to other speakers in TWS mode (True Wireless Stereo mode) in order to play wireless stereo sound instead being able to connect to only Miatone speakersNice Improvements To Have- Volume indicator- Battery indicator- There should be an option to turn off the voice that plays when powering on/off and connecting/disconnecting your device, or replace the voice with simple sounds that aren’t so loud- The speaker should stay on while connected to your device regardless if anything is playing or not. It should only turn off if powered off or if the device is disconnected.- The charging time should be lowered

  2. Kristina Vo

    If you don’t buy this you are actually missing out…. I’ve had mine for a year and it’s a product that actually made me wanna drop my first review because it is a need. it has an Australian accent when it turns on and off n it’s iconic. so durable can withstand anything. better n more affordable than a JBL

  3. Pat

    This wifi speaker was easy to setup and paired easily to the Grace Digital Mondo Elite Wifi Internet Radio.My husband loves it bc he can take it outdoors. It is waterproof and rugged. So nice I bought myself one today. Good sounding. Thank you.

  4. Joshua Shape

    I bought this speaker for two very important reasons1. If you’ve heard of the YouTube channel “Dankpods” this is an American version of the EFM Toledo, so it has the “Voice”2. I needed the speaker for shower time! Using my phone speaker just wasn’t cutting the mustard!Despite this being mainly a joke purchase, with a thinly veiled need to force my over-worrying mind that spending this money was entirely necessary. What I got was honestly a very decent speaker! Now don’t go into this thinking that Miatone will become the next revolution and take down JBL or something. Keep your expectations in check, my ex sure couldn’t!This speaker feels sturdy, and it’s coated in a nice rubber finish with a mesh covering the 2 main speakers. This mesh has a nasty habit of collecting particles. I tried giving it an intervention, but all it did was stare at me, and then neighbors were quite concerned that I was yelling at inanimate objects again. So if you intend on hiking, just know the mesh will get covered in dust and particles. The Speaker has a decent weight to it, and overall feels pretty solid, unlike my date life. It comes with a string that feels pretty strong, and allows you to tie the speaker to anything! Such as; a pole, a shower curtain rod, a small tree, a bag, or a fishing line so you can scare your friends. Though they did file a restraining order after that. The speaker has 2 metal ends that help with the immense bass this speaker outputs. I’m sure some late 90s marketer would call it “SUPER X BASS XTREME” or something. The speaker is also small enough to fit inside some cup holders! So if you’re too busy spending all of your money on packs of cigarettes instead of fixing that radio that was stolen back in 2005, this might be a decent replacement!A common complaint is that the door on the side where the Aux port and USB-C port are located is as hard to open as a slightly out-of-date jar of Spaghetti sauce that’s been sitting in your grandma’s pantry since 1996. After you open it a few times, you get the hang of it! It’s located just above the Bluetooth logo if you didn’t know where it was. Upon turning it on your greeted with a rather nice British voice, she keeps me company as I spend days upon days in my house, the crippling loneliness eating me away. The voice is a tad low quality, I wonder who the Voice Actress is for this speaker? Eh, that sounds like a Reddit rabbit hole I don’t feel like diving into right now, the app keeps crashing anyway.Here’s what you get in the box! The speaker itself, jammed in there like the mailman jams my looming credit card bills, a USB-C Cable (No power brick, thanks for that I guess, some people don’t have 251 of them knocking around.) and surprisingly enough, an Aux cable! So you can hook it up to anything that isn’t an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy! Both cables feel okay, they’re not going to win any “World’s GREATEST Cable” contests anytime soon. You also get an instruction manual that will sit in a drawer for all of its life since “ya never know when ya might need it!” Until 4 years later while you’re doing your spring cleaning you should have done a while ago, find it and toss it aside and not even think about its existence.The sound quality isn’t gonna knock your socks off or anything, though the bass probably could! This bass is kinda ridiculous, vibrating any surface I place it on! It even made a ghost so unhappy that they rudely knocked down a can of hairspray. That or they didn’t like me blasting obscure 80s music at them, who knows? I do have to turn the bass down on my phone so I can hear Phil Collins a tad better since it tends to overshadow any treble you might want. This speaker focuses more on the mid-range rather than low bass or top-end notes. Don’t expect to set this in your bathroom and turn it into a live Taylor Swift concert. It wouldn’t make for a great venue anyway. I threw every music genre I could think of at it, from Bombastic orchestras to songs lingering in your dad’s vinyl collection gathering dust in the attic, you really should get that cleaned. It handled anything I threw at it well, it didn’t send my ears to Valhalla or anything, but it did fill my bathroom with music well! It does get pretty loud! The noise complaint on my desk proves it! The louder you go, the more distorted the music gets, so keep it away from maximum volume if you want the best quality.It does advertise that it’s an “IPX6 speaker” which means that it can handle jets of water being splashed at it, you can thank the neighbor’s kid for that test… just don’t go trying to take it on a diving expedition to some famous shipwreck, it won’t do well. I’d say if you dropped it in a pool during a drinking session with the imaginary personalities inside your head, you’ll be fine.“But random reviewer man! What about the cost? What’s its value!” – you presumably somewhere in the back of your mind.Well, let’s talk about that, because it’s a tad weird, just like a Peanut Butter and Jelly Burger (seriously who even came up with that!?) that aside, there’s a bit of a quirk with this company. Almost all of Miatone’s speakers are the same price! From little tiny ones to Big 36w ones! Some have RGB lighting and some are just speakers! I don’t have every Miatone speaker in front of me to compare this particular model to, I already tried pulling another loan to see if I can get them all but my bank kicked me to the curb. And I don’t think Miatone is going to send me a whole bunch of review models (though I would be interested if they did) so I guess I won’t be doing that. This is just one of many to consider. The only real difference I can see between this one and some of the other ones I looked at reviews for is that this one has the smooth-talking lady! So I guess if you’re lonely like me then that would be a pretty good selling point, that was one of the main bullet points as to why I bought it after all!In conclusion, I think the Miatone Boombox is a great little speaker for the price! Even if it’s only difference is that this one has that world famous voice. Don’t go into it expecting to replace your mid-2000s audio setup your dad left behind when he went off with his new girlfriend. it’s more of a “speaker for around the house” kinda deal. It won’t win any awards, you can’t go around showing off your Miatone like you got some sort of Beats Pill or anything. You won’t get clout for owning this, you simply will get a decent quality speaker. Nothing more, nothing less! That’s what makes it pretty nice! I would recommend it for those who spent way too much money on doordash and have no money for actual needs, thus their speaker budget is drastically reduced! And honestly proves that you don’t need a whole bunch of tacky RGB “Sound reacting” lights to make a good quality speaker! If you’re looking for a barebones speaker you can toss anywhere without a care in the world, then I think you found the right one!But there is a caveat in all this, for whatever reason almost all of Miatones speakers are the same price! From little tiny ones to Big 36w ones! Some have RGB lighting and some are just speakers! I don’t have every Miatone speaker in front of me to compare this to, I already tried pulling another loan to see if I can get them all but my bank kicked me to the curb so I guess I won’t be doing that. This is just one of many to consider!TLDR (LONG BLOCKS OF TEXT SCARE ME)GOOD BUILD QUALITYDECENT AUDIO QUALITYVERY BASS HEAVYCAN RESIST JETS OF WATERGOOD VALUE FOR MONEY THOUGH THERE ARE MANY OPTIONS FROM THIS BRANDHAS SILLY VOICE ON STARTUP

  5. Aleshiea Gustafson

    Put in the car so kids can listen to their music. Love the color and size is perfect for my use. Volume is great for the car use.

  6. Bethany N.

    I absolutely love music! I love to bomb every second of every day, and I definitely go through speakers a lot due to blowing up the base since I always turn it up as high as I can. I can definitely hear the difference between this speaker versus my other speakers and the difference is on. For such a cheap price or getting such a loud speaker in my personal opinion I believe it’s louder than the Bose speaker. I definitely would recommend using this, especially if you are an outdoors person or like to entertain people or just like to listen to music in the shower, you will definitely feel like you were in the club.

  7. Lora H

    My husband and I golf and bring the speaker with us all the time. Works great, fits into the cup holder perfectly, and has great sound. I also use it in the house and love it 🩷🩷🩷

  8. tec

    Yes it’s THAT Speaker. For those of you looking I’ve posted a video so you can hear it. It has two speakers that are situated together on the opposite side to the control panel so I wouldn’t say it has 360 sound exactly, but they are stereo ie. they are a left and a right speaker (for me it wasn’t clear this was the case). While the membranes in the side sound bassy when you hold them to your ear I wouldn’t say the speaker has a particularly heavy bass sound to it but it is not tinny by any means. I like the fact it switches to aux mode just by plugging the cable in. Pretty good Bluetooth speaker. Nice size, easy controls and has a good volume.

  9. Vladimir

    Good quality price, and yes, it has the “sexy voice”Knew those speakers from DankPods and found it funny, so when need arose for me to have some speakers I checked them out and found the price very good, so went ahead and purchased them.They don’t disappoint. The build quality is rugged, the “announcer” voice is funny, and the sound quality… I can’t voucher it as they are connected to a DOS and an Amiga machine, playing Midi and MOD files, so never tried with “real” audio, but for what I use them the sound is amazing, even when putting the speakers on an upright position. Quite powerful volume level. The battery seems a bit weak, but I really don’t care that much as I have them connected to the main power, still lasts for hours and charge quick.Really happy with the purchase.

  10. Jinoz

    Yes it’s the DankPods Speaker… sort ofIt’s the DankPods speaker alright (minus the sound effect that plays before it turns on and off). But other than that, the speaker’s audio quality is actually pretty good even on full volume. The battery is great, it lasts more than 10 hours (depending on the volume level) on 50% volume. The volume is also pretty good, 50% volume is already a little loud to me. However, when playing music with heavy bass and on high volume, it struggles a little bit but not too bad. Overall, for its price, its really good compared to other speakers with this price.

  11. soon

    AverageItem build is OK, finishing not so good. Sound quality has good output, but quality is average with sound a little flat. Connect easily via Bluetooth.


    Great ValueButtons are a little bit stiff and yes there are better products available. BUT this offers a great value.

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