Ortizan Bluetooth Speakers, 40W Loud Stereo Portable Wireless Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof Shower Speakers with Bluetooth 5.3, Deep

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Brand Ortizan Model Name X8 Pro Speaker Type Outdoor, Indoor, Surround, 3D, Atmospheric, Center Channel, Tweeter, Woofer Connectivity Technology Wireless, Bluetooth, Auxiliary, TF Card Special Feature Bass Boost, Wireless, AUX, 30H Playtime, Hi-Res Audio, Subwoofers, IPX7 Waterproof, 40W Power, TF Card Port, Dual Passive Radiators, Hands-free, Shockproof, Stereo pairing, 3 EQ ModeBass Boost, Wireless, AUX,…



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Product Description

Ortizan X8PRO

Superior Sound and Crystal Clear Sound Quality

Feel the charm of your music. Ortizan X8PRO is equipped with two full-range drivers and dual passive radiators to provide 40W loud stereo high output. Enjoy powerful bass in a compact package

Ortizan X8PRO

IPX7 Waterproof Design for All Your Adventures

Bring your speakers anywhere. Whether it’s a pool party, a sudden rainstorm, or a beach bash, it will be your perfect adventure companion. Ortizan’s IPX7 waterproof can be submerged in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes for fearless outdoor entertainment

Ortizan X8PRO

Carry the Party Through

Don’t worry about running out of power at all. X8PRO has a 6600Mah large-capacity battery, which can provide you with all-day-long playtime. Keep the party longer and louder with Ortizan’s deep bass and light show

Ortizan X8PRO

Dynamic Light Show to Shine Your Party

Designed with seven colors of lights and dazzling breathing light modes, the color-changing lights will automatically synchronize with the music and flash rhythmically, allowing you and your family or friends to enjoy the party atmosphere all night.

Ortizan X8PRO

Crank it up with True Wireless Stereo

True Wireless Stereo pairing allows you to pair two Ortizan X8PRO-compatible speakers together for 80W surround stereo sound. You can take it to the living room, garden, or courtyard and anywhere you want to enjoy a louder and more shocking movie theater or party atmosphere anytime, anywhere

Additional information

Weight 1.61 kg


Compatible Devices

Smartphone, Laptop, Projector, Television ,Tablet ,Personal Computer ,Gaming Console

Mounting Type


Controller Type



Aluminum, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Battery Life

30 Hours

Included Components

1 x Silica gel Lanyard, 1 x Bluetooth Speaker, 1 x User Guide, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable

Product Dimensions

3.15"D x 3.15"W x 7.09"H

Audio Output Mode


Frequency Response

20000 Hz

Is Waterproof


Battery Capacity

6600 Milliamp Hours

Charging Time

3 Hours

Warranty Type

365 day warranty

Maximum Range

66 Feet

Number of Items


Control Method


Speaker Size

180 Millimeters

Power Source

Battery Powered

Vehicle Service Type

Motorcycle, Car, Bicycle, Boat

Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Audio Encoding


Audio Driver Type

Dynamic Driver

Bluetooth Range

66 Feet

Number of Microphones


Connectivity Protocol


Number Of Circuits


Number of Power Levels


Total Ethernet Ports


Item Weight

1.61 Pounds



Item model number

X8 Pro


2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 8, 2022

Country of Origin


Input Voltage

5 Volts (DC)



13 reviews for Ortizan Bluetooth Speakers, 40W Loud Stereo Portable Wireless Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof Shower Speakers with Bluetooth 5.3, Deep

  1. americaone

    90’s car in nice shape with a factory radio. I don’t want to change it out so I got this to put on the seat so I can play Amazon Music, Spotify, whatever. Works like a champ. There are three equalizer setting and there is one with more bass, if you need it. The only weakness? The on-off button. Pretty difficult to push if you don’t have good finger strength. You have to hold it for a sec for it to actually turn on. I don’t have a problem with it but I can see it as a problem. Otherwise, lot’s of bang for the buck!

  2. Blokart 64

    Great sound, good looking and portable. Easy to operate and long battery life.I use it with a 32GB Micro TF Card that has over 100 songs on it. Once again…AMAZING sound!!Must Buy!!

  3. Tom Perri

    This is a review for the X8 model. As the title says, it’s a really fine speaker system. I do have some quibbles with it, but I have used many other Bluetooth speaker systems and in terms of the X8 versus them, It’s the best one I’ve tried. The volume is quite good, the stereo separation is surprisingly good for a single unit. I have not tried pairing it with a second unit.What makes the X8 stand out for me is the EQ button, which almost no other Bluetooth speaker has. Many of them claim to have deep bass, but being an audio engineer, I know but not all music sources are the same. For instance watching television is a relatively mid range sound source. Listening to YouTube videos is a very different animal. And gaming and watching movies is a third. The default setting when you turn it on is appropriate for watching television and many audio sources. It’s the most balanced sound with good bass and and smooth even mid range. It works for classical music sources, and jazz, as well as oldies Pop music. If you switch to the second setting, You get enhanced mid range, so that works for spoken word meaning podcasts, and any spoken audio. Even some music sources benefit from the enhanced mid range.The third setting has very strong base, better than I’ve heard in any other speaker that I’ve tried. There are two passive subwoofer ports on either end, which are completely waterproof, So bring it to the pool, submerge it in the pool, use it at the beach etc. and you have nothing to worry about & as I say, the sound pressure for deep bass is crisp and handles hip-hop music, rock music and any source that has strong base. The base is crystal clear, which I have not found in any other unit, they usually have a muffled bass sound which is pretty awful. Obviously any sound source you’re using, may benefit from any one of the three settings, and that’s what sets this apart from any other unit. That is also why most of the units fail to deliver. Every sound source is different and the X8 gives you the opportunity to adjust to any type of sound quality. I had originally purchased the X10 from the same company which is smaller and roughly half the wattage, and even though it has the passive drivers, it just isn’t loud enough or powerful enough, so I returned it to get this 40 want unit. Also the two speakers are side by side in the round cylinder so you actually get a very true stereo quality. All the other units I’ve tried don’t actually sound like their stereo, they probably work with the pairing of another unit, but these are all called stereo, and I want the single unit to sound like a stereo.I should note that the buttons, while they feel positively military grade and I assume will last practically forever, they are hard to press, so if you have imited strength in your hands you may find it difficult to press any of the buttons, they are quite stiff. However I have read reviews of brother units that all say the buttons fail after a short period of time so I’m willing to deal with a bit of extra effort to work the buttons on the X8. Bluetooth pairing is extremely easy and it works great. As to the battery life, all these companies just lie. There isn’t anyway on this planet that this unit gives you 30 hours of audio. It lasts for a good session of a couple of hours, an afternoon at the pool but it will need recharging after that. No I have a unit at this price point with this much power, will last any longer than the 2600 Milla amp battery X8 has. 40 wants requires a significant amount of power, and that’s that . You can’t change the laws of physics, and they’d have to put a huge battery in it for it to actually last 30 hours. I can’t review the telephone functionality , because I don’t use it and I wouldn’t. Because the X8 has so many different functions, many of the functions use the same buttons as the basic volume, EQ, & on off functions, but there are double presses, long hold presses, and to me that’s just confusing, but there’s just a limited number of buttons so each one has multiple jobs.Strangely, The manual that I got with this unit which was brand new and sealed and obviously not repackaged, has instructions are completely wrong. They are in fact the instructions that work for the X10, Because I had the X 10 and I know how the buttons work on that.There are buttons labeled nine 1011 and 12, that don’t exist on this. Having had the X10, I know that the instructions actually match the X10 not this X8. That said, with a bit of playing around I figured out the correct buttons to use. you may be able to contact the company, and get a set of the correct instructions. The basic functions work perfectly fine : Power on power off, EQ button, volume up volume down, etc. These units, coming from China always seem to have a problem with the instructions. but the bottom line is you want good sound and you want the ability to adjust the EQ for different ways you want to use the speaker, that’s why I’m keeping this, and I really like it, because it does what a 40 watt speaker is supposed to do.All in one I’m giving it four stars because it’s an extremely well built unit and feels very solid, has very good volume, superior bass and the ability to adjust the sound, which as I say, is way better than any other at this price point. I consider it an excellent value for the money. I highly recommend it.

  4. Oscar Rondon

    It’s great for the price, volume is high but not as much as others… the only downside is that the battery runs out a little bit faster than expected.


    This is a GREAT Bluetooth speaker with great sound!! It’s a totally great value. Excellent battery life. I am so pleased with this purchase!

  6. Damaris

    Love this good size and very powerful speaker. Good Product. Excellent Price.

  7. Susee Rollins-Clark, Lee Clark

    Ok I purchased this speaker about a week ago and I use it at work for music.Pro’s it has great sound and base for it’s size built tough a slight bit heafty but over all great speaker.Now that being said the con’s are that it takes a lot of pressure to push the power on button, and most of all the worst con is the playtime that they boast is 30 Ah which I understand is based on a few different variables, so the first one I purchased only lasted me just under 2hr at full volume I expected more than that so I thought maybe it was faulty so I returned it for a replacement and tried again and the second one didn’t last any longer so I’m giving it a low 3 star rating just for poor battery life.

  8. kim

    Bought this for our hauler and used it this weekend. It’s awesome! Great sound and the lights are a bonus. Highly recommend.

  9. simon

    Huge potential, poor design$50 is the perfect price point for this unit. At first I was disappointed until I popped the sound suppressing grill off (super easy, just a simple friction fit as if intended)The cover is aesthetically pleasing with grey blue hue fabric but as shown in pic 1, it’s a solid plastic collar with a few holes drilled!? Sitting above speakers, it creates an echo chamber furthering the already muddled sound. Poor soundstage and accuracy. However, pull cover off and eureka! Full open soundstage and bliss. The 1.75” drivers in this unit are quite nice, running $12 a piece on AliExpress. Very pleasant full range sound down to a shocking 60hz (passive radiators are well tuned)Not sure why they used such a robust cover, maybe to compensate for abuse a few would conflict, then complain, but for me it’s ‘Tarps off’. I do like the fabric so will re-fabricate cover to fit and not impose sound as much.Awkwardly there is no flat surface/feet so laying down horizontally will result in speakers rolling over onto it’s back, pointing to the sky every time. Standing up vertically works fine though.If you turn the lights off, they are back on next power up. Buttons have a strong tactile feel.Can’t wait for Spring so I can toss this thing in bottle holder on bike and hit the trails.

  10. El George Conde

    Es un buen productoTiene 40 w, bien para mi gusto, sirve para que lo lleves de vacaciones y puedas escuchar tu música, lo puedes enlazar a tu celular, lo que a mí me gusto es que trae entrada auxiliar que es con la que lo uso y me ha dado muy buenos resultados, también puedes meter tu música en una micro tarjeta y puedes meterla en esta bocina y funciona bien, un tema son los botones, los tienes que oprimir muy fuerte para que puedan funcionar, eso es lo que creo que veo como punto malo, de ahí todo bien.

  11. Sandra López

    Genial para interiores y exteriores Compré este altavoz para mi trabajo al aire libre, es un kiosko de playa y quería tener música para amenizar las jornadas. Mi experiencia con otros altavoces se limita a un pequeño altavoz de plástico resistente al agua que tengo en la ducha de menos de 5€.La construcción del Ortizan X10P es buena: se trata de un altavoz contundente pero pequeño, con una tela de buena calidad y un recubrimiento de goma para hacerlo resistente al agua y que se agarre a superficies en posición vertical. Los controles son sencillos y emparejarlo por Bluetooth es demasiado fácil, no pide contraseña. Las luces que incorpora están bien, se mueven al ritmo de los golpes de ritmo. No se distinguen demasiado en espacios claros pero en un ambiente con luz tenue son muy llamativas y agradables.Solo lo he puesto una vez al 100% de su volumen para probarlo, pero jamás para escuchar música porque es muy potente pese a ser tan pequeño e impide tener una conversación a menos de dos metros de él. Se oye perfectamente tanto en interiores como en exteriores, yo lo he usado casi exclusivamente en exteriores y no he tenido ningún problema.La calidad del sonido es buena y tiene varias configuraciones de ecualizador pero tampoco es increíble (véase el vídeo). La he valorado con 5 estrellas aún con todo porque la relación calidad-precio es estupenda, sobre todo si el altavoz está rebajado (así es al momento de publicar esta reseña, aunque yo lo pagué a su precio completo). En cuanto a la resistencia al agua, no he podido comprobarlo así que no puedo evaluarlo en ese aspecto.Respecto a la batería, en 3 días de uso reproduciendo música de 5-7hs. seguidas cada día, solo lo he cargado una vez cuando estaba al 30%, así que tiene bastante autonomía antes de cargarlo. Usa un puerto USB-C lo cual es genial, ¿quién no tiene un cargador tipo C por casa?Termino esta reseña recomendándolo totalmente si tu presupuesto es limitado pero quieres tener un producto de calidad. Por mi parte, lo he disfrutado tanto que voy a comprar otro porque el del vídeo me lo han robado en la misma semana en que lo había comprado :_)

  12. Douglas F.

    Great speaker for my purposes.I recently returned a competitors speaker as it lost the connection to my iPhone. Tech support suggested resetting the unit with a paper clip which I did and it worked for a day or so. Returned the unit.This speaker is what I wanted, easy to use and I like the tactile buttons for the various functions. Communicates seamlessly with my phone. Unit offers clear sound and loud enough for my purposes. The disco lights are not my thing, but easy to turn off. So far so good!

  13. Amazon Customer

    Very good for the money – very slight lag in true wireless mode paired with another speakerMost of the other reviews are fairly accurate. For the money you pay it’s excellent sound quality and quite good throughout its range almost to full volume. I bought two of them and paired them. Very simple to do and it remembers what you did the last time you used it. Very user friendly i’d say.When using Bluetooth to connect to the paired units I noticed that there is a slight lag. It is barely detectable but it is there if you look. Maybe about an eighth of a second, just enough to be noticeable but not enough to be a deal breaker. When I hooked the unit up using a auxiliary jack that latency vanished. It wasn’t an issue with just one unit.Sometimes it didn’t seem like it was lagging at all, or it was so small a lag i really had to pay attention to see if it was really there but it definitely is sometimes. Like i said it wasn’t enough to be a deal killer for me at all but if you’re hyper sensitive about that kind of thing then when using the two paired for things like videos you might want to use the aux in optionThe sound with two of them sync’d tho is fantastic. Especially with the equalizer on – really helps it pop.Another side note – the microphone on this is SURPRISINGLY good and clear. I expected the usual garbage discount sound from the mic but actually it’s really clear and bright and tested it on a few zoom calls with surprisingly good results. And i’m fussy about my mic’s. Range is a little short but as long as the unit is close to you the mic is very clear.Overall very happy with the two i bought so far. For 100 bucks for an 80 watt output (when paired) it’s definitely worth the money.As a single unit it was also quite good and well worth it. But there’s a fair number of reviews on that.

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