Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Lights,Teenager Gifts Speaker with Bass, 15W, IPX7 Waterproof, Bluetooth 5.3, 24H Playtime,

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Brand MIATONE Model Name DRUM Speaker Type Outdoor, Indoor, Party Special Feature Portable, Stereo pairing Recommended Uses For Product For Smartphones or Tablets, For Camping, Cycling, Mountaineering, Beach 15W POWERFUL SOUND & BASS: MIATONE portable bluetooth speakers have powerful loud output voltage with thick and powerful bass/subwoofer at any volume, it can be easily switched…



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Product Description

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bluetooth speakers

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Compatible Devices

iPhone, Android, Samsung, Computer, Television


Black, Purple

Mounting Type


Controller Type

Press Button

Included Components

DRUM Bluetooth Speaker, Manual, Type-C Cable

Product Dimensions

1.77"D x 5.91"W x 2.36"H

Audio Output Mode


Is Waterproof


Charging Time

3 Hours

Warranty Type


Number of Items


Control Method


Power Source

Battery Powered

Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Bluetooth Range

10 Meters

Connectivity Protocol


Specific Uses For Product

Outdoor activities

Item Weight

150 Grams, 5.3 ounces



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

May 9, 2022

Country of Origin




9 reviews for Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Lights,Teenager Gifts Speaker with Bass, 15W, IPX7 Waterproof, Bluetooth 5.3, 24H Playtime,


    Edit (PLEASE REWD THIS BEFORE MOVING FURTHER I MADE A MISTAKE AND MIATONE DOESNT DESERVE A POOR RATING FOR A MISTAKE I MADE… HOWEVER IF THERES ANYWAY THAT MIATONE COULD INFORM THE CONSUMER THAT THE SPEAKER MAY HAVE A SMALL AMOUNT OF BATTERY POWER AND USING IT AT SUCH LOW POWER WILL RESULT IN SUB OPTIMAL SOUND QUALITY.. IMO IT SOUNDED AS IF IT WERE LOW POWER MODE PERHAPS JUST TO ,AKE AN EMERGENCY CALL OR HEAR AN EMERGENCY REPORT ON THE RADIO. THAT SAID I CAMT WRAP MY HEAD AROUND WHY IT LASTED IN THIS MODE FOR SO LONG…I GUESS THIS IS ONE OF THOSE RARE CASES WERE I MAY HABE TO READ THE MANUAL TO SEE WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED.. ALL I KNOW IS LETTING IT CHARGE OVER NIGHT ACCIDENTALLY GAVE ME GREAT RESULTS BECUASE I WAS ON THE VERGE OF RETURNING IT BUT WOW IM GLAD I WAITED .THE truest most honest rating I can give it so early in my ownership would be a cool 4.5 …I have to dock it half a point for its sound not being absolute perfection for speakers I’m this class… and I set the bar reeeeal high… it’s not quite as good as the bugani m90 but that thing was bigger heavier and 30 watts… it to mention typically the m90 is 70 $ if not near 100$ if you’re not shopping on Amazon.. this one actually gets close to as loud as that bugani which is crazy considering it’s size and wattage output …the bass is super rich and bass output is better than say the jbl flip series and possibly on par or better than the charge series…I’m not as familiar with the charge as I am flip… keep in mind I mostly enjoy bass heavy trap and drill music and this tiny humble speaker literally cracks me up everytime I look over and see what the hell it’s capable of in terms of the type of sheer heart dropping into your sac then rumbling thumping you sterile bass from the pits of the grimiest hood in the world so if you decide to read on you can get an understanding of the first impression I got but possibly could have avoided had I read the instructions but who does that these days anyway lol…so right out of the package I played the speaker without considering it needed a charge… the low amount of battery power is what I believe resulted in low volume projection and a flat sound. I learned a valuable lesson and that’s to be patient and make sure that the product is performing at its highest possible caliber before jumping to conclusions . In fact this speaker blew me away with its projection and volume capability… do not hesitate to pick one up it’s actually pretty amazing )So I read the perfect score reviews and the “get this one ON GOD” comment And I think thats what sold me …maybe this is what set the bar so high… and/or maybe I’m spoiled… as far as budget Bluetooth goes I’ve gotten real lucky and owned the bugani m90 for around 30$ and that thing THUMPS.. boasts 30 watts and it’s certainly believable. I also picked up the w king d8 which claims 50 watts ironically I paid around 50$ range for it. No doubt w king wears a rightfully owned crown for its contribution to the budget BT speaker scene..it’s most definitely a top contender on all fronts. I’ve also owned the anker soundcore rave which I believe is 50 watts and then I had the 80 watt anker soundcore speaker that was in the same speaker style as the rave just bigger and louder I don’t remember the name… these two aren’t really budget they’re cheaper than premium but you can find much less expensive with equal performance…the ankers both cost over 100 with the latter upwards of 200. I’ve also owned various jbl and other more mainstream speakers that claim to be premoium products. This is no empty claim as consumers and critics generally agree on speakers like the jbl BT speaker line..so I’m pretty well educated and versed on what a decent speaker should sound like …every speaker I just named brought something valuable to the table and held their own and to be honest I wish I had room to own all of them again as they are all unique and impressive enough to where I have moods to hear their individual character…My main criteria for this type of product is a rich emersive and bass rich sound… volume capability and projection of said volume along with crystal clarity with near to or true zero distortion at high volumes.. the exception is if said distortion simply isn’t notable to my ears.. I mention this bc there have been a few speakers I was told produce some distortion but my ears just couldn’t pick it up..I’ve bought a few speakers over the years that I’ve returned or sold off to someone looking for a cheap portable speaker and this miatone is going to be another unimpressive but not total garbage speaker I will be returning. it could be far worse and in reality this may impress those not well versed in what the budget BT speaker market has to offer but I’m a veteran now lol and compared to others this speaker just sounded flat and lacked the dynamic sound I hoped for… there seemed to be some bass but it somehow wasn’t properly engineered because it would just fall to the back and never had much presence in the overall sound. I’m disappointed because I had high hopes and it seems that miatone is doing pretty well with great reviews on there other speakers which hopefully I may be able to hear in action one day…So with a review like this you may be wondering why it even gets 3 stars… well the reason I gave it 3 stars is the following.. the design is sleek and part of the reason I opted for it… the lights had a hypnotic and unique look about them kinda trippy almost like eyes staring back at you… and also the sound wasn’t awful … it’s just really mediocre and for 30ish dollars there are many options on the market that would satisfy my needs and I’m not exaggerating when I say there are a significant amount that are capable of this for EVEN AS LOW 20 dollars … yes even for 20 bucks I’ve heard rich super hi fi for a budget speaker sound . I know audiophiles that have agreed. So with a budget Bluetooth market that’s so flooded with manufacturers and even very worthy competition I see no reason to settle for mediocre …that makes this flop in my book … in all honesty it deserves a 2 star rating if you want to go on sound quality and capability alone. But they get a star for design.

  2. JDoug

    Powerful little speaker. Easy to connect to Bluetooth, and it’s cute! The lights are a nice touch

  3. VC

    Size is just nice for a portable speaker, as you would notice from the image. It is just about the size of smartphone (thickness being more for the speaker).It came nicely packaged, with USB charging cable (no charger in the box) that can be used with any of chargers that accept USB cables.I charged the device before switching it on for pairing and usage. Upon first boot up, pairing was straightforward with my Samsung mobile phone.It was impressive set of colors that Miatone Drum shows when it is playing music and users receive visual feedback while adjusting the volume up/down.Colors can be turned off if you are in a good to keep simple clean visual look of the speaker.Volume is sufficiently loud for a small speaker, and Miatone always managed to pack a punch in their devices.Overall speaker is a good buy and would recommend to anyone looking to get speakers in ~30 price range.Happy with the item and look forward to their new launches too.

  4. Alicia B

    Pros – water resistant so good around pool, loud, good base, lights, links with another speaker, battery life is great, links with everything I’ve tried.Cons – you have to reset the Bluetooth to link to a different device (press the plus and minus at same time until it beeps), Bluetooth connectivity has limited reach and can be glitchy.

  5. Karla E

    Love this mini-speaker! Lights up and sounds great! Love that it is for the most part waterproof! (Just don’t keep it under water! Haha!) great gift for kids and teens!

  6. Ms. Charley

    I absolutely love this speaker. The color is awesome and the sound is amazing

  7. Terry Carnley

    This is the best little player that I bought. It is bluetooth and sd card. As far as convenience and playing it is very very good. The only problem that I have with it is that it will not turn on from a power source and comes on in bluetooth mode. If it would come on when power is applied and use SD card when powered on I would buy 5 more. I need the player to come on when a motion detector sets a circuit on to make lights work and sound to scare animals away. I need 5 each of a device that will do that. I will have to keep on searching.

  8. Dahlia

    I love this speaker! The sound is better than I expected and my daughter loves the colorful lights! It fits in my bag so I take it everywhere. Well worth the price!

  9. Brandon Espinosa

    Buena bocinaGenial! Siguen funcionando bien y ya tengo un año con el par 👌🏻

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