SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3, Black) – Loudest Portable Bluetooth Performance Speaker (126 dB, Wireless, BT 5.0, Swappable Battery, 40Hr

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Brand SOUNDBOKS Model Name SOUNDBOKS Gen PARENT Speaker Type Multi Room Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Special Feature Bass Boost, Hi Res Audio, Waterproof, Shockproof, auto speaker setup, Stereo pairing POWERFUL INDUSTRY-LEADING 126 dB SOUND: Experience BIG concert-level sound with patented Eximo multistep amplifier technology for industry-leading clarity and all day energy-efficiency. Boasting crisp treble and dual…


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Product Description

soundsboks go speaker electronics technology party speaker boom box
Bluetooth Performance Speaker


Loud enough to fill a room or outdoor venue with huge bass, crisp treble and immersive sound for ~40 hours on a single battery. Built for durability, transportability, and connectivity, it can outlast, outmove, and outperform any speaker out there. This is the SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3).

soundboks party speaker technology boom box

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Soundboks (Gen. 3)


More options, more sounds, more ways to connect. The SOUNDBOKS app gives you amazing access to custom EQ, custom stereo configurations in TeamUp mode, and precision controls for the Pro Panel–plus the groundbreaking LevelUp firmware updates. Download it for your SOUNDBOKS.

What’s in the box?

Soundboks (Gen. 3), Batteryboks, Charger and Manual Download

What is the usual playtime on a SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3)?

The BATTERYBOKS used with New SOUNDBOKS lasts for ~40 hours when playing music at mid-volume and ~5 hours at full volume (126 dB) depending on the amount of bass frequencies being played.

Why does a Bluetooth speaker need to be durable?

We don’t know what your shindigs look like, but our parties and events are unpredictable, so we designed the SOUNDBOKS to be ready for almost anything while still sounding full and loud!

What’s your brand mission?

We are on a mission to connect a community that is pushing the possibility of what can happen when awesome people and great music come together in epic locations.

Additional information

Weight 34 kg
Compatible Devices


Subwoofer Diameter

10 Inches

Mounting Type

Floor Standing

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Controller Type



Baltic birch plywood



Battery Life

40 Hours

Included Components
Product Dimensions

18"D x 12.6"W x 26.2"H

Is Waterproof


Charging Time

40 Hours

Warranty Type
Number of Items


Control Method


Power Source

Battery Powered

Signal-to-Noise Ratio


Woofer Diameter

10 Inches

Tweeter Diameter

1 Inches

Water Resistance Level

Water Resistant

Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Connectivity Protocol


Includes MP3 player?


Specific Uses For Product

[GENERAL] Indoor/outdoor events, parties

Item Weight

34 Pounds




1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

September 13, 2019



13 reviews for SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3, Black) – Loudest Portable Bluetooth Performance Speaker (126 dB, Wireless, BT 5.0, Swappable Battery, 40Hr

  1. Jake Jones

    Got a 2 door Toyota extended cab and this thing bumps definitely nice with the bass boosted songs glad I bought the only thing wrong is I don’t have 2 more lol very awesome though thanks y’all whoop whoop

  2. MonicaMixologist

    I have the SB3 & the GO!These things are untouchable when it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers. JBL & Diamondboxx can’t hold a candle to it. I’ve seen Diamondboxxs get close to as loud as the Soundboks but they’re super big and awkward, they don’t have swappable batteries, & they’re not water resistant.I take my SB3 lazy rafting every year. It gets squirt with water cannons, splashed by kids, exposed to 115° heat, and still plays like magic.This thing is ridiculously loud! Like, I can’t here or talk to anybody while we’re standing in front of it.I am not gentle with my things, I have a tween and a toddler, both these speakers hold up wonderfully!I know the price point is a little high, but there is a 100 day return policy if you decide you don’t like it, which is pretty unlikely.Also, there’s a Facebook page called “Soundboks United States”, The admins of the group work for soundbox and it’s a great place to learn about your speaker and to troubleshoot any problems you may have. Member share information on traveling with their Soundboks, technical issues, trading/selling, etc.Just bite the bullet and buy it!

  3. Nickalos Salch

    Love my SOUNDBOKS. I have 3/4 acre and we do tons of big parties in the back yard where I use this. It works great and get plenty loud for everyone to enjoy. I’ve never had the battery even run low after playing music all day, so battery life has been quite impressive.When I first got it I actually had a small issue where the charger would make a faint high pitch whine when the battery+speaker where plugged in. I emailed Soundboks support and they got back to me right away, had me send them a video, and promptly sent me a new charger at no cost. So it was a great support experience too!Now whenever I go to parties at anyone’s house or tailgating or anything I bring it along because it can pretty much outdo whatever setup they have and the ease of use with the battery and Bluetooth is just so cool.

  4. Aljoe and Aljoe, LLC

    Excellent quality sound, extremely portable, excellent connectivity, and long battery life. I was so pleased with my first speaker I had to purchase another. Customer service is the best in the industry. Keep up the great work!

  5. Will

    The speaker has excellent bass and sound. Battery life is great. I have this speaker in the back seat of my jeep and drive with all the windows down and roof off and you can hear music no problem. Be forewarned of ringing ears. Ha ha

  6. RB

    To start out, this thing is awesome. I’ve used this for many a high school party, bus ride, track meet speaker, you name it.The good:LoudBass is pretty serious when using Bass+ on the appApp is real nice for custom sound, adjusting mics and instrumentsBattery life is unrealThe company is great to work withThe bad:It’s $1000Not easily portable. You will get tired of carrying it over any real distanceSound quality is great all the way to 11, but bass begins to take a backseat at 9It takes experimentation to figure out the app with the input adjustmentsIt’s loud. Almost painful at full volume when right next to it. But not PA system loud.Make no mistake. This is THE BEST true wireless bluetooth speaker out there. For high volume and bass, that is. My feedback for Soundboks would be this: drop the 10″ woofer version. Make an 8″ for people who want portability and a 12″ for those that want louder and better bass.

  7. Shawn H.

    This is a great speaker. Price seems steep but truthfully it rocks. Its hard to believe its battery powered when you hear how loud it is. Has a really cool little app with an EQ. If you want to get max volume select customize EQ on the app and raise everything to max. This baby roars. The highs are incredible. It has moderate bass. Dont expect subwoofer lows but it punches nice.

  8. Lissa E

    First off I would like to say sadly I purchased two of these. If you are used to High professional quality audio systems then don’t waste your time and money on these. I have more than a few high quality sound systems with speakers that weigh 100lbs each. I was browsing and figured I’ll get some speakers that would be more portable for outside on the patio or deck, and I liked the battery idea. First off one of the speakers arrived with a defective battery. I contacted the company and their customer service was downhill from there. After sending them two videos and filling out two page Google forms and numerous emails back and forth It took exactly one month with several calls and filing A to Z Amazon claims just to get this company to replace their defective battery. This company has horrible and dishonest business practices and for that alone they will never earn my business again, But All that aside my honest review of these speakers is that they are wayy overpriced Garbage. I have a Edison Professional speaker a third the cost of thesethat out performs both of these lousy things. I don’t know how the reviews are good. Maybe not real and just some friends of the company’s employees? After the experience I had with this company I wouldn’t be surprised. The speakers are lightweight, and that’s fine, but the sound isn’t nearly as loud as it should be for the costs. These are overpriced junk. I will say if you haven’t experienced high quality audio systems you may think these sound okay or “loud” as the company claims. If you are someone who has experience with true high quality professional sound systems you will be VERY DISAPPOINTED. The sound goes to Eleven turned all the way to the max. I wanted to test if they would be too loud and possibly disturb my baby when sleeping. I walked 3 rooms away and couldn’t hear them. I can tell you that for a thousand dollars a piece this company could have done wayyy better. This is a case of where you get a company that has a subpar product and makes all kinds of boastful claims about how great it is, I guess hoping if they say it enough maybe people will begin to believe it eventually, and not notice how crappy it is compared to other less expensive options. They overprice it so people will figure it must be good right? NO! You’d be much better of getting one of those little flashy light party speakers for a couple hundred dollars. My least expensive single speaker a Edison professional has more bass and better sound quality than these speakers. Inside I can’t even turn my Edison Professional to “eleven”. As a matter of fact out of all the other audio systems I have they go far beyond what these two junks can. They are heavier than this junk but sturdier also. I would have sent them back but I ended up giving these to my 5 year old and 8 year old so they could play their little kiddy Disney music on. If you REALLY want some quality speakers these aren’t it and you will be disappointed when you turn them up to the max. I found many of the reviews to just be ridiculous talking about these being loud enough to “disturb the neighbors”, yeah maybe if you live in a row of “tiny” homes lol

  9. Cesare Levita

    Very cool i love it sound is Wow!Very cool i love it sound is Wow!

  10. Maurin R.

    Mega box für jede Art von VeranstaltungDie Soundboks Gen 3 ist ein absolut beeindruckendes tragbares Lautsprechersystem, das mit seinem kräftigen Sound und seiner hervorragenden Konnektivität beeindruckt.Einrichtung und Konnektivität sind kinderleicht. Die Soundboks Gen 3 lässt sich einfach per Bluetooth mit deinem Handy oder einem anderen Gerät verbinden, und die Verbindung bleibt auch stabil, selbst wenn du dich ein paar Meter entfernst. Das ist ein großer Vorteil gegenüber anderen Bluetooth-Lautsprechern, die häufig eine instabile Verbindung haben.Die Soundqualität ist ein weiteres Highlight der Soundboks Gen 3. Mit zwei 10-Zoll-Tieftönern und einem 1-Zoll-Hochtöner bietet sie eine unglaublich klare, laute und kraftvolle Klangqualität. Der Bass ist besonders beeindruckend, und du wirst dich fühlen, als wärst du in einem Club, wenn du die Lautstärke aufdrehst.Die Verarbeitung der Soundboks Gen 3 ist ebenfalls hervorragend. Sie ist aus strapazierfähigem Material gefertigt und kann auch bei rauem Einsatz problemlos mithalten. Der Akku hält außerdem unglaublich lange, sodass du den Lautsprecher stundenlang nutzen kannst, ohne ihn aufzuladen.Insgesamt kann ich die Soundboks Gen 3 jedem empfehlen, der einen tragbaren Lautsprecher mit großartiger Klangqualität und hervorragender Konnektivität sucht. Es ist zwar nicht das günstigste Gerät auf dem Markt, aber wenn man bedenkt, was man für sein Geld bekommt, ist es das Geld auf jeden Fall wert.

  11. luca

    Ottima cassa Audio PESSIMA LA FINANZIARIA PROPOSTAOttima cassa Audio di buon impatto sonoro e definizione. Batteria di buon livello e adeguata. Buona l’ App di controllo e aggiornamenti. PESSIMA È LA SOCIETÀ DI FIDO PROPOSTA DA AMAZON. QUINDI DA VALUTARNE SICURAMENTE ALTRE PRIMA DI ARRIVARE A LORO.

  12. Cliente Amazon

    Una gozadaHe comprado dos y estoy muy contento,si es verdad que estos nuevos soundboks tienen un poquito menos de graves que los soundboks 2 pero gana en limpieza de agudos y medios y además con un buen reproductor con equalizador arreglado,yo para android uso el poweramp y va de fábula,ya estoy deseando pillarme otros dos para tener cuatro,se enlazan entre sí super rápido no falla,y en cuanto a batería todavía no he tenido tiempo de probarlos a fondo ya que llevo solo unos días con te lo estas pensando no lo dudes que son la caña.

  13. Warren H.

    Absolutely amazing value!Not only did the Soundboks3 arrive earlier than expected, but it exceeds my wildest expectations. I am saving up for another one!

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