Soundbot SB510 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker, Handsfree Portable Speakerphone with Built-in Mic, 6hrs of Playtime,

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Brand Soundbot Model Name SB510-WHT Speaker Type Surround Sound Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Special Feature Built In Microphone VERSATILE AND USEFUL: This water resistant bluetooth wireless portable shower speaker speakerphone provides easy access to Hands free talking / Volume up / Volume down / fast forward (skip) / Backward / Pause / Play / Power buttons…


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Enhanced HD Music Experience

Enhanced HD Music Experience

Advanced digital sound, noise/wind reduction technology, and unique loudspeaker cavity structure to deliver premium acoustic sound.

Water Resistant & Secure-Fit

Water Resistant & Secure-Fit

Full featured ergonomic human engineering design with re-enforced detachable suction cup, water-resistant HD loudspeaker, and splash-proof surface.

Universal Compatibility

Universal Compatibility

High efficiency advanced Bluetooth wireless technology that is forward/backward compatible to all Bluetooth-enabled media player devices.



Intuitive built-in mic and dedicated control buttons for 6 hours of wireless music streaming and/or crystal clear hands-free talking call management.

In the Box

  • SB510 Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker
  • User Guide
  • USB Charging Cable

In the Box

Additional information

Weight 4.8 kg

Black, Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow

Compatible Devices

Laptop, Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone

Subwoofer Diameter

3.25 Inches

Mounting Type

Table Top

Unit Count

1 Count

Controller Type

Battery Powered


Plastic, Rubber

Battery Life

6 Hours

Included Components

SB510 Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker, User Guide, USB Charging Cable

Product Dimensions

3.5"D x 3.5"W x 2.3"H

Audio Output Mode


Item Weight

4.8 ounces

Is Waterproof


Number of Items


Control Method


Speaker Size

3.25 Inches

Power Source

Battery Powered

Woofer Diameter

3.25 Inches

Water Resistance Level

Water Resistant

Package Type

Standard Packaging

Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Bluetooth Range

10 Meters

Connectivity Protocol




Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

February 25, 2014



11 reviews for Soundbot SB510 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker, Handsfree Portable Speakerphone with Built-in Mic, 6hrs of Playtime,

  1. Molly Amadio

    I’ve had mine for years now and it still acts as if I just bought it brand new. Super loud and easy pairing . Suctions well in shower . Battery can go for months and months without needing a charge . Battery lasts so long that it’s kinda creepy lol . Definitely worth buying

  2. Rmnt219

    I give this five stars in consideration for the price. However, do not mistake this for an excellent product itself. This is, by no means, an incredible speaker. For only ten bucks, it is a fantastic bargain, but don’t expect sound quality like Beats or Bose. At least in my master bathroom, it has a muffled sound, especially when the shower is on. And it’s really not THAT loud. I find it to only slightly enhance the original volume of music from my iPhone at its loudest. And I find the buttons troublesome. They confuse me. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, but I honestly am not sure if this is just because I don’t understand how to use them (I thought I did after reading the instructions, but they haven’t worked well for me, so either I misunderstood or they just don’t work well) or they malfunction.I write this review mainly to express cons, so as to help provide a more detailed picture of what new customers would be getting from this purchase:I personally find it annoying how the on/off power of the speaker is laid out. When you turn it on/off, a red light flashes on the button and you hear a distinctive sound to signal either on/off. However, this only lasts for a few seconds, so after say a minute, you have no way of telling if the speaker is actually on/off. I also have to complain about the suction cup. I have settled for just laying the speaker down on the shower seat or just outside the shower (maybe on a sink counter or on the edge of the bath-tub), as the suction easily pops and the speaker falls to the ground after ten-twenty minutes. I say this solely based on my own experience in my personal bathroom. But I would estimate that this is the same for anyone else, unless you have some magical shower wall surface. So this certainly wouldn’t be able to hold onto the shower wall for days on end. You’d have to place it on the wall before each shower and then take it off when you are finished, before it clatters to the ground by itself. This strategy worked well enough for me, except I found this incessantly repetitive process to be terribly annoying.But, once again, considering the very cheap price of this sticker, this is absolutely fantastic! The sound quality, while slightly muffled, is pretty fantastic. There are no weird static-y noises that most speakers at this price would have. And the blue color is gorgeous! I love it! So, in the “competitive” pool of ten-dollar speakers, this SoundBot is a sure win!I forgot to mention, the battery life isn’t very long. I have to recharge it every few days, even though I only use it for my daily morning routine (I’d estimate this lasts about twenty-thirty minutes each day). And the charger that comes with it only includes the chord, not the plug. You have to get a plug yourself. I just use the one that came with my personal iPad charger, since the cable end is of the USB-format. (I’m not very technical in terms) This is kind of annoying, but it works for me. Just a heads up, though, for all you potential buyers.All in all, if you’re looking for a bargain deal, I’d definitely recommend! It does the job!If you’re looking for a great sound quality, I’m sorry to say that this speaker isn’t for you. You most likely won’t be satisfied.

  3. 080fdb659491cf

    Used in shower for over a year, solely for audio playback (didn’t use calls or phone functions), found some pros and cons.What’s good:- It handled several drops that I was convinced had broken something. But it kept on trucking. (I dropped it out of clumsiness while mounting/dismounting it to recharge.)- The suction mount is robust on glass and with water around. Never once slipped by itself. It stays on even when bumped accidentally, as there is some flexibility at the joint. It’s quite light overall, so doesn’t stress the suction.- It can be rotated after mounting so you don’t have to line things up perfectly while sticking it on the wall.- It’s water-resistant (not waterproof) but in practice makes little difference. It’s okay with constant splashing water from the shower.- It plays reasonable sound, reasonably consistently. Mostly used for voice/radio broadcasts and podcasts — works just fine.- The buttons do the job most of the time.What’s not so good:- Sound quality isn’t exceptional. Probably best for voice/radio, but passable for music too (the speaker’s noise tends to merge with the shower’s noise anyway).- When the battery starts running low, the notification gets really annoying (it beeps and silences playback every few seconds). I’d prefer a continuous visual battery indicator instead of being surprised by an alert.- Battery life and recharge time are what you’d expect for a cheap gadget. It’s not too cumbersome to recharge every week or so, but I often forget to charge it (despite the annoying beeps) and find myself wishing it could fast-charge for another 30 minutes or something just for one time… and so I miss out on running it about once every month.- Wired connectivity is average — micro-USB and not type C.- Wireless connectivity very occasionally falters. Usually pairs fast and doesn’t drop, but a few times it has required resetting power to get it to sync. Range is fine — I use it across about 8m or 25 ft and through a bathroom door.- There is some lag in the audio, which isn’t usually a concern (you probably won’t be watching video). But I sometimes use it to split an audio stream that’s also playing via other speakers in an adjacent room. That arrangement can create an echo effect when you’re able to hear both.- Volume control and normalizing is annoying with a PC. Adjusting the volume with the speaker’s buttons can tune the device’s own level but doesn’t change my PC’s volume (so it can only go quieter and not louder relative to the upstream output). Sometimes the PC’s output is too quiet and there’s no way to raise it from the speaker itself. I often have to bounce between the shower and the PC before getting in to ensure it’s all OK.- The buttons are mostly problem-free, but the signal to turn off the device is a long-press (~3 seconds) that can be fiddly. It’s surprising how easy it is to start pressing it in such a way that it’s hard to keep up the pressure (it needs to stay deep) for the whole long-press duration. That’s because of the flexible mount which lets it move around a bit. Sometimes I hold it down for 5 seconds only to find silently gave up at 2 seconds, so I have to try again — which can finally take about 10 seconds to turn off the thing. Wish there was a simpler on/off switch.- The buttons can be hard to read in bathroom light or with water interfering with sight. The gray interface has little contrast, doesn’t illuminate clearly, and isn’t clear to the touch. But once you get used to the layout it’s easy enough — there are only five buttons, arranged logically.The bottom line is that for a fairly low price I went from having no streaming audio to having some streaming audio in the shower, without too much hassle to operate and maintain. If you want that too, this product will work and last a while (probably like many of the other products at the same price point, to be fair). If you want a unique gadget with high quality sound or a fully polished user experience, look elsewhere.

  4. Brianna Wyble

    I am autistic and showering can be difficult for me sensory wise. Having something to listen to as a distraction is so helpful and this speaker works great for me. I can pause, go back, forward, and answer calls plus change the volume. It’s easy to charge and actually waterproof. I had a different brand before that claimed it was waterproof and then died from steam, but this one works perfectly. The sound is nice and clear too.

  5. Amazon Customer

    This thing is awesome it works well in the shower it’s waterproof it’s loud if you want some sort of music or listen to audiobook while you’re taking a shower or in the bathroom for whatever reason then this thing works very well I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a cheap little bathroom Bluetooth speaker in the battery life is amazing I literally charged it and it lasts for at least almost a whole month so it’s very very good and it will let you know when the batteries dying and when it needs to be charged

  6. Veronica Mitchell

    I bought this speaker to use while showering so I can still listen to audiobooks while in there. It took a bit to get it to connect to my blue-tooth at first, but since then it connects easily. The sound quality is good for what you pay. My main issue is the suction cup won’t stay clung to the shower wall so the speaker always falls eventually.

  7. Kayla

    Sick speakerSick speaker. Good for shower dancing. Good sound. Long battery life. Highly recommend.

  8. Dwight

    Great product!It does what it says in the ad. A shower is better with music play. I did experience a phone call in the shower, weird but I never heard back from the bill collector after calling the person a pervert lol.

  9. Wen M.

    Buena compra 👍La bocina me encantó, estéticamente es muy bonita, suena súper bien y llegó en la fecha que indicaba el vendedor, perfectamente empacada.La batería le ha durado bastante y el sonido es bueno 🫰La recomiendo.

  10. Ricardo

    Excelente opción y a buen precioLa bocina se escucha bastante bien en un cuarto pequeño (un baño) y es fácil de usar.Tiene micrófono para atender llamadas que no creo que vaya a probar pronto.El chupón no parece que vaya a evitar que se caiga de la pared, así que mejor colocarla en una repisa.Aún falta probar la duración de la batería y que tan impermeable realmente es.

  11. mxmum18

    HandySmall and mighty, sticks well and connected to my iPhone easily. Easy buttons and decent sound too! Great for the shower, trailer, out by the hot tub and we’ll be taking it on our trip south. Great value

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