Soundcore Boom 2 Outdoor Speaker, 80W, Subwoofer, BassUp 2.0, 24H Playtime, IPX7 Waterproof, Floatable, RGB Lights, USB-C,

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Brand Soundcore Model Name A3138 Speaker Type Indoor/Outdoor Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Special Feature Lighting PR, BassUp, Output Charging 80W Max Booming Bass: Feel the power of the bass in every song thanks to a racetrack subwoofer for added depth and clarity. And with BassUp️ 2.0, you can tweak the bass EQ and increase the output…


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soundcore Boom 2 outdoor speaker

Additional information

Weight 1.66 kg

Black, Blue, Green

Mounting Type

Portable Speaker

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Controller Type


Included Components

USB-C to C Cable, soundcore Boom 2, Safety Sheet

Product Dimensions

11.65"D x 7.28"W x 3.98"H

Audio Output Mode


Frequency Response

45 Hz

Is Waterproof


Power Source

Battery Powered

Number of Batteries

4 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Connectivity Protocol


Item Weight

1.66 Kilograms, 3.65 pounds



Item model number



4 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

March 6, 2024



11 reviews for Soundcore Boom 2 Outdoor Speaker, 80W, Subwoofer, BassUp 2.0, 24H Playtime, IPX7 Waterproof, Floatable, RGB Lights, USB-C,

  1. Stewart Lingle

    This is a fantastic travelling BT speaker. Not just general portability, but durability and ease of carrying and use during travel are attractive features of this unit. I spent $109 on it, and feel the speaker delivers value at that price. Max volume for this speaker is quite loud, especially indoors. Having the option to enhance, or trim, the bass with a button press is convenient for changing environments.The lighting effects are interesting, but not very good – also not why I purchased the speaker.

  2. Fatt Matt

    I wasn’t too sure how it good it looked when seeing the images online. But having it in person I think it looks quite alright. Better looking than the original Motion Boom.It seems they’ve separated this into its own series, so from now on all of soundcore’s “Boom” series speakers will be different from their “Motion” series speakers.The “subwoofer” is technically more of just a regular woofer as it also deals with midrange, as the stereo speakers are tweeters and therefore only produce treble. That being said, the bass is deep. Deceptively deep for the unit’s size. Although the bass seems a bit weak in the lowest volumes, it really picks up as you approach the halfway point, and remains reasonably strong up to full volume.The rest of the sound seems well balanced and clear. Some of the best default tuning i’ve heard from Soundcore.The lights look good, they are fairly bright, but have adjustable brightness.Build quality is great. Solid and hard plastic all around with a sturdy metal grill.

  3. Rob and Piper

    I cannot understand how something this size can possibly produce such amazing loud clear sound and bass. It is a truly incredible device that I intend to use daily because it works well outside too. Do not be deceived by the affordable price, it is significantly better than a $400 JBL. The battery life is great too. If I want it loud, half volume is all you need. If I want to blast my neighbors, 80% I haven’t needed to push it further. The bass up function is awesome. You’re gonna love this thing. I bought it in blue to match all my other blue Soundcore devices and it’s gorgeous. Hope this helps.

  4. Alexis Cueto

    This speaker sounds clear, crispy and very good well made, the best portable speaker i ever owned, battery life excellent, whit the app and the equalizer everything you need.

  5. khung88876

    Out of the box this speaker is great.Durable construction, water resistant, compact, great lighting effects however you need to download the app and adjust the EQ to you liking. BIG improvement with the EQ. This thing gets worksite worthy loud. You will be prompted for a firmware update, I opted to avoid this option on initial startup set up my EQ to my liking and was very impressed with the speaker, however on the second startup I was prompted again caved and downloaded the firmware, this is a huge mistake’ speaker is a muddy mess! Same settings as before with the EQ the speaker loses its Dynamic clarity and becomes a boxy sounding average Bluetooth speaker..Why they would dump down the boom2? possibly they’re using the same amplifier as the x600 and it’s clarity. After the firmware update sounded so bad I returned the first one. Amazon sent me a new one thankfully this time I have avoided the firmware update and I’m very happy with the speaker. If you click on update firmware they’ll prompt you for a download just click the back button. Now Let’s get to the lighting effects’ the boom2 has various options in the app for different sequences of lighting effects, if you put all of your circles in the middle of the spectrum Circle you’ll get a neutral light effect which is actually a usable light, wish Soundcore would have made the option for a steady on for a camping night light ect. Volume controls are a fine tune between phone clicks which is nice to dial in the volume. This thing is boomy almost no matter what you do, for indoor use I had to drop the bass to negative values just to try to keep it under control. I wound up finalizing multiple EQ profiles, using soundcore EQ and YouTube music EQ I was able to control the bass enough for suitable lower volume indoor use. Keep in mind this required suppression off bass on two EQs. In conclusion this is a great powerful speaker especially on the bass up’ great lighting effect some actual usable light, firmware update NOT RECOMMENDED. Probably comparable to the X600 without the firmware update.

  6. Wise Owl

    Soundcore has really upped their game with their newer products. I was already a fan of the motion boom which while the highs and mids weren’t just average the bass was the best I’d found on any speaker of that size and price point. Now we have its true successor the Boom 2 and the bass just keeps getting better. This is the new king of bass for a speaker this size. Highs are also very much improved although I had to adjust the custom eq.That is the only real negative I have to say is the soundcore signature eq makes my ears bleed with how bright it is and you won’t achieve the desired sub bass without an eq adjustment. Having said that Soundcore has the best eq and app of any bluetooth speaker company out there and they’ve only improved it with their newer speakers, as you can really go in depth to adjust the exact frequency you want highered or lowered.Compared to some of their other speakers I still like my x600 overall more. It’s got better aesthetics and overall sound. A little less bass, but an unbeatable separation and soundstage mixed with some angelic mids and highs. The Motion 300 is the smallest and while it sounds very nice is really lacking in bass compared to other speakers of that size or smaller, like the flip 6 or bose soundlink flex. The Motion boom plus is the largest and I would say best sounding of the soundcore lineup. I still like my tribit stormbox blast better, but it’s very close between the two.Overall if you are looking for an upgrade over the motion boom this is a huge step up. Visually it’s more appealing and now it’s got some sweet LEDs with different lighting and brightness options. If you mostly listen to bass heavy tracks and don’t want a large bluetooth speaker this simply can’t be beat.

  7. Jman

    Soundcore boom 2This speaker is awesome, I love soundcore products, they have amazing clear quality sound at a fair price with amazing bass and have never failed me I highly recommend to anyone looking for a loud great speaker

  8. Renault

    Fantastique !Alors la s’est simple le son est incroyable pour la dimention de l’enceinte ! On peut la transporter partout se conecte facilement par bluetooth on peut modifier les motifs de couleur et améliorer le son grâce à une aplication à télécharger sur portable petit conseil il faut trouver un chargeur usbc 25w pour charger l’enceinte il n’y a que le câble de liaison dans le carton

  9. zieenek

    Rewelacyjny głośnikPrzed zakupem tego głośnika naczytałem się trochę opini jak również obejrzałem kilka recenzji na youtube. Wiadomo że opinie zawsze są podzielone i każdy będzie miał swój gust. Ja również nie do końca byłem przekonany o zakupie tego głośnika pomimo dobrych opinii. Wcześniej byłem w posiadaniu głośnika JBL charge 3 i teraz również wahałem się z zakupem między tym właśnie głośnikiem soundcore boom 2 a jbl charge 5 ponieważ oba są w zbliżonej cenie. Mimo wszystko postanowiłem kupić ten właśnie głośnik i nie żałuję. Nie jestem melomanem a głośnik ma mi służyć głownie do słuchania muzyki przy pracy na działce czasami na plaży. Co prawda jeszcze nie przetestowałem go w pełni jeśli chodzi o baterię ponieważ producent pisze, że bateria wystarcza na 24h. Głośnik po rozpakowaniu był naładowany w 60% po całym dniu słuchania na działce na poziomie głośniści 50% z wyłączonym bass up oraz bez światełek z głośnika zeszło 30% więc wydaje mi się że jest to bardzo dobry wynik. Wspomnę jeszcze, że bez podbicia basu głośnik i tak daje go dużo. Teraz gdybym miał kupować jeszcze raz napewno kupił bym bez wahania. Naprawdę mogę polecić ten głośnik wszystkim, którzy się jeszcze nie zdecydowali na zakup.

  10. DJ N.

    BESTIALSin lugar a dudas es una bestia de los bajos.Revientas el barrio con este sonido!!!Lo unica pega que le pongo es cuando me entra una llamada se entera todo el mundo a mi alrededor.Pero le pongo un 10 de 10 igualmente!!

  11. chakra-chaos

    Im Stereobetrieb unschlagbarDurch eine Aktion, habe ich das Paar für knapp 200 Euro bekommen.Aber selbst mit regulären Preis von 260 Euro, würde ich zuschlagen.Einzeln ist die Boom 2 nicht schlecht, keine Frage.Aber Stereo ist das Hörerlebnis halt echt viel zu arg.Die Lautstärke geht in der Wohnung oder Balkon, auf keine 50%.Das ist so dermaßen Laut, unfassbar.Ich muss es noch auf freien Feld testen.Ich glaube, das mehr als 75% nicht möglich sind, ohne taub zu werden.Aber es ist ja nicht einmal die Lautstärke.Der Bass ist super heftig.Wie zum Teufel geht das?Ich hatte die Boxen im Keller, Bass Boost an und ich merke den Bass.Ich dachte mir “nö, kann doch nicht sein oder?”.Falsch gedacht, es war die Boom 2 im Stereobetrieb.Single finde ich die Boom 2, wie gesagt gut.Aber für mehr Geld gibt es halt auch mehr Sound, bei z.B. JBL.Aber im Stereobetrieb wischt es mit der Konkurrenz, den Boden auf.Die Lichtshow ist cool, klar, vor allem wieder im Stereobetrieb.Und natürlich kann man Kritik üben.Die Höhen und Bässe sind super. Die Mitten könnte mehr Wums vertragen.Der Equalizer ist krass, lässt sich sehr frei konfigurieren, da die Regler sich auch seitlich verstellen lassen und das sollte man auch tun.Aber selbst da, wäre ein wenig mehr Mittenpräsenz fein.Das fällt aber im Stereobetrieb wiederum nicht so arg auf.Da muss man schon Audiophil sein.Für 100 oder 200 Euro, kannst du hier nichts falsch machen.Ich würde sagen “bester Deal, weit und breit”.Noch zur Verarbeitung.Nichts knarz oder wackelt und das Teil ist Wasserdicht.Was passiert, wenn es wo runterfällt, kann ich nicht beurteilen. Sieht aber alles sehr stabil.Die Boom 2 ist nicht Staubdicht.Macht auch Sinn, alleine mit dem Gitter ist das so einfach nicht machbar.Also da sollte man etwas aufpassen.Design ist Geschmackssache.Ich finde es schlicht und o.k..Hab schon hässlicheres gesehen lol.Ich habe noch die Motion + und klar, auch Stereo.Da sind Mitten mehr vorhanden.Gibt dafür aber deutlich weniger Bass und die Lautstärke im vergleich fehlt.Für normalen Betrieb kann man die Motion + nutzen.Für Partys und für Leute die mehr wollen, die Boom 2.

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