Soundcore Motion 300 Wireless Hi-Res Portable Speaker with BassUp, Bluetooth with SmartTune Technology, 30W Stereo Sound, 13H

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Brand Soundcore Model Name A3135 Speaker Type Portable High Fidelity Speaker Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Special Feature Bass Boost, Hi Res Audio, auto EQ, Waterproof, Built In Microphone Wireless Hi-Res Sound: Elevate your outdoor audio experience with Wireless Hi-Res sound. You won’t find a better audio experience in a speaker this small. SmartTune Technology: Motion 300…


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Weight 1.98 kg

Black, Blue

Mounting Type


Unit Count

1.0 Count

Controller Type

Push Button

Included Components


Product Dimensions

7.87"D x 3.64"W x 1.97"H

Number of Items


Power Source

Built-in Battery

Woofer Diameter

10 Centimeters

Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Connectivity Protocol


Item Weight

1.98 Pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

October 9, 2023

Country of Origin




8 reviews for Soundcore Motion 300 Wireless Hi-Res Portable Speaker with BassUp, Bluetooth with SmartTune Technology, 30W Stereo Sound, 13H

  1. Ian

    I have many bluetooth speakers and I was curious about buying the Motion 300 from the plethora of excellent reviews I read about and YouTube videos reviews that I watched.Like many of the bluetooth speakers I had bought, I decided to buy 2 Motion 300 speakers for a true wireless sound.I must admit that the clarity that comes from these speakers are excellent. You can hear instrument separation and there are no distortion at higher levels of volume.The speaker is loud and it can be customized to your liking in the app. I’d create your own EQ to listen at the sound that is pleasing to your ears.The built is sturdy and is not cheaply designed like other bluetooth speakers in this price range.The Motion 300 is built to listen in 3 ways. Standing up, laying down and hanging up on the attachment on the side of the speaker.You’ll notice the sound changes when you position the speaker in one of the 3 positions I mentioned above. The speaker is designed that way to change with the position you desire. That’s the smart tune feature that Soundcore built to enhance the listening experience. I personally enjoy the speaker standing up. However, on its back, the smart tune feature switches to a 360 degree mode that has a wider range.The bass up feature I believe is not perfected, because it drowns out the clarity and treble and takes away the balanced sound.The LDAC feature is not as strong as larger speakers and enhances the sound marginally. I wouldn’t use the feature because it puts a strain on the battery time.Soundcore promises 13 hrs battery life and at 50 percent volume you’ll get 11.50. Higher volumes will get you less battery life.I would highly recommend the Motion 300. In fact, buy two and pair them. The stereo Soundstage is incredible and can fill a large room at 60 Watts between the two speakers.Soundcore has done it again with another stellar product that can compete with the big boys like Sony or JBL.

  2. Jem

    Still can’t believe how good it sounds for the price. There’s a free and nicely designed Soundcore app you will want to install to get the best sound quality. The app has a 10 band equalizer you need to adjust as the out of the box flat EQ and even the presets are quite poor. But the potential is there. And there are even QR codes circulating online of suggested EQ patterns you can load into the app to see what you like. Bass is not quite as reliable at very high volumes as competitors, but the overall sound is pristine and balanced. Great high end. At moderate volume the bass is solid and strong.Nice feature is the ability for it to work well laying down or standing up and you can set different EQ patterns for each position. It will auto adjust as you turn the speaker. Strong battery and pairs easily to iPhone. Works with Siri and as a speakerphone.

  3. lakearea

    I bought two… No regrets…. Man the vocals are crazy. I do have the latest version of bluetooth over iphone 15, but even the 14 we tried with was the same. It’s not a single speaker to blast a party… but in a house even a larger open area, it is more than enough and very clear at upper volumes.for the less than 1% of reviews that may say something negative, I have to assume they don’t make many attempts to clear up the EQ or whatever. or maybe they got a dud, that happens in every product in the world. I literally turned it on, connected to phone via Bluetooth, opened Spotify and hit play… I do use the Spotify EQ, and so should you.Amazing sound from this small size. It can get loud and stay very clear to hear all the instruments and vocals, with the lows coming through and the highs not fading at all. Seriously bada** little speaker. Feels very solid and well made. Good weight to it also. Not sure how much better the double priced Bose model can be… this thing is more than good enough. The YouTube reviews will help you understand this thing is an amazing value without really compromising sound quality. The Anker brand is a very well established brand. Is it Bose? No. Bose is the best. Do I want to own two for the price of 1 and pretty much get the same thing? Yes please.Easy to carry and transport and great battery life.Really like the aesthetics. We bought the blue and green ones…, they were on discount vs the black. But both colors are understated and “cool”. Housing quality feels very high end for plastic.

  4. jam

    Awesome customer service (*original review below) update: [Anker] Soundcore’s customer service reached out and offered to replace my defective one with a new speaker, and I decided to give it another try. The new unit I got seems to be so much better than the old one. It sounds good just with the preset EQs but even sounds better when set with the personalized EQs. The bass and trebles sound very balanced, and I’m glad that it has stereo speakers setup for better spacing, which makes all my music sound so good.The speaker has a fully customizable Adaptive EQ, long playing hours, and a waterproof body, which makes it a good deal for me at this price.I’d say the one thing I don’t like is the sound compression that comes on at higher volumes and thins out the bass. Even though it’s to prevent distortion, it just makes some songs sound bad. If having lots of treble is your thing then this speaker can get very loud for its size. Another thing is the weight, which I don’t mind but this thing weighs a little more than an iPad Pro, which can be pretty heavy when it’s hanging on my bag. Other than that, I’d say this speaker is a very good buy for someone looking for a portable waterproof speaker that’s good for small gatherings.—original: It sounds really good honestly when the song you’re playing doesn’t have too much bass and your volume is only set to 20%. If you like songs that have lots of deep or mid bass then this isn’t really usable unless you like lots of distortion.I got this speaker yesterday and I thought after using it the first time that maybe the distortion was only because it was new, but after fully charging it and using it the whole day, it still has bad distortion with most of the songs that I listen to.

  5. Amazon-Nutzer

    Weit oberhalb meiner Erwartungen – nach Firmware-UpdateIch hatte bemerkenswert gute Rezensionen gelesen und sah das Gerät plötzlich um 33% reduziert – da konnte ich nicht widerstehen, ich musste es ausprobieren! In der Nacht auf gestern per Prime bestellt, war das Gerät gestern mittag da – besser geht’s nicht.Nach dem Auspacken – Wow! Überraschend schwer und wertig verarbeitet. Ich habe das gute Stück sofort in Betrieb genommen und neben meinen JBL Charge5 gestellt, um zum Vergleich hin und her schalten zu können.Der erste Eindruck: das klingt seltsam. Für meinen Geschmack sind die Mitten vollkommen überbetont, die Bässe flach, der Gesamteindruck… Es klingt penetrant, unschön.Also App installiert und mit dem Equalizer experimentiert. Das Ergebnis überzeugte zunächst nicht.Ich habe das Gerät trotzdem spielen lassen und verschiedenste Genres, Titel, die ich kenne und von denen ich eine Einschätzung habe, wie sie klingen sollten, probiert. Ich war ernüchtert bis enttäuscht und habe erstmal pausiert.Später wurde die Testreihe fortgesetzt und verschiedene Standorte ausprobiert und hatte das Gefühl, dass sich der Motion 300 nach einer gewissen Einspielzeit viel ausgewogener anhört.Und dann der Durchbruch: In den App-Einstellungen für “Soundmodus” findet sich als “bevorzugte Audioqualität” die Möglichkeit den LDAC-Codec zu aktivieren. Dazu wurde ein Firmware-Update erforderlich. Danach musste ich zum erneuten Verbinden das Gerät einmal ausschalten, die bestehende Bluetooth-Kopplung löschen und neu einrichten (nutze ein Google Pixel 7pro). Was der Motion300 seitdem von sich gibt ist kaum zu fassen! Harmonisch, brillant, transparent der Klang löst sich vom Gerät und füllt den Raum, dass ich nur staunen kann. Ich hab mich richtig heftig gefreut!!!Dabei werden, was der Größe geschuldet ist, natürlich keine Wunder hinsichtlich Bass (lässt sich aber mit separater Taste noch anheben) vollbracht, aber das Gebotene überschreitet auf jeden Fall meine Erwartungen. Bin begeistert!Der Charge5 wird dafür weggehen. Und der war bei mir schon Gewinner eines Vergleichs mit einem Teufel-Gerät und dem Dockin D-Fine. Vielleicht kann der Charge 5 noch ein klein wenig lauter spielen, aber definitiv nicht besser. Und die Form des Motion 300 gefällt mir deutlich besser.Und: der Motion300 hat (okay, es war ein Angebot…) fast nur ein Drittel gekostet. Unfassbar!

  6. Rafał

    Głośnik petarda – jakośc dźwięku SUPERSoundcore jestem posiadaczem już kilku słuchawek a ten głośnik jest uzupełnieniem dźwięku. kolejny raz się nie zawiodłem jest wart każdej ceny.

  7. talatozoral

    The price is ok but quality is not that good.The price is ok but quality is not that good. The bass is not strong enough. I bought two of them so that I can use them in pairs to get a true stereo, which I tested and works great. The battery lasts enough for a couple of hours. I wish the price would be lower because there are many other options within this price range. I gave 2 stars because of its sound clarity and low basses. Plus, I wanted to get in contact with anker soundcore but they never responded me back via emails. So the after sales is also a negative side of this speaker.

  8. Andres

    ExcelenteMuy bueno.

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