TAMPROAD Bluetooth Speaker, 80W Peak Wireless TWS Portable Outdoor Party Speakers with Subwoofer, Deep Bass, LED Colorful

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Brand TAMPROAD Item dimensions L x W x H 7.48 x 6.3 x 15.98 inches Connectivity Technology Bluetooth /Wireless/ Wired/ AUX Color Black Compatible Devices Smartphone Bluetooth Speakers Wireless: 80W Peak speakers bluetooth wireless loud, equipped with two 4-inch full-range dual high-performance drivers, Featuring the latest technologies in audio performance, faster processing algorithms from the…


Product Description

TAMPROAD 80W Bluetooth Speaker


  • Q55 Party speakers can provide TWS stereo surround experience through the same type of Bluetooth speakers;
  • Beat-driven light show, the Bluetooth speaker has 6 dynamic flashing modes, the lights will be driven in accordance with the beat of the music;
  • Rich bass technology, enough to fill the entire party with music(Control the increase or decrease of “Bass” through remote control);
  • Customizable volume, you can adjust the volume at will according to your preference, allowing you to fine-tune the sound experience to perfection;
  • Q55 portable karaoke speaker boasts a massive 10000mAh battery for long-lasting playback;
  • 2 speaker drivers, 2 x 4-inch full-range drivers ;
  • Product Dimensions: 7.48″D x 6.3″W x 16″H.

Bluetooth Speaker with Deep Bass

80W Peak Loud Bluetooth Speakers

The Q55 Karaoke Machine is Loud portable Karaoke speaker, it have 2 loud speakers including two 4-inch full-range dual high-performance drivers, can provide rich bass technology(Control the increase or decrease of “Bass” through remote control)and amazing surround stereo sound. This Portable bluetooth speaker with 1 wireless microphone is very suitable for outdoor and indoor home party. it will bring you an unprecedented experience.

Bluetooth Speakers with TWS Function


Want to create a true surround stereo system in your living room, bedroom, office, or various parties?

Pair any two Q55 Bluetooth speakers together, creating Left and Right channels and upgrading 160W stereo surround sound immediately. open your favorite hit songs, movies or games, you will be in an immersive stereo.


  • Turn on both Q55 karaoke speakers. (note: Please make sure that the Bluetooth of your two speakers is not connected)
  • Short press one pcs TWS button to pair the other one speaker.
  • After pair successfully, there will be a prompt sound to remind you.
  • Open the mobile phone bluetooth mode to pair one of them to play synchronously.
  • When again short press the TWS button will disconnect the TWS mode.

Portable Karaoke Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker with Colorful Lights

Loud Speakers with Two Equalizer Mode

Karaoke Machine For Kids and Adults

Pick up this cool karaoke machine and wireless microphone,enjoy your moving party! No matter your skill level, our portable karaoke machine makes singing fun and easy. With intuitive controls and high-quality sound, you’ll be able to belt out your favorite tunes like a pro in no time.For kids, teenagers, friends and adults, Bluetooth speaker flowing Colorful Lights are surprisingly awesome.

6 Colorful LED Light Modes

The Q55 party speaker is designed with 6 dynamic flashing modes, and Colorful LED lights can change the lighting effect according to the rhythm of music, which colourful and vibrant can give your home party, beach, BBQ, camping or outdoor travel an exciting atmospher.

Two Equalizer Mode

Use the EQ button to switch between EQ modes (indoor and outdoor mode) for superior sound.

Indoor Sound Effect: High Quality Deep Bass(Default Mode

Outdoor Sound Effect: Loud and Clear

Multifunction Control Panel

Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio

Large Bluetooth Speaker

Multifunction Control Panel

The Q55 portable Karaoke Machine support TF Card music playback, AUX input, U-disk music playback, remote control(needs2*AAA batteries, No included), TWS function and 1 wireless microphone(need 2*AA batteries, No included). You can easily control various the speaker functions through the control panel.

How to use the FM radio function?

  • You can Press “Mode” button to enter FM Radio mode.
  • You can long press “Pause” button to Automatic search out all the radio stations that can be received.
  • When searching, if you want to stop it, you can short press the “Pause” button to stop automatic search.
  • When the automatic search complete, short press next button to switch next radio station.

NOTE: In radio mode, the lights automatically turn off.

Large Capacity Battery

Q55 Karaoke Speaker built-in 10000mAh rechargeable battery, providing up to 6~12 hours play time ( depends on playing volume). You can enjoy the carnival whether it is an indoor or outdoor dance party.

Bluetooth Speakers for Home

Idea birthday gift for your family and friends

The Q55 portable speaker with microphone, perfect for KTV singing, gathering singing, family singing, video, games, parties, bars, backyard BBQ feasts, birthday parties, family Gatherings, holiday atmospheres, etc. TAMPROAD karaoke machine with microphone will bring your family or friends a wonderful singing experience at indoor or outdoor parties!

Additional information

Weight 2.75 kg
Mounting Type

Floor Standing

Team Name


Power Source

Battery Powered

Connector Type

Stereo Audio


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Output Wattage

80 Watts

Number of Channels



4 Ohm

Product Dimensions

7.48 x 6.3 x 15.98 inches

Item Weight

2.75 Kilograms, 6.05 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

January 10, 2024

Country of Origin




13 reviews for TAMPROAD Bluetooth Speaker, 80W Peak Wireless TWS Portable Outdoor Party Speakers with Subwoofer, Deep Bass, LED Colorful

  1. Harish

    Very good product , sound quality is very greatLighting system is very cool and perfect for small parties , mike is also very loud and clear , build quality is also very good , speaker is very light weight and easily carried and portable , Battery backup is very good, very good deal for the price

  2. Ehab

    Sound is amazing and light color great for partyVery nice sound clear no any noise

  3. A. Davis

    I’m enjoying these, got two and they pair easily, but always seem to need a charge. Decent bass, prob hoped for more but def there.. happy with my purchase, just wish they werent always plugged in

  4. Meir Borenstein

    i just love about everything about this product to stable and sturdy very high volume capability

  5. Bryce Hill

    this speaker is very loud and good quality sound. I actually used it to connect a microphone for a wedding and it did perfectly. Exactly what I wanted. Really happy with this purchase.

  6. Vanessa

    It’s a good product for the price. It’s loud and very easy to use. Only thing I didn’t like was the fact that the music audio would lower

  7. Bella

    It connected to my blue tooth right away. Great lasting battery. I’ve used it every day for the last three days and still haven’t need to charge it.

  8. Blessed

    This speaker delivers clear, undistorted sound with a decent clear bass level. The sound quality is a lot better than I expected. Speaker is small and lightweight enough to easily move around, and takes up a minimal amount of space unlike many others. Lighting effects are great to liven up a boring night. I have a Harman Kardon that was 3 times more expensive; the sound quality from this speaker has surpassed that of the HK. Only negative is that battery doesn’t seem to last as long as I would like it to, so make sure you have your charger nearby..

  9. Quotacious

    Super Fun!My unit did not work with the included remote. After getting a second unit, the new unit worked with both remotes. The remote is important as the bass is very weak by default until you can use the remote to increase the bass and decrease the treble.While I had both units, I was able to put them into left and right bluetooth stereo mode, where each speaker handled either the left or right channel. It worked flawlessly and both units will reconnect to each other when both are turned on.The reactive RGB LEDs hidden behind the frame make this a very entertaining unit. Having the able to do karaoke with the included mic is great. The mic uses regular batteries, which means you will not have to worry about non-replacable ones going bad over time.The built-in battery means you can run it for long periods of time. We’ve already had some good fun when friends are over with this unit and expect to do so again!

  10. Lise Bilodeau

    Booster de sonTrès satisfaite du produit merci beaucoup. Ça va m être bien utile.

  11. Darren

    Great ValueI really like this speaker, more than loud enough to fill a room and I think it’s best suited to outdoor entertainment settings for background music.Out of the box I did not like how it sounded, but once you put some batteries (not included) in the remote, you can adjust the bass and treble. Out of the box I felt it was lacking bass, and the music sounded like it was being played out of a much smaller speaker. After I turned the bass up the sound become more reasonable. I have a JBL Xtreme that is significantly smaller but can produce much deeper bass and has overall better sound quality (though the JBL does cost more). So I’d say that this speaker has decent sound quality, but it could be better.The RGB lights look great if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s really tough to beat the value this thing offers, because it is not just a speaker, it comes with a mic for karaoke. Although it does not sound as good as the JBL I own, it gets much louder, has a remote, a bigger battery and mic. I think that more than makes up for it not having the greatest sound quality.Overall I would recommend this to anyone looking for a decent outdoor speaker.

  12. Falkor

    Loud and entertaining with bluetooth and many options, really just a great budget karaoke boombox This portable, outdoor party speaker available by TAMPROAD is presently used indoors for personal enjoyment, but it could just as easily be used at large pool parties or singing events and it would have no problem giving everyone a fun time.As a simple boombox, this device excels — above anything my expectations could have prepared me for. Given it’s medium size when compared to some super large premium brands, it still manages to blast out high powered treble and bass with ease.As a karaoke machine, it’s got a few drawbacks. The microphone is standard battery-powered and those need to be replaced every once in a while, which is a matter of preference really — some will like the ability to always be able to keep fresh batteries in the unit, while others will wish it was simply USB-C rechargeable like the main speaker unit is. Otherwise, it works and sounds great, when translated through the speaker. I’m not certain if there is any kind of cardioid pattern going on, but it seems to catch the nuances of my voice quite well as it blasts them through the speaker.Speaking of the speaker… its got a whopping 10000mAh battery built-in, which gives it all the longevity you could wish for in a boombox of this kind. And this kind… is infused with a massive LED panel that can gyrate to the music, or throb to several other patterns made available with the quick press of a button on the top. There are really a variety of settings available, including LED effects, vocal EQ including echo and reverb settings… scanning for AM/FM radio signals… and the top panel also offers both USB port and microSD card slots to play music effectively in every modern way that is useful for music.These extra ports will work very well for karaoke track downloads in combination with the microphone as an additional output, and when combined, it’s more than just an ideal karaoke experience, it’s a very flexible one — the only thing that is missing is a screen. However, if you connect this speaker to a large screen device like a smart TV then you get the best of both worlds: high quality sound but also the ease of video sharing sites to use for karaoke songs with words, or just for general music listening.(P.s. Ignore the red LED display on the unit shown in the attached video. It’s not broken — it’s simply the shutter speed of my camera making the video, that causes it to look funny.)Overall, I couldn’t ask for a more entertaining device in its price bracket, particularly with the addition of a good sounds and easy to handle karaoke mic. The combination makes this a 5 star product easy.

  13. Your Favorite Reviewer!

    The quality of sound and bass thing thing kicks out is impressive for the costI am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the sound that this speaker kicks out, and the bass it has is healthy even in outdoors.I initially got this for our backyard parties and camping and just this past weekend got to use it in all its glory and WOW! For the cost, I am not sure how they got away with the quality of sound.The bass is very pronounced, but more important to be is the music comes through incredibly clear, its crisp, im hearing different notes in songs ive never heard before. I did try it inside and it is absolutely room filling, outside however it also does an excellent job, just not quite the same as indoors.The bluetooth connection is flawless, even around the 30-35ft mark where i see other speakers start to lose connection. I find around the 55-60ft mark with my phone in my pocket it can start to get a little fuzzy but that distance is excellent for what I use it for.I like how you can change the EQ on it for a little more bass.The microphone does work, the quality is like a typical karaoke set and ive only used it once to test as i primarily use it as just a speaker.Battery life with how ive been using it has been around the 12-16 hour mark which is still great considering the power it kicks out.The volume is easy enough to adjust, it also has an aux port as well as a USB to plug things into it.You can also have it plugged in and charging while its being used for a more “wired” setup.The lights are wicked cool and you can pick which ones you want or you can have it move/dance with the music. I do find that it uses a bit more juice but DAMN does it look cool, specially at night.One thing to note to the seller… In the photos on amazon where it shows whats included, it shows you get 2 microphones, however theres only one inside the box.Love it! Will be getting another to pair them up

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