Upgraded, Anker Soundcore Boost Bluetooth Speaker with Well-Balanced Sound, BassUp, 12H Playtime, USB-C, IPX7 Waterproof,

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Brand Anker Model Name SoundCore Speaker Type Subwoofer Connectivity Technology wired, wireless Special Feature Waterproof, Stereo pairing “Enhanced Sound Experience: Boost your music with the Anker Soundcore Boost Bluetooth speaker, featuring BassUp technology that intensifies the beat and energizes your dance tracks. Ideal for shower, outdoor, and waterproof use, this speaker delivers an immersive audio…



Model Number: A3145

Key Features

Huge Sound: Titanium drivers deliver louder sound with a frequency range that extends up to 40kHz for brighter treble with incredible detail.
BassUp Technology: Our proprietary technology intensifies bass in real-time to ensure the thumping beats pack an extra punch.
IPX7 Protection: Soundcore Boost Bluetooth speaker is fully waterproof to withstand even complete submersion in water.
Extended Playtime: 12 hours of playtime gives you more time to spend listening to all your favorite tunes.
Charge Other Devices: Use Soundcore Boost Bluetooth speaker to charge other devices while you listen.
Soundcore App: Customize the EQ and tailor the sound to your favorite music.
Wireless Stereo Pairing: Enjoy big stereo sound when 2 Soundcore Boost speakers are paired wirelessly.
Convenient Pairing: Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC connection for Android phones.
Built-In Microphone: Answer calls via Soundcore Boost Bluetooth speaker.
Fast Charging: Via the USB-C connection.

Note: This upgraded Soundcore Boost speaker does not have an AUX port.

Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Audio Output: 10W × 2
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
Charge Time: 4 Hours
Bluetooth Frequency Range: 20m
Sound Frequency Range: 60Hz ~ 40kHZ
THD+N: <1%
Model Number: A3145

What’s In The Box
Soundcore Boost
Quick Start Guide
USB-A to USB-C Cable

From the brand

From the manufacturer





20W Sound

Enjoy louder, well-balanced sound with intensified bass thanks to our exclusive BassUp technology.

Extended Playtime

12 hours of playtime keeps the music playing for longer in between charges.

PowerIQ Charge Out

Phone running low on battery? Soundcore Boost Bluetooth speaker is equipped with Anker’s PowerIQ technology to charge your device at optimized speeds.





Soundcore Boost Bluetooth speaker is protected by an IPX7-rated casing for full protection against liquids.

Soundcore App

Tailor Soundcore Boost’s EQ to make each genre stand out.

Note: You can use the “Voice Prompt” feature in the Soundcore app to turn voice prompts on or off.

Wireless Stereo Pairing

Connect 2 Soundcore Boost speakers via a single device for huge stereo sound.




USB-C Connectivity

Use the included USB-C cable for fast recharging of the Bluetooth speaker.

Built-In Microphone

The built-in microphone transforms Soundcore Boost into a hands-free speakerphone when you receive a call.

Fast, Reliable Pairing

Bluetooth 5 offers a stable connection, while you can connect Android devices in an instant via NFC.

Additional information

Weight 585 kg
Compatible Devices


Mounting Type

Table Top

Controller Type






Battery Life

12 Hours

Included Components


Product Dimensions

7.5"D x 2.4"W x 2.6"H

Audio Output Mode



4 Ohm

Is Waterproof


Battery Capacity

5200 Milliamp Hours

Charging Time

4 Hours

Maximum Range

20 Meters

Number of Items


Control Method


Speaker Size

12.7 Centimeters

Power Source

Battery Powered

Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Connectivity Protocol


Includes MP3 player?


Is Electric


Item Weight

1.29 pounds, 585 Grams



Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

February 1, 2017

Input Voltage

5 Volts



7 reviews for Upgraded, Anker Soundcore Boost Bluetooth Speaker with Well-Balanced Sound, BassUp, 12H Playtime, USB-C, IPX7 Waterproof,

  1. Lindsay Corzine

    Firstly, this is a review is specifically aimed at the use of two speakers in stereo mode. This is the reason I bought these speakers. So if that’s your interest, I’ve provided detail below. The overall sound quality goes up SIGNIFICANTLY when using two of these speakers in Stereo mode, in comparison with a single speaker. If you can afford two, then I’d say buy two, because two of them sound about 5x better than one.That said, as a standalone speaker it’s a great speaker for the money, Anker proves itself over and over to be a cutting edge company that cares about making good products. I’ve purchased their goods for many years and I’ve never been disappointed. The sound quality of this speaker is excellent given it’s price tag (for me $49.99 USD). I can’t imagine anyone not being happy with it given the build quality and price and sound.For fun I compared the sound quality against my single $299 Bose Mini-SoundLink II speaker, and of course the Bose is much richer and cleaner, but considering the Soundcore Boost is 1/6th the price of the Bose, it performed absolutely outstanding!! So again, I would recommend the Soundcore highly.Battery life so far (owned them for a month), is very impressive. Nice work Anker!!!STEREO MODE FUNCTION: Key Points- Quite a few people in the reviews complain that the stereo mode function is unreliable, and some seem to think its terrible and claim it’s very difficult to use. I’d agree that it *was* … until I figured out how to use it properly, and then it’s been pretty easy, … so, more on this below for those that care.On the issue of stereo connectivity, one should first consider that it’s a $100 set of speakers and this is relatively new technology, so perhaps expectations shouldn’t be so high? One also needs to understand that the speakers will perform differently depending on the hardware they are interacting with, and various other factors, such as speaker placement. THEY WILL NOT PERFORM AS SUCCESSFULLY IN STEREO MODE WITH ALL INPUT DEVICES. MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS. Here are my detailed findings:- In my case, the speakers operate in stereo mode *almost* perfectly with my iPhone XR and my girlfriend’s IMac Pro, but do not do so well with my Hewlett Packard PC running Windows 10, so I’ve given up trying to use the speakers with my PC. It’s a bit disappointing, but again, what can I expect for $100 bucks?!- Note that the sound WILL drop out occasionally even on the Apple devices for maybe 0.2-0.5 seconds, which can be annoying, but it doesn’t happen very often, and sometimes I can play music for many hours without a single issue. So for the price, I can easily deal with these minor disturbances. The problem seems to be worse when streaming online movies. They perform great with streaming Apple music.- Getting the speakers synced up with each other and connected in stereo mode with my device for the first time could be tricky and frustrating. On top of that Anker’s instructions to set them up are PATHETICALLY bad (Come on Anker … REALLY?), so it takes a bit of messing around to figure it out. It seems best to follow a specific sequence of events each time, if they are to connect reliably in stereo mode. It seems that the device connects to one of the speakers first, and then the second speaker connects to the first speaker to create stereo mode, so this creates a linear connection rather than a network type connection. One doesn’t want to attempt to connect the device to both speakers if the intent is to use Stereo Mode. Therefore here’s what I’ve found successful:1. (see photos provided) Label one of your speakers with a number 1 (using a sticker that you can see in the dark). Label the other number 2 (Or label them A & B, whatever, just some what that you can easily tell them apart). It’s good to make the stickers in the shape of an arrow so it’s easy to see which direction the sound comes out. Why Anker made these into homogeneous rectangular prisms is beyond me … one shouldn’t have to carefully examine a portable speaker every time they put it down to make sure it’s facing the right way, and, it would be nice to be able to see the buttons in a dimly lit room, but they are very flat with very little texture (see photo).2. MAKE IT A POLICY TO CONNECT YOUR DEVICE ONLY TO SPEAKER 1. Do not allow your device to pair to Speaker 2 ever, and if you do create a pairing with Speaker 2 by accident, delete that connection from your device.3. Once labeled, power on ONLY Speaker 1 and pair it to your device.4. Once the device is paired to Speaker 1, then turn on Speaker 2. Then use some combination of the TWS buttons under the rubber connection protectors and the power buttons, to pair the speakers together in Stereo Mode. This can be tricky, and Anker’s instructions don’t make it very clear what order to do this so it works easily. I just kept pressing them in various ways until the two speakers paired. When they pair, a sound is emitted from both speakers. Then you’re ready to go and if your lucky, you won’t have to do this again!5. When you’re done listening just touch either power button and both speakers will shut down, COOL!6. IMPORTANT: When you return to use your speakers another day, turn on Speaker 1 first and wait for the goofy sound. Then power on Speaker 2, and it will make the same goofy sound, then after a moment, both speakers should repeat the goofy sound together indicating they’ve auto-paired. You are then ready to play music from your paired device in stereo!7. To add another device, shut down Speaker 2, pair the 2nd device to Speaker 1, and it should work just like your first device.Since getting this process down, they’ve worked great. Why Anker didn’t explain all this more clearly is nuts. They only provide a tiny leaflet with silly, difficult to interpret diagrams on them. Kitschy and cute maybe, but stupid. My only serious complaint. These speakers are great for the money and I recommend them highly … just understand they have limitations.

  2. JeLLie

    Looking to turn your tunes into a bass-filled fiesta? The Anker Soundcore Boost Bluetooth Speaker is here to be your music’s new best friend!🎶 Sound Quality That Packs a Punch:The sound quality on this little dynamo is nothing short of amazing. The bass, oh, the bass! It’s like having a mini-subwoofer in your pocket. Whether you’re into heart-thumping beats or soul-soothing melodies, the Soundcore Boost delivers with crystal-clear audio and that extra oomph that’ll make you want to dance on the spot.🔊 Double Trouble with Two Bass Modes:Not satisfied with just one level of bass? Fear not! This speaker is all about options. With not one, but two bass modes, you can fine-tune your audio experience. Go for the standard mode for a balanced sound, or hit the ‘Boost’ button when you want to feel the music in your bones. It’s your playlist, your rules.🚀 Portable Powerhouse:Take the party wherever you go! The compact and sleek design of the Soundcore Boost makes it the perfect travel companion. Toss it in your bag, and you’re ready for impromptu dance sessions in the park, beach, or your friend’s backyard. The built-in handle is like the cherry on top – grab and go!📱 Bluetooth Magic:Connecting to your device has never been smoother. The Bluetooth pairing is so quick and seamless that you’ll have your favorite tunes playing in no time. Plus, the added bonus of seeing the battery life on your device screen is a game-changer. No more guessing how much party time you’ve got left!🔋 Battery Life That Won’t Quit:And speaking of battery life, the Soundcore Boost won’t leave you hanging. With impressive battery stamina, this speaker keeps the party going for hours on end. No need to worry about the music suddenly cutting out in the middle of your favorite song.In conclusion, the Anker Soundcore Boost Bluetooth Speaker is not just a speaker; it’s a musical companion that knows how to get the party started. With its powerful bass, dual modes, portability, and seamless Bluetooth connectivity, it’s a must-have for any music enthusiast. Get ready to turn up the volume and let the Soundcore Boost be the life of your next shindig! 🎉

  3. David

    Qualidade, autonomia e altura sonora. PerfeitoSó agradecer a loja e ao vendedor que pela embalagem completa. Uso os cabos da marca também até hoje, qualidade é o que fala da marca né, outro nível.

  4. Dmitrii

    A great portable speaker that is worth the moneyTLDR: awesome little device. Good, loud sound, great battery, good connection range, fair price.A really good device for its money (around 90 CAD). Good sound quality and battery life make it an amazing device for everyday use, such as music, movies, and podcasts. I haven’t had any issues with Bluetooth reach, and it can play audio loud enough to be heard from anywhere in the house.Some nice features are that it can play and charge at the same time, so no need to pause if the speaker runs out of battery, good quality build, the device looks and feels nice. “Seamless connection” is quite convenient, tap your phone on the top part of the speaker and it connects. Water resistance is a nice touch, although, I only use the speaker indoors, so no comment on that.Another positive point is an exceptional customer service by Anker. After about 12-13 months my speaker started making loud noise when playing lower frequencies, as if the membrane somehow was torn or damaged. I send an email to Anker, got a quick response with troubleshooting steps, and when the steps didn’t work, Anker sent me a replacement speaker. May sound corny, but it certainly feels good to be appreciated as a customer. Thanks Anker for making great products and being top guys at customer service!

  5. Sergio Ortiz

    Pequeño pero muy potenteUn gran altavoz con gran potencia para su tamaño, pero eso no es todo, tiene una gran calidad de sonido, muy bien equilibrado, donde lo bajos suenan muy bien sin afectar los medios y los altos, es un sonido cristalino, llena muy bien una habitación en sonido. No dudes en adquirirlo es muy buen altavoz. Es el segundo que adquiero, este último es una versión mejorada del primero que adquirí hace aproximadamente 4 años, la segunda versión trae entrada de carga tipo c y es compatible con la aplicación de Anker para acualizacion, también creo que el sonido fue mejorado en esta segunda versión, la primera versión no es compatible con la aplicación de Anker. Este altavoz vale cada peso o dólar que se paga por el. Saludos.

  6. Ferdy

    ZaskoczonyUżywam tego głośnika w kuchni połączonej z salonem – 32m2 do słuchania muzyki ze Spotify. Jestem szczerze zaskoczony jakością dźwięku. W muzyce której słucham nie włączam wzmocnienia basów.

  7. Ruts Gunther

    Goed geluidGemakkelijk te bedienen en goed geluid , de batterij gaat voldoende lang mee om 2 werkdagen te luisteren.

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