W-KING Portable Loud Bluetooth Speakers with Subwoofer, (100W Peak) 60W Outdoor Speaker Bluetooth Wireless Waterproof Speaker,

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Brand W-KING Model Name D9-1 Speaker Type Subwoofer Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, TF card Special Feature 60W RMS(100W PEAK) Super Loud Stereo Sound, Portable, wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, hands-free, power bank, AUX, TF card, NFC, Bass Boost,EQ,120w Powerful true wireless stereo, Waterproof, Multi Room Audio60W RMS(100W PEAK) Super Loud Stereo Sound, Portable, wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, hands-free, power…



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Product Description

loud bluetooth speaker

The W-KING 60W RMS(100W Peak) Portable Speaker is the Best Choice for Travel, Party and Home. Music On-the-go !!

Easy to use, stylish and practical, it’s sure to fill your heart, and definitely make you feel relaxed and joyful! The Best Thanksgiving Christmas Birthday Gifts!


  • Iron handle design, sturdy and portable, take this Bluetooth speaker in your hand or put it in your car. Wherever you go, the W-KING Portable Wireless Speaker is your ultimate music companion.
  • It’s Great with this D9-1 loud Portable Bluetooth speaker to take parties at home, backyards, beach parties, patios, cookouts, hunting, and hiking/camping trips. You can even take it to festivals, driving holidays, or boat fishing. easy to use, stylish and practical, it’s sure to fill your heart, and make you feel relaxed and joyful! don’t wait any longer! our 60W D9-1 loud portable Bluetooth speaker is perfect for Thanksgiving Christmas birthday gifts, don’t miss any moment or event!

Bluetooth speakers

W-KING D9-1 Bluetooth Speaker has Built-in Powerful & Stable Bass Drive!

Advanced and unique large passive radiator technology.

Stunning back device: 7.2-inch LARGE passive radiator

The W-KING D9-1 employs a large passive radiator for more appeal in a portable speaker and diverts precious energy into creating great bass. On the back of the D9-1 Bluetooth speaker, you can directly touch how its beating “heart” beats out exciting rhythms and melody, with a smoother transient response, and enjoy a full, rich and powerful sound experience. at the same time, our ipx6 waterproof design and impact testing enhance the battery life of the D9-1 speaker, no need to worry about damage. these benefits can only be experienced with our W-KING D9-1 series!

Enhanced Internal Bass Boosters: Two 30W subwoofers, Two 10W tweeters

D9-1 Bluetooth speaker has built-in 2*10W tweeters and 2*30W subwoofers, which can always play the wonderful music you imagined through the chip conduction. No matter what style of music you listen to, the D9-1 loud Bluetooth Speaker can easily make the bass deeper, stronger, more elastic and richer, truly achieving an explosive bass listening experience like live music. Once you turn on the D9-1 to listen to music, you will never want to turn it off.

Enrich listening experience: the output power is 60W RMS(100W PEAK), creating a huge and excellent stereo sound, and supporting a variety of scenarios.

You can use your mobile phone, TF card, home TV and any other electronic device to connect the outdoor Bluetooth speaker, The W-KING D9-1 wireless Bluetooth speaker has crystal clear treble, crisp midrange, rich bass, and no distortion even at maximum volume. Improve your audio experience with the best sound anywhere. Multiple scenes: home, hiking, party, teaching broadcast, camping, traveling, etc(This portable speaker does not support microphone, guitar, electronic organ and other non-electronic devices play).

true wireless stereo

Get 120W Super Loud & Powerful Stereo System!

The sound quality of this wireless portable bluetooth speaker is very high, you can choose to pair two D9-1 bluetooth speakers synchronously for a stronger, richer sound. A D9-1 outdoor speaker is perfect for any time in your daily life, if you plan to watch your home theater and throw a great outdoor party, then two D9-1 wireless bluetooth speakers are perfect for all your needs:

1) Match in less than a minute

2) Zero-latency sound transmission with fully synchronized audio

3) 3D stereo sound effect environment, the restoration of every sound detail and beat goes to a higher level

4) Support TF card playback, AUX, Bluetooth playback, can pair two D9-1 wireless speakers

This loud Bluetooth speaker outperforms all other speakers in sound quality and build.

How do I pair two D9-1 speakers?

Step 1: Hold the speaker closer while you do this.

Step 2: Turn on a D9-1 and wait a few seconds.

Step 3: Open another D9-1.

Step 4: Then quickly double-tap the ON/OFF button on the first D9-1 speaker to pair the two D9-1 speakers.

Step 5: Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and connect to the D9-1.

(If it is not the first time to use the D9-1 speaker, you can first clean up the Bluetooth list of the mobile phone, and then follow step 2.)

waterproof bluetooth speakers

Easily Take The D9-1 with You & Play Music to Any Outdoor Activities!

This waterproof bluetooth speaker is the perfect companion for your travel, beach, camping, boating or other outdoor adventures.

IPX6 waterproof standard

  • You can take your music from indoors to anywhere outdoors or even on the beach, accompany your relaxing moments with your favorite music and no longer worry about rain or getting splashed by water.

Sturdy Construction

  • The D9-1 benefits from W-KING’s design philosophy of using premium ferrous materials to protect the portable audio experience. With its sturdy construction, the Bluetooth speaker is suitable for all kinds of adventures and lifestyles.
  • Iron mesh exterior design, polished many times, sturdy, drop-resistant/robust, refined and comfortable, premium, textured, take this Bluetooth speaker to the beach, on the road, on your next camping trip, it will be your forever partner.

wireless bluetooth speaker

Use D9-1 Loud Bluetooth Speaker The Way You Like!

Open the back of the W-King D9-1 Bluetooth speaker and you can find multiple audio interfaces, giving you more flexibility.

  • USB-A Interface: You can use the speaker as a power bank and charge your electronic devices. (Note: Do not support U-Disk playback).
  • Type-C Interface: The Type-C charging port for faster and more convenient charging (Note: Please use a 5V 2.0A power adapter (not included) to charge your outdoor Bluetooth speaker)
  • 3.5mm AUX Input: We provide a 3.5mm audio cable for connecting non-Bluetooth devices like computers, TV, and other devices. The mode will be automatically switched to AUX. (Do not support Guitar, microphone, or other vocal equipment
  • TF-Card Playback: The TF card function is plug and play, supports FAT32 file format, and the music playtime is not limited, it provides the greatest playback possibility!
  • NFC connection allows you to pair your smartphone with your portable speaker by simply touching it. – Energy-efficient, easy-to-use, and hassle-free connectivity.(NFC Only for Android)
  • Hands-free calling: One Press button to Answer / Reject / End / Redial Calls!
  • Reset: Please use a small pin to insert this reset port to reset.

bluetooth speakers

outdoor bluetooth speaker

speaker Bluetooth

Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 Chip

W-KING 60W Wireless Speaker can easy to pair with almost any Bluetooth device. Enjoy a rock-solid connection and immerse yourself in a sea of happy music streaming.

Two Equalizer Modes

Take your sound quality into your own hands with the built-in equalizer. and make your favorite songs sound even better. – Adjust your audio signal, find the right balance, and enjoy deep bass, clear mids, and crisp treble.

Hands-free Calling

1. Short press the Play/ Pause button to pick up/ hang up a call

2. Long press the Play/ Pause button to reject an incoming call/ redial the last dialed number.

(The microphone can only be used in Bluetooth mode).

Bluetooth Speaker

Use as Power Bank to Charge Your Smart Devices! Enjoy Every Happy Moment!

Large Capacity Power Bank Storage

  • Integrated design for outdoor, you can get a super loud bass speaker and a large capacity power bank at the same time, easy to carry on the go and ready to power up your devices for days to play and charge.
  • The USB-A charging port can work with all phones and tablets and smaller devices like AirPods, smartwatch, fitness trackers, Bluetooth speakers, etc.


To better align with battery certification requirements and ensure the safe delivery of our products, we now describe the battery capacity using only voltage and capacitance. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ACTUAL BATTERY CAPACITY OF THE D9-1 HAS NOT CHANGED! only the way it is described has been updated. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our W-KING support team. THANK YOU!


Generally, you can play for up to 40 hours with a single FULL CHARGE (set at the LOWEST volume). However, sometimes battery play time varies and may be less than 40 hours for several reasons including the listening volume (the louder the volume, the shorter the playtime), the device, Bluetooth connection, and music genre and music source.

Additional information

Weight 3.05 kg
Compatible Devices

Laptop, blue tooth speaker for iphone, Smartphone, Television, Tablet, Karaoke Machine

Subwoofer Diameter

3.67 Inches

Mounting Type

Floor Standing, Speaker, Table Top, TV

Unit Count

1 Count

Controller Type






Battery Life

40 Hours

Included Components

User Manual, 3.5mm Audio Cable, Type-c charging cable, 60w Bluetooth Speaker

Product Dimensions

12.4"D x 7.3"W x 4.2"H

Audio Output Mode

Stereo Surround

Age Range (Description)


Is Waterproof


Battery Capacity

10400 Amp Hours

Charging Time

40 Hours

Maximum Range

10 Meters

Number of Items


Control Method


Speaker Size

3.5 Millimeters

Power Source

Battery Powered

Woofer Diameter

3.7 Inches

Tweeter Diameter

1.2 Inches

Vehicle Service Type

Bus, ATV, Car, UTV, Motorcycle, Tractor, Truck, Bicycle

Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Audio Driver Type

Dynamic Driver

Connectivity Protocol


Includes MP3 player?


Item Weight

3.05 Kilograms, 6.71 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

January 22, 2021

Country of Origin


Input Voltage

3.7 Volts



12 reviews for W-KING Portable Loud Bluetooth Speakers with Subwoofer, (100W Peak) 60W Outdoor Speaker Bluetooth Wireless Waterproof Speaker,

  1. Sean

    After reading a bunch of reviews for the W-King D-9, and watching a couple videos that compared it to some other speakers, I decided to give it a shot. Cut to the chase: the stellar reviews are right, this thing is fantastic and a real steal for the price. My main concern with a portable speaker was that the small size would limit the amount of bass it could produce, leading to uneven sound even if it got loud. But the D-9 does a wonderful job of producing full, pretty accurate sound, from low bass to the high notes.I wouldn’t consider this a truly high-end, high fidelity unit, but the sound is quite good, and better than one might expect for the price. It is not audiophile quality sound, but it is definitely as good as anything under a hundred dollars, and on par with competing speakers from big brands that cost 2-3 times as much, or even more. My biggest desire in a portable speaker, and my biggest reason to hesitate, was sound quality, and the W-King D-9 really delivers. I haven’t tested it extensively yet, but a little fiddling with the EQ in my phone’s music app got it fairly well dialed in to how my music should sound.I can’t fully judge the battery life yet because I haven’t run it down all the way yet, but it is definitely efficient enough to give you at least a day’s worth of listening, no problem. Several hours at moderately high volume barely put a dent in it.The build quality is good – this is a solid unit. The speaker cones in the front are well protected by the attractive, if a bit plain, grill. The simple styling suites me just fine. I was initially concerned about the passive radiator on the back (which is on the large side, and quite functional), with it being fully exposed. It seems very tough though, not like a simple paper speaker cone, so after seeing it in person and touching it, I’m not worried about its durability. Connecting via bluetooth has not been an issue.Overall so far, I’m very happy. If you value sound quality and want a portable audio solution that can produce enough volume to fill a room, this is a great choice. Perhaps there are competitors that are as good, but you will not find a better all around portable BT speaker at this price point.

  2. Luke davis

    Loud, durable and long battery life!!! Use non stop!!!

  3. Chuck

    Okay I have tried many Bluetooth stereos throughout the years I’ve never had one that had any real quality sound and I am a music audio guy I love music and live my life right and I bought this Bluetooth for somebody for Christmas and it has been here in the house getting played on and off for the past couple months and I can honestly say that it is the highest quality Bluetooth speaker that I have ever heard the quality of the music in the sound is unbelievable the base is really amazing I’ve never seen a little small Bluetooth speaker like this and I say it’s my always not actually small I guess it’s bigger than the most but it puts out incredible bass it will go down to 20 Hertz and actually produce 20 hurt base sound I have tested it and it is deep and clear at 20 Hertz It sounds great at about 40 Hertz if you looking for quality music and the one that plays really loud and will go really low and play music like it is meant to be played look no further I promise you you won’t regret getting this one I appreciate the quality and the time and the price that they have placed on his item.

  4. DG

    Pairing was easy. Sound is awesome. Portable and sturdy. Equalizer is ok, nothing spectacular. Took several hours to get to full charge but you can play music while charging. Worked well for a large backyard party.

  5. David

    Bought this speaker as a replacement for my car radio and I have to say for the price its AMAZING!!!The speaker looks and sounds excellent. I like the nfc connection tag and the ability to use an aux cord. The volume is great for car rides and can easily fill a room.Im recomending this speaker to my friends

  6. Andrew Hunt

    My semi truck stereo died, and since it’s a company truck, I couldn’t install my own so I was in the market for a Bluetooth speaker.I figured get something serviceable and cheap to pass the time but the more I went down that rabbit hole, the more a higher performance one would suit me.Then I landed on this one, the price and reviews were looking good, so I started watching videos using my earbuds to get a grip on the quality and I pulled the trigger.Okay, lemme preface that the inside of a big rig, can range from 70 to 90 decibels easy, and one truck I drove exceed 110dB. This speaker was capable of getting louder than that, without distorting and losing the bass. Great for my hearing, right? 🤣Anyway, even after getting a new truck and a working stereo, I only use that for podcasts, and when I want to listen to music, I go with this every time.I listen to anything with a beat, from rock to techno to remixes and everything in between. I use an equalizer app on my phone to help fine tune the sound (poweramp and wavelet are good), and it bumps enough to vibrate the floor of the cab, or if I put it on the dashboard, my chest.40 hour battery life is if you’re really conservative with it. I get 4-6 with how hard I push it, but that’s not bad either. It will use more power than the charger can provide so if you’re really pushing it, it will eventually run out of juice. But we’re talking 180+bpm songs at a few notches below maximum volume, with the bass tuned a bit higher.I use this 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, every week since February, and it’s holding up great. I did do a break in period for the first few weeks before using an equalizer to see what it can do, and it did not disappoint. I almost cried when I thought I lost it (left it in another truck by accident) and I didn’t hesitate to put another one in my cart. It’s a literal boombox and I love it.

  7. Noah

    I use this all the time, indoors and outdoors. I have had it out while raining, but not in the rain. Sound quality is good and the battery life is too. I like that I can also charge my device from the speaker, so while camping it has become a back up batter too.

  8. Guni

    Value for moneyThis is definitely the best speaker in terms of value for money. The sound quality is among the very best speakers in the market, but is a lot cheaper than its competitors (Bose, JBL, etc.). I have a Marshall Acton 2 at home which is about $300. The quality of Marshall is definitely superior than this, but if we consider the price too, I would prefer W-King over Marshall. And it is louder than Marshall too. The build quality is great. They can work on design but again, no complaints considering its price.

  9. Fernando

    Sonido excelente por su tamañoExcelente para fin de semana y el trabajo diario buena durabilidad de batería.

  10. Robbie St Perer

    W-King D9-1 60w Bluetooth speakerThis speaker seems really sturdy, the sound is amazing and it’s super loud, very happy with this purchase and have no hesitations in recommending it to anyone who’s looking for a kickass portable Bluetooth speaker.

  11. マーロ


  12. David Hipperson

    Great valueGreat little speaker good sound and loud ! Battery lasts a long time on full charge , really enjoy it !

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