XENEO X21 Portable Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof with FM Radio, Micro SD Card Slot, AUX for Shower – Hard Travel

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Brand XENEO Model Name X21 Speaker Type Portable Connectivity Technology wired, wireless Special Feature Bass Boost, Waterproof, AUX Jack, Built In Microphone, Micro SD Card Slot, Stereo pairing Stunning Audio With Rich Bass: With 15W power drivers and Digital Signal Processor, X21 Portable Wireless Speaker pumps out rich bass, astonishing stereo and enhances clarity of…



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Product Description


multi-function speaker



FOR BETTER SOUND FOR BETTER VALUE. To produce premium sound quality speaker with great value has been Xeneo’s pursuit.We are proud to offer your reliable music equipment through great listenning experience.

Xeneo X21

A compact but powerful speaker delivers amazingly immersive, clear stereo sound, and a speaker you can surround yourself music anywhere on the go.

Xeneo X21 speaker produces superior sound and deep bass,15W output and dual passive radiators enhance your listening experience.

Xeneo X21 speaker is a versatile speaker features Fm radio mode,Bluetooth, Micro Sd and Aux-in mode,and true wireless stereo function. Just a few buttons to press, radio or your music on any device, is in your control.

  • Bluetooth 4.2 Technology up to 66 feet range
  • 15W output,up to 10 hours play
  • Dual bass radiators
  • Built-in Mic,Hands-free calling
  • Support Bluetooth,Micro Sd, Aux-in
  • Built in FM radio
  • Carrying case inclulded for added durability

sound quality



Stunning Sound Quality

Dual passive bass radiatiors produce ear-catching sound with deep bass pumping from this speaker, two high-performance drivers present clear, crystal and descent sound in high and mids. Tune Xeneo,you can fill your room with loud but distortion-free booming sound.

Wirelss Stereo Pairing for 360° Sound

To amplify listening experience, you can pair up two Xeneo speakers simultaneously by creating left and right channels. The combined output generates powerful full stereo sound all around you.You can immerse yourself in 360° sound with this compact speaker.

FM Radio for Added Feature

An added feature of FM radio enables you listen to radio through a quality sound speaker indoor and outdoor. Strong FM reception, can search and save all available stations in your area, picks up station reliably and clearly. (No display of stations due to product appearance design)


durable and portable


Wide Compability,Solid Connection

Compatible with bluetooth and non-bluetooth devices,option to play effortlessly in TF card, Aux-in modes.Bluetooth 4.2 supports any bluetooth device,you can easily sync up your device.Up to 66 feet range maintains a stable, strong connection, and no worry about losing music when you take it far away.

Durable and Portble

A speaker built to last, seamless mesh fabric material,rugged rubber housing, and a hard travel case ensures speaker’s durability for fearless entertainment. Perfect size fits well into any enviornment. You can take it anywhere or toss away into your backpack for camping,biking and hiking.

IPX6 Waterproof

Featuring IPX6 Rated waterproof protection, block against water splash, snow, drops, dust. Enjoy music and radio in shower, by poolside, beach and even in the rain.Feel free to play your music in an adventure of water-related activilities.

Immersive Sound

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg

Black, Blue, Pink

Compatible Devices

Laptop, MP3 Player, Tablet, Smartphone

Mounting Type

speaker, portable,outdoor,wireless

Unit Count

1 Count

Controller Type

Push Button


Rubber, Other

Battery Life

10 Hours

Included Components

travel protection case, usb cable

Product Dimensions

7.24"D x 2.76"W x 2.76"H

Audio Output Mode


Is Waterproof


Charging Time

10 Hours

Number of Items


Control Method


Speaker Size

2.8 Inches

Power Source

Battery Powered

Water Resistance Level


Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Connectivity Protocol


Item Weight

1.1 pounds



Item model number

Portable Bluetooth Speaker


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

July 28, 2018

Country of Origin


Input Voltage

5 Volts



6 reviews for XENEO X21 Portable Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof with FM Radio, Micro SD Card Slot, AUX for Shower – Hard Travel

  1. Tracy

    I picked this speaker because I wanted to get a relatively inexpensive speaker for playing music while biking. By far I am very satisfied with it.I have tested it over a couple of weeks,and it performs well, portable, sturdy, but still has great quality.Battery Life: long battery lasting , can constantly use it about 3-4 hours for 3 days at full charge. What makes me pleased is it has battery life indicator function. Remaining battery power can be displayed at the top right screen of phone in bluetooth mode, that is awesome. But it would be better if it indicates battery life in fm or aux in mode.Sound: The sound putting out is phenomenal, loud, powerful, with rich bass, descent mids and highs. I would say from point of sound quality, it exceeded my expectation, definitely outstanding for its price.Connectivity: Its conectivity via bluetooth is super easy, pairing takes only seconds with my phone and macbook, but should remember to cancel pairing previous device first if you switch to another device. Additionally, the bluetooth range is long, and I’ve tested take it 25 feet away but still got great connection.Charging:It charges quickly, about 3 hours,and still works when charging.FM: The fm radio on it is not bad, got clear reception, can actually pick many stations,of coure it won’t compete with those fm radios, but definitely not an issue if you are primarily looking for a bluetooth speaker.it is a great deal overall, other than that,I like the fact it fits in bottle cage of my bicycle,so I can have my music anywhere. Good value, couldn’t be happier with this phurchase. My biking buddy is buying another xeneo speaker this week. We cannot pair them up while we cycling for TWS stereo, but not sure about the TWS connection range, I did some research on google and it should be around 30ft. So it enough distance for us.

  2. Thomas

    6/2022, Tampa, the reviews were good and I am no speaker expert, I got for the FM feature to listen to music by the pool (30ft x 60ft) mostly alone in evenings, ( the SD card and Bluetooth are nice and maybe I’ll use them later ), buttons just take a few times to learn, but really not difficult, radio stations you learn as you go, find one you like and it stays there ( it keeps the last station listened to ), put volume guessing 90% heard clear from well over 120 feet away, totally amazing how clear it was. At max 100% volume not as clear heard distortion but that is with any speaker. At guessing 80% volume heard all throughout the pool area loud and clear sound, the person walking in the road near the pool about 60 feet away to the side said he could hear it when I asked, and the speaker wasn’t facing the road. Sitting in the chair volume guessing 20% very clear, didn’t need to raise the volume on a great song. Key point is that the sound carries without deafening your ears unless you are right in front of the speaker for the loudest sound, everywhere else it is clearly heard and can still talk to people. It is amazing how such a little speaker can produce clear sounds at such a far distance! The base sound is decent for its size, not meant to rattle the windows. All pitches lows to highs sound good. Remember this is a small speaker box and not the 8 speaker surround sound for the TV. It did mention pairing with Bluetooth if you wanted surround sound. It is IPX6 water resistant against high pressure streams of water meant for showers, rain, wet hands, and splashes at the pool, not rated to be submerged in water ( I researched that before buying ). Not sure of battery life as not used it much, but 10 hours advertised is good for me. The tie strap to carry it and key chain work great to hold the clubhouse key and car key and to keep the speaker facing out to the pool area. It does tell you what mode it is in when turning it off or on ( default to Bluetooth ) then FM, etc, but that one or two seconds of stating the mode is no issue for me. It advertised something about hands free calls if I remember correctly, but that is not what I wanted it for, I want to get away from the phone and not have calls on speaker with people around. It is nice to know I have multiple feature I can use if I choose to. It’s nice to have a small water resistant radio at the pool without it looking like a boom box, no antenna sticking up, and no data usage on my phone ( it stays in the car ).

  3. sassafraz70

    Bought two of these speakers for work. I charge one while I use the other, and they last all day. Bought a third in case one wore out, and now I use that one at home. Love the FM feature, although hunting for a station without a display can be challenging. The third I bought has a stiff down volume button but works with a little effort. Sturdy enough to throw in my bag without the case daily. Sound is really good. If they ever wear out (I’m on year 2 now), I’ll do it again! Love my radio, playlists, and podcasts with me.

  4. Tony

    Volume ControlEverything is great except that you cant change the volume on the device only through your phone if playing through it.

  5. Michael

    Will not chargeThe speaker wont charge any more or turn on less than 6 months old and not a lot of use

  6. Baristachez

    Was great then it brokeThe sound was awesome then it stopped working. It wouldn’t charge or sync. Returning this for a refund was a pain and cost money to send back for something that is broken it was frustrating. Its a shame because the product was good when it worked. But only lasted 2 months

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